3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On November 5, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On November 5, 2021

For three zodiac signs, who will have a great day on November 5, 2021, during our post-Scorpio Super New Moon haze, we will feel suddenly clearer, not just of the truth of others but of our own inner truth.

Continuing the double Scorpio energy that we saw begin yesterday, it’s a day for transformation, both internal and external.

We all want to heal but seldom are we willing to let go of what hurts.

Yet to truly move on into the full richness of life, we also need to be in the space where we face what hurts, where we see the truth of what it is we feel, and the insecurities that linger there.

Today is one where we are able to see the truth of what it is we've been moving through.

Not the trauma brain rationale, not the fears of what could happen but the truth which often ends up being just as beautiful as we had hoped.

For many zodiac signs, there will be a relief of the thoughts that we’ve recently been moving through finally finding the release of the shadow self that has kept us in a destructive process.

Many times, it’s easier to believe the lies our trauma brain tells us than to believe the truth of healing.

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But with Mercury leaving Libra and heading into Scorpio today while also transiting out of his shadow zone, we will also be able to leave behind ours.

Sometimes after being so hurt and going through so much, it’s challenging to believe that things are different. That we can let our guard down and embrace happiness and love.

But that is what time is for because often it’s what we need to be able to see the truth.

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On November 5, 2021:

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

You should still be on your New Moon high today, feeling on top of the world and ready to step up in the way that life is asking you to do. With the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Mercury all in your sign today you are a force to be reckoned with.

Not that you aren’t always, but today it’s as if you’ve been plugged into your most electric authentic self and are able to embrace what that means for your steps forward. Lately, it’s been a tossup whether you’d be having a good day or one that felt emotionally heavy.

That was only because you were being prepared for this moment though in which you are getting ready to embark on some big and beautiful new endeavors. You needed to go through that space of seeing what was always there and the patterns and cycles that have limited you so that you could finally move beyond it all.

You should be feeling inspired today to align your thoughts with your words which is what will create the magic in this next chapter for you. Don’t let fear stop you, you’re ready for everything that you have worked for.

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

With Venus crossing over into your sign today, love and relationships are about to get a lot easier. While Venus is mostly known for being the planet of love and beauty, she also governs abundance and real estate as well making this is time for massive growth to take place.

The best part is that because of Venus Retrograde this year, you’ll have this beneficial planet in your sign for an unheard-of four months. The last time this occurred was at the end of 2012, so while this is a brand-new year, reflecting back to that period could give you an idea of what themes are likely to come up for you during this one.

Today though it should feel like you’re able to breathe more easily, even if the Super New Moon wasn’t an easy one, it’s a new day and a chance at a fresh start. Allow yourself to feel hopeful about your future, allow yourself to believe that you are capable of making the best decisions for yourself and your future, and try to let your past only be the steps that helped you get to where you are, not what defines where you will go.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

With so much deep-water energy swirling around you right now you likely are feeling incredibly passionate about love, life, and that special someone as well. But this isn’t the lighthearted energy that sometimes you feel, instead, it will feel almost overwhelming in its fullness and in its richness.

For you, there has been a lot of shadow work recently that asked you to face a lot of your fears and anxiety about new chapters and also that space of what it is you choose to receive or open to. While your imagination is one of great power, sometimes when you’re afraid you think that your imagination is your intuition when really, it’s your trauma brain having a field day with your heart.

This has been an important process to learn recently for you. And while it’s never really over and things will always come up, it seems that you have decided to not let the fears surrounding what could be taken away from what actually is. There is no use preparing ourselves for the worst or even expecting it because then we don’t get to enjoy what it is we’ve worked so hard for. As scary as it is, it’s safe to fully receive; it’s safe to be happy.

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