3 Zodiac Signs Who Have A Rough Horoscope On March 25, 2022

Your day will be about obsession.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Have A Rough Horoscope On March 25, 2022

With our Quarter Moon in Capricorn, and the Moon trine Uranus, this day should pan out as one where we overthink just about everything.

When we have the Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn, it has a very strong influence upon all of us, but 3 zodiac signs in particular. 

One of the things that will weigh heavy on our minds is the idea of where the money is coming from, and when will it show up.

Half Moon in Capricorn brings us financial concerns — as if we don't have enough of that already.


Still, the pragmatism of Capricorn's energy is the kind to make our overthinking worthwhile.

We may actually come up with some legit solutions to our financial problems during this transit.

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Our main concern will be during this time is to try and keep our thoughts inline, meaning that we can't let our negative imagination run away with itself.

Too much thinking can be detrimental for 3 zodiac signs who have a rough horoscope on March 25, 2022.

1. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

You've been balancing your financial life with intense stress and worry — you feel like you work and work and you question yourself as to where the payoff is?

Is life just work and no play? And because play is so vitally important to you, during Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn, you'll overthink this into a froth; your mind will be obsessed with all that you don't have, rather than feeling grateful for all you DO have.


What's really at the bottom of it all, for you, is career frustration; you want more than what you have and this day is going to drum that home for you.

The main drag of the day is all about how you can't see past your own woes and worries today, and you start to believe this is a permanent state of being. It's not. You'll succeed — give it some time.

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2. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

What you're dealing with today is high resentment. You really don't like someone in your life and you find it hard to stop yourself from wishing ill upon them.

You take joy in the idea that maybe this person isn't doing so well, and it reflects so poorly on yourself that when you express your negative feelings with friends, they judge you and think you are being too harsh.


During Moon trine Uranus you will find that you can't stop thinking about this person and that they bother you much more than you even knew.

Perhaps this is because of an anniversary that's recently gone by, or an old memory was jogged? Your day will be about obsession; the nonstop thinking of someone you really don't like.

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3. Aries

(February 19 - March 20)

You are mostly concerned with money on this day, and for some reason, you have it in your mind that you are owed money that hasn't been paid to you.

This will start with a small thought and over the day will blossom into a full-time obsession. Because the Half Moon in Capricorn brings out your analytical side, you'll start to feel like maybe you are being ripped off, stolen from.


This is more paranoia than it is fact-based; you aren't being stolen from, but you are also not looking at the situation with a clear head.

You will find that you're in much better shape than you thought and that this mishap with the money will turn out to be your own mistake.

You're in good standing and there is nothing to worry about, Aries.

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