3 Zodiac Signs Whose Fears About Love Come True During The Quarter Moon In Capricorn, March 24 -25, 2022

You are what you think.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Fears About Love Come True During The Quarter Moon in Capricorn, March 24 -25, 2022  by Valerie Elash on Unsplash

We manifest things that we think about, and for 3 zodiac signs whose worst fears come true during the Quarter Moon in Capricorn on March 24 -25, 2022, such is the case when it comes to love and relationships.

As we've discovered, the Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn brings up the idea of concern and overthinking, and Moons are associated with manifestation, depending on the type of lunar phase it is in.


This is a very mental transit because it's the final quarter of the 28-day cycle, and it puts us all in crisis mode.

The Moon in Capricorn is in detriment, which means that its emotional side runs colder, too. And, that will also have an effect on the way we think and the way we perceive.

We may see many doubts rise to the surface, and some of those doubts will revolve around love — and the suspicions and fears that come along with it.

Whereas we might want this day to run smoothly, we will be prevented from an ultimately carefree day because we'll spend way too much time inside our own minds, going over this, that, and the other thing, where our love lives are concerned.


We may even stumble on information that confirms our fears as if we've manifested the negativity as reality.

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Certain signs of the Zodiac will see their fears come to light, during the Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn.

What do you fear?


Do you think your lover is cheating on you? Do you feel like cheating on them? Have you just started to recognize that, perhaps, you are no longer in love? These are the kinds of questions that will burn in our minds during the Half Moon in Capricorn.

If you're one of these 3 zodiac signs, you will want to guard your thoughts when it comes to love and relationships. Why?

For 3 zodiac signs, their worst fears about love may come true during the Last Quarter Moon, March 24 - 25, 2022.

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

The Last Quarter Moon affects your reputation and how you feel about respect, your social status, and what your partner does that reflects on you.


There's been something on your mind for a while now, and today, with the Half Moon in Capricorn looming above, you'll have to face something that you never wanted to look at: the person you love does not love you.

This could be a family member, as it's not restricted to romance.

What you may also come to realize is that you've kept up the facade of loving them for too long, and if you really dig deep, you'll find that you don't love them either, and perhaps you never did.

The fear that comes to light here is that you've wasted so many years pretending that there's something here, something...good, when, in fact, there is not, nor was there ever anything good about this relationship.


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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

The Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn will be working double time on your romantic life.

You rarely like to look too closely at yourself, and so you go through life pretending to be flawless, happy, and well-loved. The mediocrity of your reality is something you fear being discovered by others, but deep inside, you know that what you have is just that: mediocre and low-grade.

Your fear is being discovered. And this is exactly what this transit is going to reveal to your friends and coworkers.

Your faux 'wonderful life' will be exposed, and during the half-Moon phase in Capricorn, everyone in your life will see you for who you really are, which may be a very sad, very unsatisfied person who took what they could get just to show the world that they had 'something.'


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3. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

Family will come to the forefront of your mind during this lunar transit, and that doesn't mean you're actually related, but it involves a person you are deeply committed to.


Your fear in love is that you might have to be there for someone, as in more than once.

You like thinking that you're a truly loving person and an outstanding friend, but the truth is that you really don't want to have to give anything up in order to please another person.

If your romantic partner asks for too much, you start to feel oppressed; you desire your freedom. Then again, freedom might get you into a compromised position financially, and so you're ready to stay for the sake of security.

Alas, your partner will ask for more than what you're willing to give during Quarter Moon in Capricorn, so be prepared. You're either going to have to deal with your fear or walk away.


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