The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Want To Go Back To An Ex During The Sun Opposite The Moon On April 14, 2022

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zodiac signs who want to go back to an ex april 14 2022

Because we are now being heavily influenced by the Sun opposite the Moon transit, we can expect to feel sappy and sentimental. 

This is the transit that builds to the Full Moon in Libra over the weekend, and on April 14, 2022, it may translate as us wanting to go back with an ex-love.

This ex could be someone we 'seriously intended' to stay broken up with, and yet, the craving for this person, for that relationship still exists.

The Sun opposite the Moon tends to bring up emotions we thought were long gone.

The Moon in Libra weakens our emotional resolve, and when it comes to relationships. The Sun in Aries brings up our ego. Under these two influences, we can become complete pushovers, if we give in. 

We will end up knocking on the door of our ex's house, begging for a second chance.

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Did we do wrong, when we insisted on breaking up? Are we the 'bad guy' in the relationship — or were they?

Or, is the time to play the blame game just over and now that the air is clear again, we've come to realize that it was just a misunderstanding that went too far and that perhaps we should haven't taken it all the way to the breakup point?

Yes, that's exactly what might have happened. This relationship never should have gone so far downhill, and because of Moon in Libra, you now think there's something there to be saved, renewed.

Let's hope your powers of deduction are correct.

On April 14, during the Moon in Libra, several of the signs here will be rethinking their position when it comes to an old, past relationship. The desire to reconnect and 'do it right' will be all-pervasive, and honestly, that's exactly the kind of enthusiasm that gets things done.

Good luck to all who attempt a reunion, it does seem as though you have the stars on your side.

Taurus, Gemini, and Aquarius are the three zodiac signs who will want to go back to an ex starting April 14, 2022.

And, the Sun opposite the Moon in Libra influences their love horoscopes the most.

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

Every now and then you feel a pang of regret when you think about how you broke up with your ex, and how much you actually miss them, right now.

Because you are prideful, you've never really allowed yourself to admit that you played a part in the breakup, and while you do not like feeling like a victim, you know that you essentially were not one.

On further examination, you have come to realize that perhaps it was you who was too harsh and that this ex of yours was indeed the victim of your temper or wrath.

During this transit, the Sun opposite the Moon in Libra, you will take a deep look at the mistakes you made, and you will feel the brunt of the choice that took you away from the person you once loved.

Do you still love them? Yes, you do. Are you still in love with them? It would seem so. This transit will have you figuring out ways to reach out to this person. Your intention will be to get back together. Good luck with that.

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2. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

One of the reasons you think about your ex so much is because you have no one in your life to fill the void where one and romance should be.

Your ex was substantial; you really thought the two of you would be sailing off into the sunset together, and yet, here you are today, alone and filled with regrets.

You never once took responsibility for your actions and how they lead to the breakup. Instead, you blamed them and allowed yourself to play the poor, victimized partner who couldn't stand it anymore. As time goes by, you realize that you were intolerable to be with, yet that is a hard one to admit.

The Sun opposite the Moon in Libra shines all of your mistakes down and you can't get away with lying to yourself anymore. You want them back and your day is going to be about obsessing about that idea, over and over. Might as well try, Gemini. Get it out of your system.

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3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

The last thing you'd ever want in a million zillion years is anything to do with your ex until, of course, the Sun opposite the Moon in Libra changes your thinking.

You bolted out of that relationship feeling that not only were you doing the right thing, but that this break up would end up with you feeling free, easy, and ready for the world.

Did that happen? For about a month or two, yes, you actually felt young and zippy once again.

Until your memory kicked in and then all of a sudden you were carrying the weight of so many good memories — the kind of times that only that person could give you.

Yes, you broke up, but that was the best relationship you ever had! You blew it. You didn't have the patience to work it out, and you didn't speak up, and now, you don't have that person, at all, and probably never will.

If anything, let this be a lesson for you. Communicate your needs and conditions; don't let the best thing in your world fall apart simply because your pride got in the way and you shut the gate down prematurely.

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