The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Thursday, May 5, 2022

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zodiac signs best horoscopes thursday may 5 2022

After the rest period yesterday, today brings the feeling of wanting to step more into your purpose so that you can create greater harmony in your life.  

The Cancer Moon is nurturing to you driving home the emphasis on peace and fulfillment but connections between the Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter are pushing you to not take the effortless way out.  

It can be challenging to address what is in front of you instead of just trying to put it off for another time but during this eclipse portal after the one on April 30, and before the next, on the May 16 you are being encouraged to not drop the ball on your purpose.  

The Sun in Taurus will cross paths with Mercury in Gemini early in the day inspiring you to act not just towards goals you may have created for yourself but in fulfillment of your greater purpose.  

A purpose in life is something that you feel directed to do. A path, career, or even relationship that has a bigger meaning than just a paycheck or a marriage.  

It is a compass that leads you in the direction your soul is meant to experience within this life.  

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The time between eclipses always seems to carry a weight of magick within it.  

It is as if the impossible is suspended and life suddenly takes its own course regardless of what you do or even try not to do.  

Today’s energy will give you the stamina, the communication, and the inner knowledge to pursue your deepest dreams which are those of your soul’s purpose without feeling overwhelmed by the burden of doing so.  

The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Thursday, May 5, 2022 

1. Cancer  

(June 21 - July 22) 

You realize your biggest strengths when you have the confidence to face the truth instead of merely trying to keep the peace. As you have been moving through the last few months and have felt the impending changes begin to take place it has been challenging to keep hope that things could get better but that is precisely what today is about.

Rather than continue to operate from a point of view of simply recovery or survival challenge yourself to contact the part of yourself you have recently neglected.

You have the ability today to see more clearly your own purpose and why things have happened in the way in which they did. This is a gift to you, not just to bring you greater peace but also to renew your own sense of direction. Allow yourself to feel the truth that bubbles up today and trust that it is coming up for your greater good.

The only obligation that you have is to yourself because in following that you will automatically be more adept at handling everything else in life. This is an opportunity for you to remember your own unique purpose so that you never again will allow others to direct your path.  

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2. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 

With so many planets still in your zodiac sign, you are going through a continually active transition in your life. This will result in many areas being transformed but especially your sense of self.

As a Pisces, personal boundaries and speaking your needs is something that you need to work on to step not just into your purpose but into your healthiest and best self. Astrology right now is helping you put those building blocks in place so that you can step into the life that you have dreamed of.

A big part of that is being able to advocate for yourself, which is why boundaries and speaking about your needs is so important.

Today will bring a moment for you to do just that as a connection between Mercury and Venus will have you engaging in an important conversation about matters of love.

Take the time that you need to go through your own process and make sure that you are solid in your needs and purpose before trying to engage with anyone else.

Today offers a fantastic opportunity for you to move ahead on your life path which will help those other pieces of your journey start to come together, embrace your own inner strength, and do not shy away from the opportunity to speak up for yourself as it just may change your life.  

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3. Aries  

(March 21 - April 19) 

Venus now in your sign means that you are feeling more directed and passionate about everything. It also means that impatience has taken over for this new journey that you are sensing on the horizon. There is a lot coming in with astrology that is meant to help shake you out of your slumber.

To see what needs to change in your life and within yourself so that you can feel a greater balance. This means not prioritizing obligations or the happiness of others over your own and instead of letting yourself see that the best way to do what you feel is right is to do right by yourself.

If you are feeling frustrated by the lack of movement in your life, take today as an opportunity to look for ways that you can take the lead.

As much as you are the go-getter of the zodiac, you often try to overcompensate and be more thoughtful which can make you feel as if things in your life are stagnant.

You do not need to do everything overnight, but you need to honor the feelings that you have because they will always end up pointing you to the truth.  

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