The 4 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve In January 2023

Love blooms where it is most tended to.

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As the year begins with a new energetic wave, you may realize that the relationship with yourself first needs to improve.

For many, it seems that the romantic relationships that will improve will begin new connections with others.

It was not that even your past relationship was awful, but that you have done so much karmic clearing within yourself that growing and a subsequent up-level was inevitable.


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For those able to find this deepening commitment and a new phase of love with an existing partner, it is because you have grown together rather than apart.

This is ultimately the secret to improving relationships; you must take care of the one yourself first.


As you cultivate a better relationship with yourself, you seek different qualities within a partner and romantic connection.

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Sometimes, it provides a new challenge met with greater intimacy in an existing relationship. In others, it means you had to grow out of your old relationship to know this new type of connection existed.

Mercury retrograde at the start of the month will help you understand your beliefs and plans for the future more deeply, while Mars and Uranus turning direct lets you finally take action in your romantic life.

Nothing is holding you back any longer, including your wounds.


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Starting January 2023, here are the four zodiac signs whose relationships improve:

1. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

You have been patient, and now it is time to start allowing yourself to gain footing on your new romantic path. Uranus, the planet of sudden and unexpected change, has been retrograding since the end of August within your romantic sector of Taurus. During this time, you encountered surprising events and moments that left you feeling confused about what direction to take and even what it all meant.

But because of the uncertainty, you felt like you could not quite take that next step forward simply because you did not know what direction to go. This month, Uranus finally turns direct and with it, the knowledge and confidence you have been searching for arrives. For you, as a Scorpio, it may be a brand-new chapter within an existing relationship or even a new one altogether.


But something is shifting and in a big way for you. There has been a feeling that you have known everything that was happening held greater importance or that somehow what you were going through was part of that big shift you have been praying for within your life.

It is hard sometimes to trust this feeling when life is not aligning immediately to provide that.

Still, it is because you are such a deep feeling sign that it takes time for the rest of the world to catch up to what you already know. This month, the change that you have been seeking has arrived. It may arrive in a flurry of activity and change or in a quiet knowing which settles like a warm blanket over your heart.

It is the moment that you understand that love might not always go according to plan, but that is just because a better one exists.


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2. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

The hardest thing for you is knowing that change is on the way but not yet able to take those steps that it is asking of you. Since the end of October, Mars has been retrograding within your romantic zone of Gemini.

Mars rules action, ambition, and passion. While in Gemini, it is less about action and more about reflecting on what motivates you or drives you to make certain choices in your love life. You may have had sudden realizations over past decisions or even come to understand your current ones more deeply. But despite all of this energy at play, you have not been able to take action. You are a fire sign, the archer of the zodiac.


Whatever you aim for, you will ultimately succeed at accomplishing. There has been a reason that you have been delayed in the ways that you have because you are meant to do things differently this time.

You were meant to feel restricted from taking action so that you could become clear on what it is you truly need from love and the person you are in a relationship with. It has been a time of dropping illusions and safety nets so you can more fully embrace the truth.

This month, as Mars finally turns direct in Gemini, you will get the chance you have been waiting for. It is time to move full speed ahead. Whether it is in planning a future with your partner or getting down on one knee, this month is about letting yourself make all of your dreams a reality knowing that while you had to wait for this moment, now that it is here, you are not going to let it pass you by.

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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

In the month ahead, Venus, Sun, and the New Moon all occur within the sign of Aquarius, which governs your romantic life. This means wonderful things are in store for you, not just in romance but also in how you feel about yourself.

After some extended period of lessons as Saturn has also been moving through this area of your life, you finally are feeling ready to start moving forward. This month holds all the love and new beginnings you have been dreaming of.

You need to ensure that you are in the place to see it. Venus in Aquarius helps you understand how you need to be loved by others, which means you can better advocate for yourself. When you incorporate the lessons of Saturn and Venus in Aquarius, you can understand more deeply what went into your previous romantic situations and why it is safe to believe that things will be different this time.


Of course, you have free will and the ability to continue to believe that it is futile to try a new relationship. Still, you already know where that path leads.

The one that is new and unexplored believes that you can receive what you desire because you have done the work to make it different this time. The New Moon in Aquarius occurs towards the end of the month. The Moon is a bright shining beginning for you to open yourself more vulnerably to your existing lover or take a chance on love again.

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3. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

This month holds possibilities to help you heal what you have been through and allow yourself to trust in the love you have cultivated within your relationship. At the start of the month, Sun and Mercury are both in Capricorn, your romantic sign, which means that both communication and action will be centered around new developments within this part of your life.

Mercury will be retrograde until mid-month, but this is a chance to have important conversations with your partner about previous events. Mercury spent some time retrograde within the zodiac sign of Capricorn at the start of 2022. It is time to finally clear the air if it feels like similar themes are arising for you. Use this to talk about those things that are often uncomfortable for you.

During the past year, you realize how important it is to care for yourself as much as it is for you to care for those you love. This means that you end up being a martyr for love and instead enter a phase where balanced reciprocal love will take precedence.


As much as it may have seemed you could not transition your current relationship to this new state of love, now is the time to open up and trust that now that you are finally ready to trust in your growth and even in love again.

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