The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Make New Friends During The Full Moon Eclipse In Taurus On November 8, 2022

With Taurus on our side, it's hard to go wrong.

The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Make New Friends During The Full Moon Eclipse In Taurus On November 8, 2022 GPoint Studio via Canva Pro

On November 8, 2022 we all perk up during the Full Moon eclipse in Taurus, no matter what zodiac sign it falls under, though it certainly looks like we'll err on the happier side of things during the present Full Moon eclipse in Taurus.

Taurus energy serves to ground us and keep us feeling secure and steady. During the Full Moon in Taurus, we like ourselves and we feel happy to share all that's bright and good with others.


This is the kind of day when new people arrive in our lives, and if we're particularly prospective, we may just see that those new people have 'friend potential.'

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This is a cold, cruel world, and there really is nothing more assuring than having a friend there. We rely upon our friends for so many reasons, and while we never really expect to make new ones, out of the blue, there is nothing to stop this either.


This is an ever-changing world, and its surprises come to us on a daily basis. We attract new people to us during the Full Moon in Taurus, because we can't help it. We're just attractive in that way.

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And so, for the zodiac signs who are open to the Full Moon in Taurus and all of its 'friendly' blessings, we should find ourselves in a new and wonderful place where we get the sense that, maybe this new person in our lives is actually slated to become a good friend.

Friends make the life experience a better one, and when someone comes into our lives presenting this kind of potential, we now have a reason to rejoice.


The three zodiac signs who make new friends during the Full Moon eclipse in Taurus on November 8, 2022:

1. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

As one of the most friendly zodiac signs, you are always open to the idea of making new friends, and with the full Moon in Taurus as your guiding light today, you'll notice that you tend to be a little more open on this day. You want to have fun, share thoughts and get into creative activities, and ideally, you'd love to share the experience with a pal.

You have plenty of friends — you always have, but in your world, the more the merrier, as they say. You are like a magnet to those who are looking for a good, solid, honest relationship with a friend, and on this day, you will probably run into someone you know and by day's end, you'll think of them as someone you definitely want to know better.

You want this person in your life as you perceive them as fun, enthusiastic and healthy-minded, and that sounds like everything that's been missing in your life.


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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

While you don't want anyone to think you're anything less than a badass superstar, there's a truth to you that may come out on this day: you're equally as much a mush ball. You are a sentimental fool, just like the rest of us, but you'd prefer no one knows that, as you don't want to come off as vulnerable.

You'll be meeting someone today — it could be a total stranger — and this person is going to ring all the bells in your psyche, the bells that chime whenever you feel you are in the presence of a true friend. And what a joy that would be, to find yourself in a new friendship with new potential.


Nothing makes you feel happier in this whole world than being with a like-minded friend who wants to do the same kind of stuff as you. During the Full Moon in Taurus you will find this friend, so keep your eyes, ears, and heart open, Virgo!

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3. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

As far as making friends goes, you've never had a problem with it, in fact, you are like a magnet for friendly faces; you naturally attract, and it's always worked for you. Your thing is about wanting to remain autonomous in romantic relationships but as far as friendships go, the sky's the limit.


During the Full Moon in Taurus, you'll feel even more charismatic than usual, and you'll be pouring your super sweet vibes all over someone whom you don't know is a friend or not at this point.

But, you like them, and they like you, and as the day pans out, you'll discover that this person has so much in common with you that it would be silly to NOT keep in touch with them.

There it is, Libra, your new friend. And they bring with them hope, fun, a feeling of secret comradery, and the warm feeling of not being alone. Nice day!

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