3 Zodiac Signs Who Reconcile With An Ex During Moon Sextile Uranus, November 23, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Reconcile With An Ex, November 23, 2021

What gives this Moon Sextile Uranus transit its positive and uplifting quality is that it tends to stimulate hope, and as we all know, hope keeps us alive and thriving.

These are the days when we take into account all the people in our lives that we love including the people we may no longer be in contact with. Interesting how that happens — we DO still love people that are no longer in our lives, due to any number of circumstances, including a breakup.

When we reconcile with someone whom we have broken up with, it doesn't necessarily mean that we get back together with them, though it doesn't shut out that possibility either.

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Reconciliation is something you can come to expect when Moon Sextile Uranus transits our sky, and oftentimes this means that we are finding completion in a relationship gone by, or that we can finally resolve matters in such a way that we are able to go on, in peace.

Moon Sextile Uranus lets us see past our own limitations, thus we may be able to let in the opinion or ideas of someone we might not ordinarily want to listen to, as in those ideas that come from someone we had a falling out with. Moon Sextile Uranus may bring people back together again, if only to smooth out final details before moving on in life, separately.

Zodiac Signs Who Reconcile With An Ex During Moon Sextile Uranus, November 23, 2021


(June 21 - July 22)

What makes your circumstance unique is that you share a life with someone whom you no longer see what's meant by this is that there's something important that you and another person share together, this could be a child or children, and your relationship with this person must be peaceful in order for things to run smoothly.

You and this person are responsible for something you've started, children or business, and you must find a way to get along so that your children or business can flourish properly.

You are both committed to your shared interest, and Moon Sextile Uranus can bring you the opportunity for diplomacy that you very badly need. Stay keen on the zodiac signs around you, you can reconcile with this person, live your own life in peace, and maintain that peace if you put in an effort to try. This is good advice.

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(August 23 - September 22)

Because of your impulsive nature, you have made sure that a certain relationship of yours will never be revisited or restored. You are finished with this person, though they were never really 'finished' with you, and there are still so many loose ends that if left unattended to, will only continue to cause pain for the two of you.

You are of the mindset to let go permanently, and you might be better off doing so, but this other person still has to speak what's on their mind, and those words are made for your ears only.

Moon Sextile Uranus opens the door to this happening, so be aware that you may be approached during this time by this person you've ignored because they do not feel like they can live without telling you their version of 'how it went down.'

They need you to hear them out; If you listen to them now, you'll be able to move on without having to anticipate them ever coming 'round again.

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(December 22 - January 19)

You certainly don't mind knowing all you can about a person, even when you no longer have anything to do with them, and that may be part of what you'll be doing during Moon Sextile Uranus, gathering info on someone you thought was long gone.

You may even be spurred on to talk with this person because the information gathered has revealed a few unknown facts that you find curious; you want to question this person, to see if what you've heard is true.

What may start out as two defensive people have the ability to turn into a friendly reconciliation as it seems this kind of reunion is favorable for you during Moon Sextile Uranus.

What may seem crazy as all get-out, suddenly comes across as interesting and possible. Hey, you'd always prefer friendship to wary, dubious feelings when it comes to someone you were once very close to. You can have the friendship back — if you want it.

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