3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall In Love The Hardest During Vesta In Scorpio Starting November 17, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall In Love The Hardest Starting November 17, 2021

Vesta in Scorpio  — an asteroid that's about to shift into Scorpio, is also the transit that's about to deliver a sudden change in plans for us in the love department. Let's just put it this way: we may really like someone.

No, we may really-really like someone. No, we may go from really-really-really liking someone to falling dead in love with them. That's the change we're talking about. Falling in love, hard, and with barely any warning. That's Vesta in Scorpio for you.

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Things move quickly during this transit, and that means emotions as well as actions. We have the ability, during this transit, to go from inspiration to execution in record time.

In love, we may walk into a situation that seems appealing, only to walk out of it feeling head over heels in love with whomever made it seem so appealing. Quick and passionate - that's the nature of this transit.

Certain signs really manifest the 'fast love' part, going from zero to sixty in seconds - if you are one of the signs mentioned here, you may find yourself wondering how you could become so enthralled so fast, with another person. Well, hold on to your hats, because love is about to take over your heart — and mind.

Zodiac Signs Who Fall In Love The Hardest During Vesta In Scorpio, November 17, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

You are just impulsive enough to follow your heart and do what it tells you to do, and during Vesta in Scorpio, which starts on November 15, you'll be going where your heart takes you...which is down-down-down into the place where only the most 'in love' people go.

You are about to fall so hard in love that you won't know what hit you, and you will love every second of this feeling. You are always one to believe what you see, and during this transit, you'll believe in love because you'll see it, right before your eyes, in the form of the person you want to be with.

There is someone in your life that has an affect on you - and because of Vesta in Scorpio, they will practically shine in your eyes. Will this last? Who knows. Is this the love of your life? That remains to be seen, but what will be seen is the fact that you will be knocked off your feet by love.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Oooh, there's something about that sexy Scorpio energy that's been revving up your engines lately, but wait there's more! Vesta in Scorpio adds a little heart and soul to that energy, and you may find yourself in love with someone you didn't expect to be in love with.

This transit hits you off-guard; you weren't planning on 'this' kind of feeling, and yet, here you are, mid-November, and falling down the wonderful rabbit hole that is 'falling in love.'

It feels good — and you don't want it to stop. Being in love again feels weird to you, it's nothing you planned on, and it's almost more about your feelings than it is about the person you fall in love with. Perhaps this transit brings out your love of falling in love? Whatever it is, you're going to be feeling receptive and eager for more during Vesta in Scorpio.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Phew, it sure does feel as though you've needed what's coming to you. Meaning, you're about to fall in love — hard, and not only did you not expect this to happen, but now that it's happening, you totally LOVE it. Yes, this is what you remember — that thrilling feeling of being in love. It's so good, so healing — so enlivening! Vesta in Scorpio is coming your way, Leo, and it's about to give you a new lease on love — and life.

This is how things should be, according to you. Why stick around for mediocrity, when you can live life in love, instead? Love makes your world seem like a fairy tale; this is your natural environment, and finally, during this transit, you'll be able to get back the loving feeling.

And don't worry, you're not alone in this profound love — it's being reciprocated. Lucky you, Leo! You're going to fall in love with someone who feels the exact same way as you do.

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