The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Thursday, August 18, 2022

Leave room for the unexpected.

The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Thursday, August 18, 2022 Filadendron via Getty Images Signature/Chicovnaya via Canva Pro

After yesterday's peaceful energy, the universe throws in some unexpected moments on August 18, 2022, which will have you remembering why unplanned events are always the best.

Today, Uranus in Taurus aligns with the Moon giving you a dose of the unexpected this Thursday.

This is part of Uranus's lesson, as it continually shows each zodiac sign that the best moments are those you could never have planned for.


When you have an idea of how you think things will go, leaving room for the unexpected is important because not only will life never go according precisely to plans, but these will usually have the most profound impact.

Venus in Leo and Neptune in Pisces are both active this Thursday, which means there is romantic, relationship-orientated energy to the day.

Neptune in Pisces begins the day encouraging you to clear your mind through meditation or a walk by the ocean to ground yourself and help you embrace the spontaneous moments of the day.

This will set the tone for you to keep joy and love as the priority but will let you become more flexible about how that ends up coming together.


It is a workday, so it may be challenging to feel like you can find time to do what you want within what you must do.

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There is a real-life restriction of workdays or meetings to attend. Still, the energy today is helping you see what your main priority is and should be.

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Work should not only be something you do but an aspect of your life that fulfills you, yet no matter how it does, your priorities of what truly makes you feel happy and loved need to remain intact.

Today allows you to refocus yourself and to see whether you have been creating space for the universe to bring you those moments you have been praying for or if you have been using business as a safety net.

When you allow yourself to remain busy and fixed in schedules and plans, it can feel safe because your time is being used up and not open for other potential feelings or needs, yet it can also limit you.

Venus in Leo and Uranus in Taurus, alongside the Last Quarter Taurus Moon, are helping you to remember what truly feels the most fulfilling for you today and remind you to leave the room for the unexpected.


Make plans but set aside time to just be so that you can embrace what the day brings.

Accomplish what you need, yet create space for what you need.

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Life is a balance, and realizing that making space for unexpected help does not hinder that is its own reward.

If you can do something special for yourself today, do so.

If you're a Scorpio, Aquarius or Pisces zodiac sign expect great things on Thursday, August 18, 2022. 

It's very likely that your horoscopes are going to be the best.

1. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

Make sure you are not so busy planning the life you think you should that you miss out on the one right in front of you. At times like these, where Uranus and the North Node are making you question everything, it is easy to think that happiness and love exist somewhere in the future instead of realizing that it is possible right here. Look at the plans that you have had for your life, now see what space you have made for the unexpected.


The one thing for certain is that no one ultimately knows what is meant for them until it is already manifested or presented.

Your sense of security rests within yourself and your ability to find stability no matter how life presents itself, no matter what else is going on. When you can do that, you are more inclined to let life direct you where you are meant to go instead of fighting to go the way you think you should.

Today is a day for flow. See what and who comes to you and what is not. Look for ways to make life easier for yourself, but most of all, look for where love is already being offered.

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2. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

Venus is currently in Leo, meaning the sparks are about to fly in your love life. After some serious lessons, thanks to Saturn, it is time for you to start to enjoy the fruits of all the work you have gone through recently and even as far back as a few years ago.

Make sure that when you are approaching life and even your relationship, you are doing so with that lens of joy, of seeing just how much things have really changed within you, which means that they are automatically ready to change outside of you as well.

Things have already profoundly changed for the better, and you have the freedom now to be able to embrace your true self as well as all the ways that an aligned relationship can enhance that. Things will never be perfect, but it does not mean that happiness or love needs to elude you any longer.


Today would be a great day for some quiet time and then making sure that you have quality time with a romantic partner or best friend. Look for the quiet ways that you can bring more joy and love into your life today because, as you have already learned, these are often the best moments.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)


Neptune in Pisces today may make you quiet during the day's first half. This is often your comfort zone, where the rest of the world can melt away, and you can just be. You can recharge here and rest, but it is important to not live here permanently as you can often self-isolate to feel alone.

Today is for you to remember that you are not. There are a whole host of people ranging from friends, family or even a lover to care for and support you. You must ensure that you create the space for them to step into your life.

It is healthy to have time alone, but you also need to remember that no matter how poetic being alone can seem, you have those around you who love you and value your presence. Try to find a balance of this today, making sure that you are taking care of yourself first and discerning those you invite in.

There are great opportunities not just for greater balance today but also some unexpected romantic moments that will remind you how real life can often be better than any fantasy.


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