3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Feel Toxic During Moon In Cancer, May 4 - 7, 2022

Hurts the heart.

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The Moon in Cancer is here to play with our minds, and if we let it go too far, we'll feel so worn out by the end of the day that we'll be lucky if we ever give in to emotions again, after this day.

And when it comes to relationships, let's just say you better hope that luck is on your side today, because the Moon in Cancer is about to reveal more toxicity than you ever planned on seeing...in your own 'romantic' relationship.


This is the transit that lets you see every single bit of all that you didn't want to see in your partner.

During this transit, you'll see the toenails and the open toilet seat. You'll see how they don't close the lids properly on stuff stored in the fridge, or how they leave valuables in their car, for all to see and perhaps rob.

You'll see that the person you are hopelessly entangled with seems more obsessed with their own navel than overpaying bills on time. And for everything you see and notice, they'll be seeing and noticing things about you too, things that are not very nice.


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If you both don't slow the roll on this destruction machine soon, you'll both be attacking each other with accusations about this, that, and the other thing.

Your relationship has started to look more like a sparring mat than a lover's suite; you both get on each other's nerves to such a point that the only thing you'll want to do is walk away from each other.

When enough is enough and the boiling point has been reached, the only thing you're left with is toxic waste.

Three zodiac signs whose relationships feel toxic during the Moon in Cancer on May 4 - 5, 2022, and this is the reason why.

1. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)


You feel like escaping your love relationship today, because for as much as you've tried to accept them 'warts and all' there are just a few things this person does that bug you to no end, and those things are deal-breakers.

Can you possibly go on at this point, knowing that your partner is that gross? Being Libra, you know that you cannot.

You have discovered something so vile about the person you've spent so much time loving and honoring, that your head is spinning with the implications. And with the Moon in Cancer, you'll see nothing but poison seeping from their veins.

You can't go backward and you know it. You deem this person toxic and putrid, and you are having a very hard time trying to unsee what you just saw. The tides have turned for this love affair; and in your head, you don't need to try to mend something that has been hopelessly tainted.


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2. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

Nothing bums you out more than knowing you've made a mistake, and with the Moon in Cancer, you might just come to realize that when it comes to your relationship, you made a big mistake. Are you stuck? Well, possibly.

But getting unstuck is going to be what's going to keep you perplexed. You've started to feel less than thrilled with the person you are with, and you don't know if you should leave them or stick it out, with the hope that efforts could put this toxic waste train back on track.

Still, things haven't looked good in a while, and now you're starting to wonder if you're just wasting your time. You've shed a few tears over this idea, too, and that registers to you as you still caring. But are you willing to put that effort into it?


Because it doesn't seem as though you wish to any longer, Scorpio. What's starting to become clear is that you are leaning more and more towards unsticking yourself from the toxic glue that's kept the two of you together.

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3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)


You realize that at this point in the game, you are just as much a part of the problem as is your partner. This relationship needs some serious help, and you're both at the juncture where you could show that you care, or you could shrug and just give up, and that's a seriously dangerous place to be.

Words of love have become empty one-liners, set up to pacify whoever hears them. "I love you" is just a throwaway sentence now; no one believes in it or cares. You're not at the end, however, and should one of you dare to try to help this before it goes to waste, the time is now.

Yes, you feel there's nothing left to salvage, and yes, you feel as though all communication between the two of you has become a toxic minefield, ready to blow at any second. Can you save this? Yes, you absolutely can save this relationship. Will you save this? It doesn't look like you're even going to try.

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