3 Zodiac Signs Who Get Over An Ex During The Moon In Libra, December 26 - 28, 2021

Move on from that ex.

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Three zodiac signs who get over an ex during the Moon in Libra, December 26 - 28, 2021, didn't fall out of love overnight. It was a process that took time and effort.

One of the things we get out of a transit like the Moon in Libra is the idea of making sense out of our lives.

The balance and sway of Libra energy play an important role in our healing process, and if we find the point of origin where our pain starts oftentimes we figure out that it lies in a relationship from the past.


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And that means it's time to get over someone, because if we don't, this roller coaster ride could last a lifetime, and who wants that? Not I, said the cat.

Let's put it this way, you know you're eventually going to get over this person, so why not jump into the future of that thinking and just get it done? Moon in Libra is your backbone right now. The nerve is on, and you have the strength to come to a decision:

To get over this ex or to honor them for the rest of your life as the misery you gave your life to. Your choice.


And so, for some signs of the Zodiac, it's time. That ex plays no good role in your life anymore, and now, thanks to Moon in Libra, you recognize it as truth. Time to take out the garbage, signs. Let's move this thing.

Zodiac Signs Who Get Over An Ex During The Moon In Libra, December 26 - 28, 2021


(May 21 - June 20)

You never really get over an ex, and this can be problematic for you. Instead of releasing their memory, you hold on tightly and mentally beat them up every single day. You just can't let go, and with the Moon in Libra, you'll be tempted to rid yourself of their presence in your mind once and for all.

But will you do it? No, you'll hang on for dear life. Even though this person blatantly rejected you, they will always be 'the one' for you. You're smart so you realize how self-destructive this is, however it may not be enough for you to extract this person from your world. What you need is to fill the void with another person, to make you forget the ex ever existed.


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(June 21 - July 22)

Moon in Libra is working your last nerve, Cancer, and each time you think of your ex, you feel torn; on one hand, you want to run right back into their arms, and on the other hand, you can't stand this person and would rather eat your own eyeball before returning to this person and everything they stand for.

Well, Cancer, it's now or never, and you need to make a firm decision. Being that this person is NOT in your life, why bother making them into such a star, especially when you know they have the power to ruin you? There is no more time left for you to honor the person who dishonors you!


Wake up and start living in the present. It's safe and sound here, and there are no ex's around to make you upset.

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(September 23 - October 22)

You're a bit of a mixed bag, aren't you, Libra? You seem to have it all together, but no one really knows what's going on inside your head, do they? One of the things you try to keep private is your secret hankering for someone you once loved, someone who did you wrong and left you cold.


Moon in Libra makes you see it clearly; they are not worth all you put into keeping up their memory. It's like you've become the groundskeeper for a grave; this person doesn't leave your mind and you bring this memory flowers, daily.

But they are not a dead person in a grave, they are a living being who wants nothing to do with you, and you are having a lifetime's worth of a hard time over it. Get over them, Libra! Do yourself a solid.

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