The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Find Close Friendships During The Last Quarter Moon In Taurus On August 18, 2022

It all starts with a decision.

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When there is the Last Quarter Moon in our sky, there is the knowledge that the zodiac signs have reached a midpoint in our way of doing things. 

Say, for instance, we have a goal: when our Moon is Last Quarter full, it's a good time to affirm that goal and start the second Last Quarter of our project. Last Quarter Moon transits let us know that we can either stop or proceed and that what comes next is up to us.


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When we have the Last Quarter Moon in Taurus, we're looking at the degree of our yearning. What is it that we wish for? Do we look for security, and happiness in the home? Are we about the future and plans for travel and excitement? Are we ready to take the next step in our romantic relationships?

This Last Quarter Moon in Taurus is here to put us back in touch with our original plan; we're at the halfway mark now. Do we proceed, or do we halt action until further notice? In other words, the Last Quarter Moon in Taurus is all about regrouping and making firm decisions for the future.


This is the perfect time to look at the people in our lives and make a conscious decision to bring them closer to us.

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If they have proved to be trustworthy friends, then they have to be considered 'keepers.' This is no time to get rid of friends; this is the time when we hold the people we love close to us, and let them know that we're never going to let them go.


This kind of vulnerability brings about more trust and more love; the more open we are to our friends, the happier our lives will be.

The three zodiac signs who finally find close friendships during the Last Quarter Moon in Taurus starting Thursday, August 18, 2022:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

You've learned many lessons the hard way, and one of them was how to treat your friends. You've lost friends in the past because you treated them less respectfully than they wished to be treated, and your pride got in the way of your being able to apologize; in fact, you're not very good with apologizing, as you don't ever own up to having done anything wrong.

Well, the time has mellowed that feeling in you, and now, during the Last Quarter Moon in Taurus, you are a whole lot easier going as a friend, and now you feel you can get closer to those who actually have stuck around for all these years.


You value your friendships as priceless now; you take advantage of none of them, as you know they are easily lost and hard to regain. So, on your best behavior, during the Last Quarter Moon in Taurus, you will see how fortunate you are in having the good friendships that you presently enjoy. Respect them, and keep them close to you forever.

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2. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

You have something like a million friends, and each and every one of them has a funny story to tell about some time that you spent together. That's the thing with you, Taurus, you inspire fun. You are also hilariously funny and for those around you who get your jokes, these people can only grow stronger in their love for you.


And that goes both ways, as friends make up the utmost important relationships to you. During Last Quarter Moon in Taurus, you'll feel especially loving towards certain friends and you'll notice how valuable these people are to you.

It's as if they are glittering gemstones in your opinion; rare jewels that you will never part with. During the Last Quarter Moon, you'll feel it in your bones — your friends are the best of the best, and you'll never let them go. Lucky you!

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

Loyalty is your middle name, and when it comes to good friends, you have only a handful, but oh what a handful they are. You love and adore these people, and though you don't reach out as much as you'd like to, you know you can count on them through thick and thin.


There's one person in particular, and they are probably a friend that stems all the way back to childhood. This person comes to mind during the Last Quarter Moon in Taurus, and lets you know that this world is a much better place because of them. Even just knowing they're out there makes you feel safe and secure.

Even if you're in a relationship with a romantic partner, you cherish your friend 'out there' as if they are the most important person in the world to you. Here's an idea, Capricorn: reach out to them during the Last Quarter Moon in Taurus. You'll be pleasantly greeted and warmly received.

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