3 Zodiac Signs Who Reconcile With An Ex During The Moon In Taurus, November 17 -19, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Reconcile With An Ex During The Moon In Taurus, November 17, 2021

We're about to experience the influence of the transit called the Moon In Taurus, and what's interesting about this event is that it really wants us all to 'kiss and make up' or 'just be friends.'

For three zodiac signs who reconcile with an ex during the Moon in Taurus November 17 to November 19, 2021, this is a big deal.

We could say this is a rather 'friendly' transit, and it could very well have us calling up people from the past to rekindle old relationships.

We might even see a few reconciliations occur during this time, which starts on November 17 to November 19 of this year.

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Do not be surprised if that old ex of yours resurfaces from what seems like ancient history. Thoughts of exes often times manifest as actions with exes, so know this: if you think of your ex, there's a good chance that during Moon In Taurus, you'll be seeing them again.

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Moon In Taurus is all about fun and togetherness. It's about loyalty and the feelings of security that we get when we trust the people around us.

We may have parted from certain someones long ago (or even recently) but those acquaintances have not been forgotten - and because this friendly transit wants us to be happy, we may actually reconcile our differences with past loves with the intention of starting over.

Zodiac Signs Who Reconcile With An Ex During The Moon In Taurus, November 17 - 19, 2021:

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

While the people in your life ultimately take your side, they will probably not be able to handle the idea of you getting back with a certain ex of yours — one that caused a lot of damage in the past.

But that's the thing about you, Taurus — you don't really care what other people think about your decisions or choices, and if you so choose to reconcile with someone from your past, then la-de-dah, that's your business.

And you do what you want, always. Moon in Taurus makes you want to clear the air. You don't want the baggage anymore, and you're sick and tired of having to pretend you hate someone when you don't.

This ex of yours was trouble, but...so were you, and only you know and recognize that. That's why you can meet up with an ex; it may not be forever, but the relationship certainly doesn't have to remain on 'enemy ground.' That's your call.

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

You're just not up for this constant 'hate the ex' routine, and you're starting to feel as though you're doing it for the benefit of those who still are in your life.

It's like you have to prove to these people that you've moved on and that you'd never let something like 'that' happen again...but they weren't there, these people, and no matter how much they love you, they weren't inside your brain when you loved someone from the past.

You never got the closure of sitting down with this person and ironing out the last bits. Now is your chance.

Moon In Taurus gives you this chance, and that means you can get your closure, reconcile for the purpose of simply having a nice friendship, and end the complications of having to lie to people about this break up.

Yes, you broke up with someone you cared for - and everyone took your side, leaving you no breathing room to voice your own opinion on the topic. Well, that opinion is now the one where you want to reconcile. And good for you.

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

You tend to lead a double life when it comes to romance. You start out madly in love and as time goes on, you find new and innovative ways to deal with the fact that you're not as in love as you once were. You do this with all your lovers, which means you have many ex's in your wake.

You're doing it once again with your present partner; they just don't thrill you. Oh sure, you love and adore them, but you want something...fun.

Something a little naughty, maybe? Moon In Taurus alerts you to the idea that you DO have a past lover who would more than likely be one million percent into reconciling - even if just for a few days or so.

You don't like lying, but you will lie, because you know that reconciling with this person of the past is bound to create dissension within your present relationship. And so, your best bet is to not get caught, Virgo. You've been there before — you know how to navigate these waters.

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