3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Become Exclusive During Sun Trine Moon On March 22, 2022

Love takes on a whole new meaning.

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There are times in our lives when we decide to stand tall and stick with what we believe is the best route for us to take.

During Sun trine Moon, the focus is on love, and it will be during this transit that we not only think clearly about our love lives, but we decide to take action.

These are the days when flirtations turn into affairs, and affairs turn into exclusive relationships. In other words, Sun trine Moon helps us to believe in what we have, and it gives us the confidence to do something about it.


There's a time and place for everything, and part of the plan behind getting together with someone you like is the idea that maybe this person can turn into someone you actually love.

Well, that's happened and now it's time to take that like-to-love situation and make a relationship out of it. It's time to get exclusive. You want it, they want it, and with that out of the way, you both can have exactly what you want: exclusivity. It's on.

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Sun trine Moon is a happy-maker. We get nice things during this transit. We feel confident.

We aren't afraid to do big things and we aren't fearful of commitment. In fact, committing to an exclusive relationship is quite invigorating; it gives us life and promises hope for the future.


What we make out of our exclusive relationship is up to us, but we need to think of it this way: If we are so lucky to have found someone special, then we need to honor all of it, and that of course starts with self-love.

We are part of the package. It's not just about nailing down a mate.

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The three zodiac signs whose relationships become exclusive starting March 22, 2022:

1. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

If you are honest with yourself, you wanted exclusivity right from the start. The whole courtly love tradition is cool and all, but you'd rather jump right to the commitment, and there's one reason why: you don't want your partner-date-flingmate to be with anyone but you.


You don't even know if you love the person that you're involved with, but you are deeply disturbed by the idea that they may take on a lover that isn't you. That is, of course, unless the two of you agree on making the relationship into an exclusive one.

You want it your way and you'll have it your way. You grok so well with Sun trine Moon that you'll be able to convince your fling-mate to go exclusive with you. You'll worry about the love part later. Right now, your main concern is making this person into your main and only squeeze.

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2. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

Loyalty is King in the world of Scorpio, and with Sun trine Moon backing you up, you'll want it your way, or the highway, so to speak. Yes, you are having an affair with someone you really like, and you're under the impression that this person is whack-a-doodle cray cray for you, too. Sounds like fun. Sounds like ... trust could be a thing here.


Could it? Yes, it could. Because Sun trine Moon is not about making exclusive BAD relationships, it's about bringing out the best in us so that when we do go exclusive, we enjoy the heck out of our lives because of our choice to be loyal.

You and the person you are presently involved with will bond during Sun trine Moon, and this will serve to bring the two of you together, exclusively.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)


By nature, you are a jealous person, and though nobody on Earth ever wants to admit to this trait, it's obvious in your case, especially when it comes to relationships. You are way too neurotic to be with someone who might be sleeping with someone else. It's just not you, and even if you try, you end up hating life because of it.

You want exclusive and nothing less. Even from day one, if you are with someone, you don't want them to be with anyone else, and that's how it's been with the person you are with right now. Love isn't the issue here; it's all about sex.

You are a sexually jealous person who cannot bear the idea of sharing someone with another, and so, you make the announcement this week: We either do this exclusively, or we end it. With Sun trine Moon in the sky, there is no doubt that you'll stay together, happily devoted, totally exclusive.

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