The 4 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve During The Month Of September 2022

Be ready to receive.

 The 4 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationship Improve During The Month Of September 2022 Amadine45 via Getty Images Pro/Sanja Radin via Getty Images/sparklestroke via Canva

September 2020 has some magic in store for four zodiac signs whose relationships improve, as it brings to fruition a love that you have been dreaming of. 

Venus, the planet of love and relationships, changes signs twice this month. First, she moves into Virgo and then into Libra, giving the month fast-paced energy romantically, even with five planets still retrograde.  

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This is because while you may feel stalled in other areas of your life because your relationship choices are so closely tied to your emotions, the inner work of multiple retrograde planets is actually making you ready to take that next step.  

The Pisces Full Moon and Libra New Moon bring a sense of unconditional love, forgiveness, and a new beginning in a new or existing relationship.  

Both zodiac signs work with love, but in diverse ways so whether it is a matter of better understanding your partner’s perspective or being able to find balance within your relationship, a beautiful new chapter will begin this month. 


Mercury does turn retrograde this month which can challenge spontaneous relationships, but as long as you are mindful about taking your time and they are still there after the retrograde ends then it is safe to continue to explore the connection. 

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For other zodiac signs, this will be a chance to have important conversations, come to a greater understanding about the direction of the relationship, and go all in on love which means that the only thing you have to do is be ready to receive what you have been hoping for.  

Here are the four zodiac signs whose relationships improve during the month of September 2022.

1. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 


As a Pisces, Virgo is your opposite zodiac sign. That means that any time there is planetary energy within the earth goddess sign of Virgo it means positive developments for your love life. This energy actually began at the end of August when the Virgo New Moon occurred, this wave of healthy loving energy is what you start the month on.

Shortly after the new month begins, Venus, the planet of Love, enters Virgo giving you a big boost of romantically focused energy. Then towards the end, Mercury in Retrograde enters Virgo giving you a chance to have those important conversations about your relationship and future commitments.

This is a lot of romantic energy for you this month and honestly, after what the past few have been like, you could benefit from it. Through the course of this year, you have become better at expressing yourself, especially your needs, incorporating healthy boundaries, and also knowing your worth.

As September begins it is time to put all that you have learned to the test as a relationship begins to form within your life. It may be a new chapter of an old love, or even an existing one progressing even more fully.


What shows up in your relationship though will be the product of all you have gone through. This means that it may challenge you to fully accept that this kind of love is actually showing up, but that’s also part of the purpose because you cannot know what you are utterly worth without receiving exactly that.  

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2. Virgo  

(August 23 - September 22) 

Venus enters Virgo at the beginning of the month and suddenly everything about love becomes easier for you. Venus is the planet that rules love and relationships which means that when it enters your Sun Sign of Virgo, how you express yourself and need to receive love from others feels easier to come by.


This is a big chance for you Virgo as you have gone through a lot of lessons this year about taking accountability for your part in relationship challenges and for showing up as who you truly are. Now, this month you will have a chance to fully embody this and actually start creating the relationship that you desire. Do not be afraid if someone does not at first seem like your type.

This is part of your understanding that what is good for you may not come packaged as you would like. Look for the qualities that actually matter like consistency, follow through, and integrity. Of course, there can be other aspects that matter too, but this time around you have to be dedicated to actually giving love a chance whether or not it looks like you thought it would.

This would be a wonderful time to think about what your nonnegotiable is for a relationship. Not that there is no compromise in love, but everyone has certain things that they are unable to budge on, being honest about what yours are will help you make sure that you are truly ready for forever instead of simply just another lesson.  

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3. Aries  

(March 21 - April 19) 

This month holds a great deal of Libra energy. From Mercury turning retrograde in this sign, to the Sun returning to Libra and even the New Moon later in the month. Libra energy is the sign that represents the romantic part of your life. As much as you may rush ahead and be a bit impulsive at times, creating balance within yourself and your life is important as well.

This month things come to a head for you in what you have currently been dealing with. Mercury turning retrograde in this air sign means that important conversations will be the top priority. Instead of putting them off because you are uncomfortable or have been living in your head, simply start talking.

This will allow you to get to a better understanding and place within your love life. In astrology, the Sun represents external action while the Moon holds power over your internal self. When both of these planets align in Libra at the end of the month it means that your words and actions are aligned. You will be able to take action that is directly correlated to what you feel and because of that, you will see a big turnaround this month. Just make sure that you give every option a chance because you may be surprised how it all turns out.  


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4. Libra  

(September 23 - October 22) 

Lovely Libra, what a month ahead it is for you. This new path that you are currently on in your romantic life began around this time last year and has seen you go through dramatic changes because of it. In the past few months, you have been asked to do a lot of work around healing those childhood wounds that are still causing you to search for love in not the healthiest of ways.


This month offers a reboot for you. As Mercury turns retrograde in your sign it may be time to have some conversations about moving ahead in a new direction.

Whatever it means for your current relationship or dating life, think about expansion, Jupiter retrograde in Aries will help with this. Sometimes a big part of actually moving ahead in the direction that you want is about believing that it is possible. As you do, you are then able to see how to achieve it.

This will help once the Sun shifts into the zodiac sign of Libra causing you to step out in a major way as this is the start of your solar return and your own personal new year.

You can become anyone that you want to, have the relationship that you want, and even a life. Then as the New Moon occurs in Libra towards the end of the month, it is time to lay the groundwork for that new beginning. So much healing is behind you, it is now time to start investing in your future.  


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