3 Zodiac Signs Who Prefer To Be Single During Moon Sextile Pluto On March 31, 2022

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It's easy enough to want to be single. Especially if you've been in a relationship that burnt you out, which seems to be a thing these days. Being unattached is a choice, though many people still think of it as some kind of prison that only losers are thrown into when they can't snag themselves a 'real' mate. How very 1950's.

Moon sextile Pluto supports the idea of being single and being one's self. Going solo is one of the most misunderstood pleasures, yet, it's a total pleasure — if you like freedom, that is. This transit helps to boost the confidence of those who are single and lets us know that if that is what we choose, then that's the best choice.

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For those who aren't up for folding to the pressure of society's idea of what's 'normal', feel free to bask in the glorious independence that is Moon sextile Pluto's influence. Be someone who keeps their options open and happy that you got away with it!

3 Zodiac Signs Who Prefer to be Single During Moon sextile Pluto on March 31, 2022

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

You've been through a lot, and when it comes to relationships, you may have just seen your last one, at least for a while. You've gotten what you've wanted out of romance and now you feel it's time to focus on yourself, rather than on someone who takes up all your time and leaves you with very little.

Rather than becoming bitter and resentful, you claim your status as forever available and wear it like a badge of honor. If there's anyone in this world who can love you, Aries, it's YOU, and you can do that very well. If you really do respect yourself, your heart, and your mind, then stick to what you believe in: self-love, self-respect. Single and proud does the trick.

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2. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

You've fallen for the game and you've tried to play, and yet, here you are today, not in a relationship. It occurs to you that if you've made all this effort to be like everybody else — and failed, then maybe this is actually what you want. After all, aren't we responsible for our lives and our conditions?

We are. So, if we are single, it's because we want to be single and you, Gemini, are finally coming to terms with this. You love being alone, and while, yes, you enjoy the perks of being in a relationship, the truth is, you'd rather go it alone. You're strong and single-minded; you know what you want, and you're tired of being 'like everybody else.' Stand tall in your single status.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

Been there, done that, wrote the book. That's how you feel about being in a committed relationship. People — in your mind — are not meant to sit on top of each other's heads, day in and day out, for a lifetime. The whole idea of trying to live up to an ideal is beyond you; you want what you want and you can easily leave behind that which bores you or simply doesn't suit you.

Being in a crappy relationship is way too much of a compromise for you, and compromise is what a relationship is all about. You are happy to be single, to stay single, and to experience the glory that is life, on your own. You've never been one to go with the social flow, so why would it change now? It wouldn't. Stay single, Sagittarius.

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