3 Zodiac Signs Who Stop Loving An Ex During Mercury Conjunct Venus Starting January 1, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Stop Loving An Ex During Mercury Conjunct Venus Starting January 1, 2022

We always tend to think that love lasts forever and that it's impossible to just stop loving someone, especially when we've been so entangled with them and their lives.

People are shocked to wake up one day only to find out that their partner is no longer in love with them, or that they themselves are all out of love when it comes to that person.

Mercury conjunction Venus fine-tunes feelings like this, meaning if we have let go of someone, this is the time where all ties are severed, emotionally.

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That sounds harsh and extreme, but in the case of someone who has spent way too much time attached to a previous relationship, this transit might just act as a liberation tool.

When we stop loving someone, it's not a choice. It's a natural progression of emotion. We don't stop loving someone because we want to, even if we do, we can't control our feelings in that way.

But, we are able to stop loving someone, and that happens when the time is right. And during Mercury conjunction Venus, the time is right.

Zodiac Signs Who Stop Loving An Ex During Mercury Conjunct Venus Starting January 1, 2022:


(April 20 - May 20)

Mercury conjunction Venus signifies the time when you finally kiss your ex goodbye, and this refers to your attachment to them and your love for them.

You're experiencing that 'click' moment when you suddenly realize that, even though you haven't been with your ex in a very long time, you've stopped thinking of them.

Heck, you don't stalk their IG any longer, nor do you wake up with that slight pang of old love. In fact, you wake up with no pang whatsoever It hits you: you no longer love this ex. This completion enables you to love bigger and stronger next time.

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(May 21 - June 20)

It's about time to let go, and finally, you are ready. Your ex, who has been such an enormous part of your life has also taken up all the space in your psyche, and you are starting to feel damaged because of it. Enough.

If you scan your emotional grid, you'll find that you don't even love this person anymore and that you've been running on routine.

This means that you're just so used to loving this ex, complaining about them, blaming them for the world's problems, and basically living your life in some kind of non-existent dialogue with them...but do you really feel something for them, or is this just your routine?

Mercury conjunction Venus flashes the light on this, and you can finally now see that you no longer love them. Nor do you care.

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(October 23 - November 21)

The days of wine and roses are over, as far as that one ex goes. Sure, you broke up a zillion years ago, but you were never sure if you were ready to actually let them go.

You've loved this person in spite of the fact that they want nothing to do with you, nor will they ever. And, if that isn't enough fuel for heartache, they have told you to your face that they do not love you.

So, why have you held the torch for this person all this time? And then, bam, it hits you. Mercury conjunction Venus hits you. The verdict is in: No more love for an ex. You no longer love them, and ironically, this opens the door for ecstasy.

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