5 Picky Zodiac Signs Who Never Settle For Less When Choosing A Partner

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5 Picky Zodiac Signs Who Never Settle For Less When Choosing A Partner

Do your friends ever hit you with the “maybe if you’d stop being so picky, you wouldn’t be single” line? If so, let's start by saying that there’s nothing wrong with high standards.

Who wants to waste their time with someone who’s not for them anyway? Besides, you should never settle for less.

But you might still find yourself wondering why you’re so picky. Sometimes you know something is not right, without even knowing why. And it can be frustrating because you wonder why you can't make it work.

You should never have to force something, and your zodiac sign may hold the answer as to why you stick to your standards.

Astrology can dictate some of the inner workings of your mind that even you don’t understand. So, familiarize yourself with these picky signs to see why you or someone you know is having trouble finding "the one."

1. Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Leos are full of self-confidence. They never question their value and know that anyone would be lucky to have them. So, it’s no wonder that this fire sign has some pretty specific burning desires when it comes to relationships.

Their standards are sky-high, and it takes a very special person to impress Leo. They want their relationship to be something they can show off, so they need a partner worth bragging about.

Leos want someone who will get along with their friends and show them undying loyalty. They aren’t afraid to express heaps of praise towards their partner, so expect the same in return. They already know their worth, but they still want to know you realize it, too.

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2. Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Anyone who is familiar with astrology knows that Virgo is the ultimate perfectionist. They like things up to a certain standard, and this includes their partners.

They will not accept being left on the bench, so they won’t tolerate a partner that keeps them as an option. Virgos want reciprocity, and if you don’t meet their criteria, they are not afraid to give you some constructive guidance to help you along the way.

A relationship is a complex process for Virgo, so when it comes to a partner, the decision will not be taken lightly. Keep in mind that as hard as Virgo might be on you, they’re tougher on themselves. They might want you to work for the relationship, but they will work just as hard to maintain it.  

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3. Scorpio (October 23 - December 21)

Scorpios are highly passionate beings and are free when it comes to casual hookups. They feel comfortable having flings with anyone, but when it comes to relationships, it’s a whole different ball game.

They can be cut-throat if they don’t think you have what it takes, and will not waste their time trying to force something to work. They value loyalty above all else and need their partner to be committed to them.

Intimacy is very important to Scorpios, so a physical connection needs to be as strong as an emotional one. They will not settle for a casual relationship; they are in search of a soulmate.

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4. Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

This earth sign needs structure and solidity. Their relationships must support their rigid lifestyles and benefit them in some way. They don’t want a whirlwind romance — they want a future.

Capricorns are goal-oriented and don’t believe in wasting their time. So, if they don’t believe your visions for the future align, they will be out of there in a flash. They will settle for nothing but the best.

And why shouldn't they? They know that anything a partner fails to offer them, they can find elsewhere. This might seem harsh, but they understand the value of time and will not string anyone along.

If anything, their approach to relationships is admirable. Pickiness will get you the result you want in the long run, even if the journey is complicated. 

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5. Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

This independent air sign forges their own path, so just because you happen to cross it doesn’t mean they will stop for you. They aren’t in a rush to find the one, so it can be hard to cuff them up.

They understand the value of moving slowly and enjoying a relaxed pace. Often, their relationships start as friendships before evolving into something more romantic.

It’s not that Aquarius has particularly high standards, they just don’t want a relationship to get in the way of their personal growth. If you’ve fallen for an Aquarius, don’t rush them into anything too quickly. Instead, form an emotional connection and understand that the best things take time.  

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