3 Zodiac Signs Who End A Toxic Relationship After The Solar Eclipse, May 1 - 3, 2022

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zodiac signs toxic relationship end may 1 - 3, 2022

After the 2022 April New Moon in Taurus we remain in this energy for up to six months. With May here and the initiation of summer during Beltane, things are ready for a fresh start and something new to come in the air.
For this reason, three zodiac signs will know that it's time to end a toxic relationship. And if you've ever heard the lyrical expression, "Nothing I can do, total eclipse of the heart ..." Then you could easily apply that lyric to the events that will happen this week

This week we feel an emotional eclipse of sorts; a week where love shines brighter than all of our doubts, and the form it comes in is self-love. Self-love is what saves the day today, and it's self-love that allows us to pull away from relationships that seem to be filling us with poison.

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While that may seem melodramatic, when is it NOT melodramatic when a person discovers that they're in a toxic relationship that is bound for hell? Nobody wants or desires to be in this position, and yet, it's a situation that happens to many.

And during a Solar Eclipse, we mimic the cosmos in our way: we need to see ourselves in Full Dark, so that when the light returns, we know what we're dealing with, and the week following an eclipse, several of the zodiac signs will wake up and come to realize that they are in a toxic relationship that must end.

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And end it will, thankfully, and not without melodrama. For many, like the Sun, we will experience the darkness just in time to shine once more, as ourselves, on our own.

This is the day when we save our own lives, friends. This is the day when we recognize that we love ourselves more than we wish to stay in a relationship that brings us only stress.

Who are the 3 zodiac signs who end a toxic relationship after the solar eclipse starting May 1 - 3, 2022?

Cancer, Leo, and Aquarius get the wakeup call that certain things aren't right and unhealthy patterns must end.

1. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

As you start to feel the presence of the Solar Eclipse, you, too, will feel as though you've been living with a shroud over your head. Once this veil is lifted, as it will be during this day, you will realize something drastic: you are about to end your toxic relationship and nothing in this world can stop you.

You've known all along that something like this could happen, but it took so much courage to get to the place where you finally free confident enough in both your choice to leave, and your ability to actually do so.

You could take just so much, and you've started to understand that this life is not specifically made for you to suffer through; so then, why have you put up with such toxicity then?

Because you couldn't tell the difference between toxic love and honest, pure love. That's what toxic relationships do to a person; they make the person confused as to what's real and what's wrong.

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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

During the eclipse and after, you will recognize two things: You're in a toxic relationship, AND, you're one of the main players. You bring the poison as much as they do, and knowing this comes to you as a smack-in-the-face realization.

You don't want to be in a relationship that could only, at this point, be considered a game. Enough, you're too old for this kind of time-wasting, heart-breaking event.

The New Moon in Taurus brought you strength, and as it peaks out of the shadow that will loom before and after the eclipse, so will you recognize that you need to shine once again as yourself, a good person.

No longer do you wish to play these love games; it might be good for someone, but no game like this lasts without becoming thoroughly toxic.

You both never knew when to stop, and so it's turned into this 'thing', and neither one of you knows how to stop it. Until now, when you recognize the moment and strike while the iron is hot.

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3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

In the same way that the Solar Eclipse blotted out the sun, so, too, have you felt like you have been blotted out by the person you're in a relationship with.

How did this happen? It certainly wasn't part of the plan, and yet, your relationship somehow morphed into this battle royale, where you feel like you're becoming further and further away from who you are, on a daily basis.

The one thing that you find abhorrent is that you're not yourself anymore; you seemed to have become the side-kick to the person you once called 'partner'.

Your identity has turned to mush, and this simply will not do!

You, of all people, have lost your independence and your free will to a person who seemingly owns you now. You don't need to be told that this is unhealthy, you know it on your own, and during the week after the eclipse, you'll find your wings, Aquarius, and you will fly off without them.

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