The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Leave A Hurtful Relationship During The Moon Opposite Saturn On Friday, August 26, 2022

The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Leave A Hurtful Relationship During The Moon Opposite Saturn On Friday, August 26, 2022 Canva Creative Studio/The Branding Co via Canva Pro/Iqbal Nuril Anwar via corelens/raghavbhadoriya from pixabay

Moon opposite Saturn isn't exactly one of those cosmic transits everybody gets behind to cheer on. In fact, it's one of those hard-case events that tend to make everyone upset or frustrated.

That's where things get interesting, as today has this transit working its 'dark' magic for our benefit. This is major news, as the Moon opposite Saturn generally wants to see us fall apart while it's in town. Nasty personality, that one!


Anyhoo, the thing is this: Moon opposite Saturn retrograde in Aquarius is going to take over the personalities of some of us here and make US act like Saturn itself. So, we will be big, bold and mysterious in our moves, so much so that we might not even know how or why we can be as strong as we will be on this day.

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The strength that comes into us is there so we can say NO to all that comes to tread upon us and our lives.

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We are the Saturn energy found in the Moon opposite to Saturn, and we will be strong enough, on this day, to say NO to the one who demands too much of us. 

This also implies that 'NO' means 'goodbye.' It's hard enough to defy the person who controls us, but to get up the nerve to actually leave them, well, WOW, that takes nerve.

And fortunately, nerve is what we're working with today.

Today is the day that brings out the nerve in those who need to reject the old ways and leave those who hurt them behind. Today brings us a rush of personal power and gumption; today, we rock hard and take no prisoners.

These three zodiac signs leave a hurtful relationship during the Moon opposite Saturn starting Friday, August 26, 2022.

1. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)


You never imagined that you'd be in the position of having to leave the person you love, but lo and behold, here you are, and it's real. You have gotten into a situation that is no longer suitable for you. Your partner has turned into someone you can barely look at without your stomach turning in revolt. You don't feel you've made a mistake choosing them, as they were once so sweet and kind.

Still, time took a toll on this person's personality; now, all they have for you is hostility and complaints. You took your time coming up with a plan, and now, during the Moon opposite Saturn, it's settled: you are strong enough to pack your things and move on with your life. You are completely right to do so, and good luck as you begin the next phase in your life's journey.

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2. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)


Oh, how the attachments in your life have come to bring you sadness and defeat. You do not like what has happened to your love life, and you have felt as though you've been trapped in it for way too long. Something has changed; perhaps the whole thing is just 'dead.' There's no excitement, plus you think that your mate is probably seeing someone else, which ruins your feeling towards them.

You might use the vibe that comes with Moon opposite Saturn to confront them on their behavior, or you might go one step further and just assume the worst and rid yourself of it. Today is the day you take that step; today is the day you get up the nerve to end it once and for all. It feels scary and traumatic, but the freedom that awaits you feels more real than staying in a dead relationship.

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)


Ah, the age-old question arises once again today: "Do I have the strength to leave the person I love, or do I not?" Capricorn, this is a dance you can't continue to have for the rest of your life. You need to be honest with yourself, as this thing is not getting any better.

Today brings you the realization that you need to either do something about this garbage relationship or stay with this person and suffer for the rest of your life. Are you really into the pain, Capricorn? I think not. But you are afraid to take a chance and experience what you would call the unknown, as that is what's on the other side of leaving them.

Facts are facts: you are unhappy, and you are being given a chance to find happiness if only you would leave the person who has failed you so miserably. Don't accept what they have to give! Don't take the abuse. Leave them, free your mind, and the rest will follow.


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