The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Forgive Their Enemies During Venus Square Neptune On Thursday, August 18, 2022

Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself.

The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Forgive Their Enemies During Venus Square Neptune On Thursday, August 18, 2022 Irandelson Salgueiro via Irandelson Salgueiro Collection/Gwen Goat via Getty Images Signature/Icons8

The last thing we'd ever expect is to forgive our enemies for their trespasses until we decide to simply do it and get it done. Sometimes forgiveness makes more sense than we think it does.

We hold tight to our grudges as if that particular pain gives us an identity, yet, once we lose ourselves in the identity of being wrong, that's all we experience, and it becomes tedious after a while. During Venus in Leo, we get the courage to let go of something we've held on to for way too long: our grudges.


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Forgiveness comes to the person who is willing to live this life unburdened. And yes, that tends to be a choice, oddly enough.



We'd think that, yes, of course, we want to live unburdened, and why on earth would anyone want to carry around such heavy, unnecessary baggage? Still, this is what happens when we don't forgive the people who have hurt us. We consider them enemies; we've given them THAT much importance in our lives. We give them the ammo to hurt us without even having anything to do with us.


And that is why we need to forgive these enemies because the simple act of forgiveness is enough to lift a heavy weight from a person's heart so that they can go on and have new experiences, fresh ones' forgiveness allows them to live again.

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When we forgive, we say to this person and their memory, "I am no longer defined by you. Ciao Bella." Forgiveness severs the ties that bind a person to a memory that no longer holds a lesson for them. It's time to forgive, release, and move forward.

During Venus square Neptune, starting August 18, 2022, these three zodiac signs finally forgive their enemies.

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)


Venus in Leo puts your world into perspective: who is the most important in your life? You are. And today, during this transit, you step into that realm where you realize that if you are truly to put yourself above others, then you need to release yourself from the clutches of the past.

You need to take that gigantic bad memory of yours and chuck it, once and for all. The people whom you hold a grudge against are not even near you anymore, and some of them might not even be on the planet yet, you hold tight to their memory and you allow it to ruin your day, time and time again.

During Venus in Leo, you will see that you are wasting too much time with this, and as the days go on, you will come to know that you don't have forever on this planet and that it's time to forgive your enemies, as they barely exist themselves. Let it go, Gemini. What are you even getting out of all this deep resentment?

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

You see others in your life progressing and moving on with their lives, and yet, you insist on keeping a few really terrible memories burning bright in your mind, as if they are there simply to torment you and worth very little else.

During Venus in Leo, you may start to love yourself a little more than usual, and that self-love may be able to uproot you from your clingy attitude towards people of the past — especially those who you feel hurt you or damaged your life in some way. We all have these people, but it's most important for you, Virgo, to nip it in the bud; you have to forgive them in order to give yourself the space to grow.

They and their memory are taking up way too much space in your life and they're not even there to speak for themselves. In other words, they are not actively ruining your life; you are.


So, let them go. Be yourself. Allow yourself to live a life free from the burden of carrying around the memory of people you associate with pain, only.

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3. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)


There's just so much pain you can keep in your system, Libra, and today, during Venus in Leo, you may just get the nerve to tell that pain that you've had enough of it. There are days when things like forgiveness just make sense; ordinarily, the idea of forgiving certain people that you now consider to be enemies seems ridiculous.

How could you possibly let that person get away with what they did? Well, that's the whole point: you're not letting anyone get away with anything, as the onus is on them for being the perpetrator of pain. What YOU need to do is not let them rule your life any longer.

Today brings clarity and quick understanding: you need to release this 'enemy' or yours because holding on to them seems to do nothing but drag you down, and you just can't see yourself as that kind of person. Enough is enough, it's time to forgive and release. Bye-bye old memories. Bye bye pain.

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