3 Zodiac Signs Whose Secret Love Gets Revealed During The Full Moon In Gemini December 18, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Whose Secret Love Gets Revealed During The Full Moon In Gemini December 18, 2021

The Full Moon In Gemini, also known as the Cold Moon or the Long Night Moon, comes to us at the darkest point of the year.

These are times of retreat; we like to slink into our own little worlds around now, where we can keep the company of our own selves while planning for the future months.

This is also a time for revelations and that could even mean a big reveal when it comes to love, and for three zodiac signs, a secret love gets revealed starting December 18, 2021.

With the Winter Solstice just ahead, many zodiac signs will be able to use that dark, wintry energy to their advantage; this is where we make our wishes, and this is also where we find out certain things, like who is it that loves us, and where is this person?

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That's the fun part is that many of us have a secret love.

We are either the object of affection for someone else, or we are just about to let people know that we've been crushing on someone for a long time and it's now time to let them all know. This is the season for revealing our secret loves. What fun!

Zodiac Signs Whose Secret Love Gets Revealed During The Full Moon In Gemini December 18, 2021:


(May 21 - June 20)

You didn't want anyone to know how you felt about 'so and so' but it just so happens that you feel a great deal about so and so, and even though you've kept this quiet and not anyone's business for a while, there's something about the Full Moon In Gemini that makes you want to come right out with it.

There's a reason you haven't admitted to loving so and so out in the open and it's because you don't want the focus to be on your love life; not through the eyes of other people at least.

You have an aversion to this kind of attention; one's love life should be private and not exploited. You'll be able to keep your privacy, but during the Full Moon In Gemini, you'll definitely let the name out of the bag.

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(September 23 - October 22)

The only reason you feel willing to reveal who your secret love it is due to pressure and conceding to it. Your entire family wants to know 'who the new person is' and as much as you'd thought you'd hidden them for their own sake. 

It's still pretty obvious that you're in love and now everyone wants to know who the lucky person is.

That's what you get with Full Moon In Gemini energy — busybodies, all interested in gossip, fun, speculation, and guessing games.

You will put them out of their misery by letting them all know who you have kept to yourself all this time. Your secret love is about to be revealed to your family. Stay strong, Libra!

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(November 22 - December 21)

One of the reasons you haven't just come out with it in terms of letting people know who your secret love is, is because you've never felt comfortable with other people knowing your business.

Yet, the Full Moon in Gemini is about communication and getting one's point across, which may inspire you to tell the world how you feel.

You've hesitated because you don't want to hear the judgment, or how this person isn't 'right' for you, but this Full Moon has you filled with both confidence and the lack of caring; you are in love, you love it this way, and if someone's got an opinion on the matter, they could easily keep it to themselves as you are not interested.

You have one thing on your mind during the Full Moon in Gemini making your secret love into your well-known love.

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