The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Weekly Horoscopes, August 22 - 28, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Weekly Horoscopes, August 22 - 28, 2022

As we leave the Leo Sun and enter Virgo season, many of us may find the transition to be less than enthralling. Leo season tends to bring out our inner giant; we feel great about everything and we want to be involved with as much as we can.

As soon as the Sun enters Virgo, things seem to become much more organized than they were during the Leo season. Some love and appreciate the organization while others feel dread about having to be so regulations-bound.

This feeling of being trapped or subdued by being exacerbated as the week goes on and the transits become harsher and more unforgiving.

For instance, as we move through the week, we will come across Mercury's opposite Neptune, which may have us thinking we are in the company of those who understand us only to find out that we've overstepped our bounds and missed the mark entirely.

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The moon opposite Pluto ensures that if we felt bad earlier in the week, we will continue on this trend until the week is over.

For some zodiac signs, the main aggressors will be Mercury trine Pluto and Moon opposite Saturn. Both of these transits serve to make us feel bad about our choices while having us second guess our gut feelings.

What starts out as a week filled with confidence and ability rapidly turns into a week of self-doubt and fear of rejection. Our desire to bring forth the best in ourselves is met by the situation after situation that depletes us of our stamina and resolves.

Here are the three zodiac signs who will have a rough week, August 22 - 28, 2022, per astrology.

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

As someone who keeps on going, much like the Energizer bunny, you will find that this week feels unnecessary. You might even wonder why you are learning certain lessons again and again when you feel as though you've learned all you can through the tribulations you've experienced.

Virgo energy is fantastic and inspiring to you; you're happy to leave the blazing pressure of Leo season, and with the New Moon in Virgo as well as the Sun in Virgo, you're about as ready as you'll ever be to get into work, play, romance the works. So, your attitude is bliss this week, Taurus, but the world is not working for you, and it almost feels personal in the way it's bringing you down.

The last thing you needed this week was the pushy stubbornness of the Moon opposite Saturn, and this transit will have you defending yourself left and right; a thing you had no idea you'd have to do this week. Why, when you try so hard to be good do you have to endure weeks like this one? Ah, the universe is a mystery, isn't it?

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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

While you wish that every day could be Leo season, you are aware that your 'days in the sun' are numbered, as Virgo takes up the baton for the next month. You feel the wane in your own power and it does two things to you: it puts you in touch with your own vulnerability and it presents to you the idea of compromising, for your own good.

Virgo Sun is amazing in this way, as it does tend to make us see things rationally, and even power players like yourself, on occasion, need to be brought down to earth. You don't mind this effect at all, however, what does get on your nerves is that the lessons you need to learn this week all seem to come with conflict and rejection.

There's just too much Moon opposite Saturn for you to deal with, as this transit basically stands in your way and prevents all your progress. You aren't the kind of person to stop or admit defeat, and you will continue on, in your prideful but great way still, expect delays and arguments that make no sense, along the way.

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3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

You've just about had it with Leo energy as it's just so NOT you, and you are practically waving Virgo in like a runway attendant; you want the peace that comes along with the Sun in Virgo, in fact, you crave the order and organization associated with this sign.

You need an intervention as you've come to realize that you've been way too lazy and now, your life is a mess. What makes this week rough for you isn't what's happening during the week, it's what you've done to get here, and how you've neglected more than you should have.

This week is the one where your karma comes to bite you, and in this case, it refers to your own self-neglect. You've also got Mercury trine Pluto to deal with, which has the ability to make you think that you are to blame for everything, which, you might very well be. Alas, it's not for you to put yourself down for mistakes once made. Own it, and move forward. This, you can do.

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