The 3 Zodiac Signs With Great Horoscopes On Saturday, July 2, 2022

Anything is possible if you put in the work to achieve it.

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July 2, 2022 becomes a bit more serious for three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes who look toward the future.

Everything is always in balance, and today is a reminder that life can’t be all fun and games.

It’s not that life should be full of ups and downs or that you have to work to exhaustion to create the life that you want but a reminder that the choices you make today will determine your future opportunities.


Everything is connected through astrological events and the threads that weave themselves through life.

As important as it is to make sure that your life is full of joy, today is a conscious reminder that you also have a hand in creating that by the choices that you make.


It’s also an opportunity to see the connections between living in the moment but recognizing that just because you can do that doesn’t mean it’s a moment you would want to be in a year from now.

There are connections in everything that you do.

Take time today to see if what you choose to do today will help you achieve your dreams for your future. And this goes either way.

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If you hope that things are better and different in the future, then it’s looking at what you can do today, even a small step, that will help you achieve that.

If you are right where you want to be in this moment and do not want it to end, then it reflects on what needs to happen so that you can continue to build on the joy and success you are feeling in this moment.


A well-lived life does not happen by accident but by conscious choice. Much of this energy is due to Mercury in Gemini uniting with retrograde Saturn in Aquarius.

Saturn is the taskmaster, the planet that doesn’t only hold reign over divine timing but also makes sure that you’re learning something along the way while Mercury rules thoughts and communication.

With Saturn retrograde, it is a chance for the karmic scales to become balanced once again and to see if the choices you are making now will help you achieve your dreams for the future. It is understood that you can create anything you desire, but you also must be willing to put the work in to achieve it.

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The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Great Horoscopes On Saturday, July 2, 2022

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

Mercury is the planet that rules how you think and communicates your ideas and thoughts. Currently, at home in your sign, this is a chance to reconnect to your inner dreams because under this energy, you can make them happen.

Sometimes, it seems as if there are too many dreams, and you’re unsure of which to pick, but as Mercury in Gemini unites with retrograde Saturn in Aquarius, it’s about to get easier.

Saturn can be a serious planet; this will help you become more focused on which dream will get you to where you want to be. When you can embody this energy, then you truly can accomplish whatever it is you desire. Do not let yourself become too focused on the minute details; instead, let yourself see the bigger picture.




This will help you focus on the destination yet be flexible about what path will lead you there. If you have committed yourself and believe it can happen, then it will. Mercury also connects with Neptune in Pisces later in the day, helping you remember the power behind your dreams.

This is truly the union of Saturn and Neptune through Mercury in your sign to help you make the plans you need to accomplish all your dreams.

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2. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

Saturn is working its magic in your sign right now as it turns retrograde. This is bringing some major karmic benefits from the previous work that you have done both for yourself and in your career. Saturn is a planet that will first show you what you need to address, help you do it, and then give you the reward for having completed it. Lucky for you, you are in the reward phase of this now.

This is Saturn’s last retrograde in your zodiac sign before it transitions on, which means that it is especially powerful.

In its connection with Mercury in Gemini, you will be able to see both your past and future simultaneously, which will help you better plan for how to achieve the next part of your chapter. For today, make sure that you embrace the power behind your words.




The Moon is still in Leo, which means that you can use this opportunity to bring healing or even greater commitment to your romantic relationship, yet it can also help you stand up for yourself in your workplace so that you feel like you are being given and treated in the ways that you deserve.

As much as things have changed and improved for you over the past few years, thanks to Saturn in your sign, now is the final push to make sure that you are not just enjoying this moment but doing what you need to so you can enjoy your future as well.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

Neptune is still making its way through your sign until 2025, giving you a chance to truly create the life of your dreams. Today it connects with Mercury in Gemini, helping matters along and giving you a chance to find the words that you need so that you can speak it all into existence.

Think about what seems like it is most important to you in this life that you are creating, whether it is a life purpose or even a far-reaching dream to move overseas.


There will always be a little thing that pops up which causes you to doubt if it can be achieved, but these are just tests from the universe to see how much you want what you say you cannot live without.



Mercury in Gemini will bring the focus to your home and family life, so there may be a piece here that feels intimate and important to you.

Take time to see what your deepest dreams and longings are for where you live and even who you share that with today.


It may be that it is time to have some conversations or make some decisions so that you are creating it.

As intuitive as you are, you can forget that others do not operate in this way. No one will know what it is you need or even dream of unless you communicate it. Do not be afraid to speak up today and let your words become the reality you live.

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