3 Zodiac Signs Who Get What They Want In Love During Vesta Opposite Lilith, November 15 - 17, 2021

Vesta opposite Lilith comes in to save the day.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Get What They Want In Love, November 15 - 17, 2021

One of the best traits that come along with the transit called Vesta opposite Lilith is the ability all zodiac signs will have to cut through the BS.

Say, for instance, you're one-half of a couple situation. You've got something on your mind — it needs to be said, but you are not sure you have enough nerve to just spit it out.

That's where Vesta opposite Lilith comes in to save the day.

Now, not only is the act of speaking what's on your mind essential, it will create a scenario that makes it easier for the both of you to live with.


This too, is Vesta opposite Lilith's doing. If there is something that needs to be said, this is the time to say it.

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And Vesta in Scorpio opposite Lilith is an auspicious time for communication and success. Certain zodiac signs will find this easier to do than other signs.

So, if you want your lover to 'do that thing' in bed — tell them. If you think you'd like to do something special with your loved one that you've never done before. 


It's time to tell them what's on your mind. And if there's something you want, in love, you will get what you want, but the key here is 'effort.'

Make the effort, get the prize. That's how Vesta in Scorpio opposite Lilith works.

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Zodiac Signs Who Get What They Want In Love During Vesta In Scorpio, November 15 - 17, 2021:

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

The Vestal Virgins of Scorpio are here, and this metaphor implies that you are supported in your efforts, in love. Scorpio energy makes things feel dire, immediate — in need of serious action.


You have no problem saying what's on your mind, though you have hesitated in the past, which leads to disastrous results.

Having learned your lesson, you're ready to work with Vesta in Scorpio, meaning, you are completely in the right state of mind to do some demanding of a loving nature.

Well, hopefully, your delivery will be loving, but whether it is or not, you are about to let your loved one know what you want in love.

Your words will be effective; you will speak your truth as you know it, and it will leave your partner in a state of shock.

They know it's now their move, and with Vesta in Scorpio backing them up, too, there's a great chance that your relationship will grow to new levels of deep love.


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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

What you want in love is simple: honesty and interest. You want your partner to be interested in you, and to give you attention.

You've shied away from mentioning this as there's no real problem going on at home, but you've had this on your mind now and it's come to the point where you feel you need to speak your truth.

Vesta opposite Lilith is there to support your feelings and expedite the process. The lesson here is that you need to get to the point when you speak with your loved one.

This isn't the time for guessing games, and passive-aggressive behavior will only frustrate you.


You are fortunate. Vesta opposite Lilith is smiling down on you and making it easy for you to achieve your purpose.

Take advantage of this transit and use its power of communication. You are nothing less than a winner in all you do, Capricorn. 

You can win in the love department as well if you merely tell your partner what it is that you want from them.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

You are on the verge of a major breakthrough when it comes to love and honesty within the context of your relationship.

This partnership is going nowhere but up if you can help it, and you know that whatever you suggest, your partner will more than likely agree to.


You are in a trusting situation, and you believe in it, though you still have kept certain things to yourself that might be better if aired out in the open.

What you want is total transparency within the relationship, and that's mostly because you are the one who holds the secrets, and you want those secrets out in the open.

Vesta opposite Lilith gives you the confidence to confess whatever is on your mind, WHILE allowing you the feeling that your partner is very much the right person to accept you as you are, outed secrets and all.

It's time to spill the beans, Pisces. Trust that all will work out well, and it will.

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