The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Can't Get A Date During Moon Trine Uranus On November 17, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Can't Get A Date During Moon Trine Uranus On November 17, 2022

It's hard enough for us to get our heads into space where we feel we need to actively pursue getting a date, but nothing puts a damper on hope like Moon trine Uranus, which basically comes by just to make us feel as though we really should stay home.

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This is one of those 'no-date' days, meaning, if we try to reach out to someone, there are any number of obstacles to stand in the way of our success.

And the big troublemaker is Moon trine Uranus, which makes us think we can't help but get everything we want.

Thinking we can get anything we want gives us the feeling of confidence; we definitely want to date someone.

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We want the social aspect as well as the intimate...which is all fine and dandy considering we're going to experience none of it.

No dates today, and for some zodiac signs in astrology, it's best to heed this knowledge, as Moon trine Uranus isn't compromising on this one.

Our main obstacle today is that we feel like the world is our oyster, and the truth is, we may be off, timing-wise. For certain signs of the Zodiac, the world is no oyster today; it's more like a muddy pond.

What's important for us is to not take it all so seriously. No, we won't be getting ready for our big date, because there won't be a big date today.

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The sad part is that on this day, we really and truly believe in ourselves, which is why it feels so good and so promising.

What goes wrong is in how Moon trine Uranus works on us, personally. This rebellious transit tells us to hang on and return at a more auspicious time, as today, November 17 is not a good day for romantic liaisons or dating, in general.

The three zodiac signs who can't get a date during the Moon trine Uranus on November 17, 2022:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

You are someone who is known to everyone around you as the friendliest, warmest person they know, and you, the most friendly of people, will not be able to secure yourself a date tonight, and that is because Moon trine Uranus is in your way.

No matter how much you try to fight against fate, your day is only going to end up with you alone, wondering how things ended up this way.

Nothing tragic is happening here, Taurus, but the 'meh' vibe of the day is due to the idea that when you want to do something, like go out on a date, the last thing you can bear is being prohibited from doing what you want to do.

You may have something set up for tonight, but then something happens; something that requires you to cancel and tend to this gigantic 'other' thing, and that thing is something you can't get out of. So, let it go this time, and call your date up and reschedule. It's all OK.

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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

If you can't get a date on November 17, 2022, it certainly will come as a shock to you, as you basically can go out with anyone you want, anytime. Perhaps you've even been spoiled by your good fortune and you think that the dating door is now always open to you.

If only the universe had your back on this, however, for this one transit, Moon trine Uranus, it doesn't.

Today provides you with no opportunity to date, and don't be surprised if this feeling carries over on to your regular ol' friendships as well.

What's off today is the timing and the communication. And with all the Uranus energy around you, you might just think that this is your birthright, this idea that you can always date, whenever you want. The rebellion doesn't belong to you, today, Libra. It belongs to the Moon trine Uranus.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

There's a very good reason that you can't get a date today, and that is because you've declared yourself 'off the market.' Not because you're in a relationship, and not because you've sworn off love and romance...but because you know you need time off from love, from people, from drama.

You are OK with saying no to people when they ask you out, and even if you're tempted to go out on a single, easy-going date, you'll deny it, because honestly, this is not what you need right now.

During Moon trine Uranus on November 17, you'll choose YOU over dates, which will ironically make your potential dates want to be with you even more.

That's all fine and well, as it is their business, and not yours. Today is for you. You want to be alone and you don't want the hassle of other human beings to deal with.

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