How The November 2021 New Moon In Scorpio Will Affect Your Love Life

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New Moons present a wonderful opportunity for you to take a moment to examine what it is that is, and is not, working in your love and romantic relationships.

And with this year rounding quickly to a close, there's no better time for looking inward in order to set intentions for moving forward, no matter what is going in on in your current situation.

When Is the November 2021 New Moon in Scorpio and how will its lunar energy affect your love life?

The New Moon arrives on November 4. When both the Sun and the Moon meet in Scorpio on that day, you’ve got a perfect recipe for deep soul-diving.

Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, the Roman god of the underworld, and you know he was no lightweight. It's no surprise, then, that Halloween, otherwise known as the Day of the Dead in many cultures, falls during Scorpio's cycle, which runs from October 22 until November 21 this year.

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Your Sun sign, sometimes referred to as your star sign, is the zodiac sign your birthday falls under.

This is the time of the year when the Sun is passing through that constellation in the sky.

And if you’ve seen your natal chart, which shows the placement of all the planets at the exact time of your birth, you probably already know horoscopes and zodiac signs are a lot more complex than that.

That said, if there was ever a Sun sign whose true colors shine through, it’s Scorpio because it’s just so intense and charismatic.

It’s actually a little ironic that Scorpios are so identifiable since they can also be really private and secretive. Of course, that only adds to their allure. 

If you know someone with a lot of Scorpio energy, they’re usually pretty multi-layered, which can give them an air of mystery. They typically draw you in with their personal magnetism.

Scorpio New Moon Qualities

Pluto's "underworld" is a powerful metaphor for our personal subconscious, as it pulls us to examine our innermost feelings, urges, and psychological make-up.

And the fact that Scorpio is a water sign only deepens that exploration. This also explains Scorpio’s urge for transformation, self-mastery, and empowerment, as well as a meaningful, intimate connection with others.

And what’s the most intimate way for you to relate to someone? Through sex, of course!

When you tap into the sexual energy of Scorpio, you can’t help but address issues of control, power, and manipulation.

So, how can you use the powerful energy of the upcoming New Moon in Scorpio to deepen your intimate relationships?

New Moons, in general, are always a perfect time to plant seeds for the ideas, plans, and actions you want to grow over the coming weeks as the Moon itself waxes towards full again.

If you’re really committed to maximizing that intention-setting energy, it’s best to do it within 3 days of the actual date of the New Moon on November 4.

And if either you and/or your partner are a Scorpio by birth, or if either of your moon signs is in Scorpio, you’ll get an extra hit of that lunar love magic whatever you decide to do.

With any intentional New Moon work, it’s always helpful to know which symbols and associations to draw on.

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Here are a few to get you started in creating your magical Scorpio toolkit:

Elemental energy: Water
Colors: Black and purple
Gemstones: Opal and topaz
Flowers: Chrysanthemums
Essential Oils: Ylang-ylang and patchouli
Music: String instruments and the piano
Food/Drink: Spicy and intense tastes

With the idea of all things deep and intimate as your guides, you can go in any of several directions in order to find activities and environments that capture the passionate Scorpio energy.

In the spirit of healthy foreplay, start with a few practical, but still deeply bonding, suggestions before you get to the juicier ones.

Here are 5 ideas for how to spend the Scorpio New Moon love magic this year.

1. Explore both of your ancestral histories.

With the universal Day of the Dead celebrations honoring ancestors around the world, you’ve got a pretty strong cosmic nudge to explore your own.

Researching your family tree is all the rage now and it has an even more meaningful impact in terms of Scorpio’s lunar love magic.

The better you know your sweetheart and where they come from, the deeper your understanding of what makes them tick. Plus, it's fascinating and revealing to learn more about both of your ancestors.

Who knows, maybe you’re distant cousins, 10 times removed!

2. Get a relationship tune-up with couples therapy or coaching.

Talk about deep soul-diving. Sharing your fears, secrets, and regrets can be terrifying.

With the help of an experienced guide, you and your partner can peel away layers of misunderstanding or distrust to reach new depths of intimacy.

And guess what? That will only enhance your love-making and feelings of connection.

If you feel like you’ve lost that sense of excitement and discovery you had when you first met, maybe it’s because one or both of you has stopped taking emotional risks. It takes courage to explore old wounds, and maybe more recent ones.

Staying committed to your own and each other’s personal growth and self-discovery process is the absolute number one way to keep your relationship healthy and strong.

3. Embrace the Scorpio New Moon’s water energy... literally!

If you want to combine some of that deep soul-talking on your own with a little sensual water magic, definitely rendezvous in the bathtub.

Add a few drops of sensual ylang-ylang essential oil in the tub and surround yourselves with lots of multi-layered (get it?!) chrysanthemum blooms.

You can listen to some mellow piano music if you’re just snuggling and talking.

French composer and pianist Erik Satie is a great choice for that. Or, if you plan on being a little more rambunctious, "Mysterious Ways" by U2 and "I Put a Spell on You" by Creedence Clearwater Revival are perfect choices.

You can even embrace the diving metaphor in a more adventurous way and plan a scuba diving vacation!

4. Plan a romantic and sultry date night.

No lunar love magic would be complete without creating a special Scorpio-themed night together.

You can certainly start with your sensual bath at home — can’t get more private and cozy than that, as long as the kids are shipped out.

Or, look for restaurants with a dark, intimate vibe, maybe even in a subterranean setting, to maximize the underworld connection.

Wherever you are, be sure to find creative ways to combine the spicy, intense flavors that feed the Scorpio palate, like salsa or ginger beer or even exotic stuff like Roquefort cheese and Campari, one of my personal favorites.

5. Try some new sex positions!

Of the three feelings-oriented water signs, Cancer and Pisces are the other two, Scorpio is definitely the most sensual and body-related. So this New Moon is perfect for trying out new ideas for emotional connections through love-making.

A powerful place to start is with the Kama Sutra, the ancient Hindu text that offers poetry and prose about how to attain pleasure in all aspects of your life.

While it’s best known for offering a multitude of creative sexual positions, complete with illustrations, that only make up approximately 20 percent of the book, though it's definitely the most important information for our sexy Scorpio focus here.

Don’t let the fact that it’s a book deter you. It really does make for sexy reading, and when you’re done, you get to practice everything you’ve learned!

There are so many directions to go when you’re playing with New Moon energy, and Scorpio’s lunar love magic is especially powerful to dive even deeper into your relationship.

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Deborah Roth, M.A., is a life and relationship coach, Counseling Astrologer, and Interfaith Minister. She leads women’s New Moon Circles and Full Moon TeleMeditations every month and loves designing creative, meaningful rituals for individuals and couples to re-energize mind, body, and spirit, and enhance their relationships. 

This article was originally published at Spirited Living. Reprinted with permission from the author.