The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Pickiest In Love During The Moon In Virgo, May 10 - 11, 2022

High standards.

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If you have any knowledge of the stereotypes that come with the astrological signs of the Zodiac, then you already know that with Virgo comes pickiness.

And with Moon in Virgo, it's like the hidden Virgo in everyone rises to the forefront of our minds, making us all feel a little pickier about THINGS than usual.

And, when this transit kicks in, the main pickiness is going to revolve around love, because, after all, the person we love is the person who has the power to render us vulnerable, and if we're feeling picky, we might as well attack them for their ability to make us weak.


Which three zodiac signs are the pickiest in love during the Moon in Virgo this week?

And so, that's how this transit works for Gemini, Leo, and Virgo, during the Moon in Virgo. We will resent those who hold power over us simply because they love us, and we might end up saying the wrong thing to that person because we fear being thought of as 'someone you can get over on.'

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And when we can't find anything really wrong with the person we love, we seek to find something, and of course, because Moon in Virgo has a powerful influence on us, we will find so much to complain about.

Whether it's all about their hygienic choices or the way they eat their food, you'll be on them like white on rice, with your nagging and nit-picking. You want a fight today and you are hellbent on getting one.

You feel like the person you are with needs to be put in their place, for some reason, and it's hardest to admit that the reason for this picky behavior is because you love them, and loving them makes you feel vulnerable.

And that just won't do for the three zodiac signs who are pickest in love during the Moon in Virgo, May 10 - 11, 2022.

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)


You've always been picky when it comes to love, and that's also what's gotten you into the biggest trouble. You have your 'type' and basically, anyone who doesn't fit into your idea of what a lover should look like, is someone you feel is unworthy of your attention.

You are really specific this way; if you are to be in a love affair, they better look the part, because if there's the slightest thing 'wrong' with them, you'll tear them apart for the insult they've brought into your world.

You are the person who tears your lover to shreds if they don't look the way you want them to look, and this has caused basically ALL the damage in your past relationships.

Yet, with Moon in Virgo, you're smack-dab right back in the thick of things, being as obnoxiously picky as possible and turning people off left and right. You call it discretion, while others just know you as 'too much.'


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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

Moon in Virgo brings out your perfectionist side, and that doesn't exactly elicit shouts of joy from those in your world, rather, it makes everyone around you feel defensive and on edge.

People in your life know that this happens to you on occasion and that when you get in a mood, you tend to rant all over anyone who displeases you as if you are some kind of royal figure of authority and we're all here to shut up and listen to you.

How this works for you is that when people complain about your picky nature and your obsession with perfection, you get to know who stays and who goes.


You are dead serious about whatever it is that you are picky about, and if it's about love, then that's it: the law is laid down. You don't see how hurtful you can be, nor do you see how isolated you'll become after Moon in Virgo lets you decide that you are better than everyone else.

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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

With the Moon in Virgo overhead, you'll be feeling a little 'stricter' than usual, for the next few days. How this looks on your love life is in the idea that you'll be finding things about your partner's appearance to tear apart; if they can't take it, then they shouldn't have gotten into a relationship with you — that's your opinion on the matter.


You feel like you made a deal when you got into a relationship; they owe you a perfect body, and should anything start to sag or get old, you are not guaranteeing anyone permanency in the relationship.

You are really firm on this, and even though you know you have unrealistic goals and that people don't stay 'beautiful' forever if you can't get what you want physically, then you have a clause in your rental contract that allows you to walk out the door to find a replacement model. Yes, you are cold and unforgiving, and Moon in Virgo definitely breaks out your worst side.

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