The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On Friday, June 10, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On Friday, June 10, 2022

With the Moon in Scorpio, we'll be feeling a little bratty and presumptuous; we might even get ourselves into trouble, intentionally, just to see what happens.

Whether it's boredom that prompts us or Mercury trine Pluto, we can know one thing: today is the day that many of us consciously walk into situations that can potentially wreck our lives...or at least, our day.

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Conflicting transits are here to tear us apart emotionally. As we learn how to balance events like Moon trine Saturn, Moon square Pluto, Mercury trine Pluto and the Moon in Scorpio, we figure out a little too late that this day has it in for us and that there's not a whole lot we can do about it.

Sure, we can stop ourselves from encountering troubling situations, but will we? Ah, therein lies the rub, as they say.

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This is a rough day. For all zodiac signs, but for three in particular. What's rough about today? It's an underlying feeling of being on edge, not right; something in the air makes us feel like we need to cause damage before it comes our way, as if creating trouble could prevent trouble from finding us.

Weird thinking, but you get that with humans.

What makes this a rough day is that we can't help ourselves; we walk right into the face of the storm, thinking this is the only way out.

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The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On Friday, June 10, 2022,

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

You may not even feel like this day is rough, simply because you'll be so involved in making that way that you won't notice the effect. You are reacting heavily to the transits, especially Moon trine Saturn, which makes you feel like someone is controlling you, and that's just NOT going to happen in Taurus's world.

Oh, you are just fine with working for someone else, and you're not the rebel that overreacts to nothing, but if someone makes you feel like you're less than them?

Nah, that's not going to happen, and you're not going to let it. Moon trine Saturn makes you feel trapped, unable to flee, and you detest the idea of not being able to get out of something — especially something you don't believe in.

You believe in good, hard work, but you are not on board with slave labor, and that's exactly what you feel your job has turned into.

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2. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

Moon trine Saturn and Moon in Scorpio take a serious toll on your feelings of contentment today, as one thing after the next seems to annoy you to no end. The last thing in the world that you need is for someone to 'explain the rules' to you as if you're a toddler.

Today will find you being condescended to and belittled, and WOW, do you NOT like that. You've seen other people get treated this way, and you don't understand how they take it; and now, it's YOU?

Oh no, that just won't do. You are not letting anyone get away with making you feel small today as if they could possibly know what it's like to be you — as if they have the right to judge you.

The nerve! And that's your line of the day: What nerve! You won't be able to comprehend how nervy and egomaniacal people will act towards you today. You may even laugh.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

It's hard enough having Moon square Pluto there, exacerbating your darkest thoughts, but to have Moon trine Saturn in the mix? Aw, come on, cosmos! Really? For you, Pisces, this is like a dull nightmare, on repeat. Nobody's listening to you today and when you do get a word in edgewise, someone is miraculously there to slam you down, again and again.

It's a screeching laugh riot to watch as it plays out, but you won't be witnessing anything; you'll be the one it's played out against. Usually, this is the kind of day where you learn quickly to just sit still and let it play out. But not this day.

Today, June 10, is about Pisces being upset, put down, condescended to, and made to feel inferior. Did you deserve any of this? No, you didn't, but has Moon trine Saturn ever played fair? Never. Not once.

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