3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Back In Love With An Ex During Mercury In Pisces Starting March 9, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Back In Love With An Ex During Mercury In Pisces Starting March 9, 2022

Most of the time a breakup happens when one or both people fall out of love, but during Mercury, in Pisces, three zodiac signs may discover that they fall back in love with their ex and want to get back together again.

It's not every day that we reconsider taking an ex back into our lives, although many of us do tend to 'think' about our ex's a lot.

While breaking up is hard to do, so is accepting the breakup, and for some couples, that's where things veer on to another path.

The entire purpose of breaking up is to end the connection then and there, with the possibility of 'being friends' again, hopefully, one day. We tell ourselves that this is possible, but we mainly try to believe it just to make the emotional punch a little easier to handle.

For some, however, breaking up is a fluid state of mind, and the idea of reconciling and reuniting is always an option.

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During Mercury in Pisces, this option will be used. Mercury in Pisces brings together the elements of compassion, energy, speed, and good, solid communication.

With these tools in our belt, we can basically do whatever we want, and for many people here today, what 'we' want is to get back together with the ex because of love.

Now, if this has been on your mind, then Mercury in Pisces will absolutely intensify your thoughts and speed up the process.

Reunions of this nature will be amicable and successful. It seems that for some couples, breaking up is hard to do simply because there's no such thing as 'really' breaking up. Hello ex, welcome home!

So, here are three zodiac signs who fall back in love with an ex, during Mercury in Pisces starting March 9, 2022.


(April 20 - May 20)

You won't be too surprised to fall back in love with your ex. They are back in your life, simply because — if you can admit the truth to yourself — you planned it this way. The transits merely nudge your plan along with a little more speed.

At first, you weren't even sure if you really and truly want this person back in your life, but you certainly do like them and miss them a whole lot, and it does appear that you haven't found a 'replacement' for them — as of yet.

It also looks like you're not that into trying to replace them. This could be romantic laziness on your part or the fact that you're simply still in love with this person. You know they feel the same, so, in your mind, you think: Why not? Why not try again? This time could be the charm.

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(May 21 - June 20)

You've been stuck in your head for way too long, and you're chomping to get out of it. Enough of this nonstop ruminating, and for what? The repetitive idea that you're not with your ex, and how much you miss them.

What you don't realize is that all this thought is 'creative' and on a molecular level, you are affirming this person's presence in your life.

Without saying it aloud, you are affirming to the universe that, with the help of Mercury in Pisces, you want to reconcile and settle your differences with this ex of yours, and possibly get back together again.

These thoughts may stay in your head, or they may move out into the great wide world of manifestation. This one's up to you: if you want to reconcile with your ex, and bring them back into your life, then you can either stay in your head or let Mercury in Pisces do its thing.

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(February 19 - March 10)

Oddly enough, the idea of being back in love with your ex doesn't seem threatening or off-putting to you. In fact, it's your preference; you actually want to get back with this person, though you aren't going out of your way to make anything happen.

Spectacular moves are not your thing, but you wouldn't be opposed to reaching out to that person to ask them if they want to join you for dinner.

Because of Mercury in Pisces, they will be more receptive and sensitive to you and your request, and they will more than likely accept.

This particular breakup was probably made in haste; both of you being passionate and dramatic, and all. Now, you both feel that maybe you made a mistake and that it all happened too quickly. This is where you both rush back into each other's arms.

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