3 Zodiac Signs Who Would Rather Be Single During The Moon In Sagittarius, November 5 - 7, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Would Rather Be Single During The Moon In Sagittarius, November 5 - 7, 2021

During November 5th through the 7th, the Moon will be transiting through Sagittarius. What this means in terms of love and romance is that we may begin to think that being single is not as scary as we once might have thought.

There's such a stigma on being single, and Moon in Sagittarius gives us the notion that perhaps we don't need to care what people think. We are the ones living our lives, not them. Should we choose the life of a single person is our choice — not theirs.

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Moon in Sagittarius works heavily on our sense of independence. We trust ourselves more during this transit —we tend to throw away self-doubt, as it doesn't feel right anymore.

Why on earth have we fallen so far that we haven't come to trust our own intuition especially if our gut is telling us that being in a relationship may not be what we want. At least, for now.

Most people do not wish to be single, and it definitely takes a rare person to admit to the idea that perhaps the single life is the one for them.

It may not be forever, but for now, during Moon in Sagittarius, there will be many people who will only be able to see the upside of being partner-free and on their own.

Zodiac Signs Who Would Rather Be Single During The Moon In Sagittarius, November 5 - 7, 2021

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

You have weighed your options and what you're looking at is, a relationship that is so full of compromise that you might end up losing yourself altogether or the single life in which you can go at your own pace and live life as your own authentic self.

Moon in Sagittarius favors the single life. Not because this transit pushes us away from love, but rather because it pushed us towards self-love. Can you compromise, Cancer? Of course, you can — we all can, however, very few of us stand up for ourselves when the compromise becomes too great.

There are aspects of the relationships you've been in that have taken too much away from you — that's time you'll never get back, and with Moon in Sagittarius transiting our sky, you will come to realize that time is precious. It will inspire you to choose the single life.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

No surprise here. Moon in Sagittarius is just a revved-up version of what you've felt possibly for your entire life. You've been there and done that relationships and love can be fantastic things. But, to you, Sagittarius - do they have to be continuous?

You do not feel compelled in any way to move with the herd; you're the outlier who always marches to their own drumbeat, and Moon in Sagittarius merely makes you aware of this feeling, double time. You'd much rather be single.

Not because you are such a hermit that you can't handle it, but because you don't want to have to settle for that which you don't want. Others find romance and specialness in the trials and tribulation of keeping a romance going while you think of this all as messy and unnecessary.

You're not into cleaning up the toenail clippings of the one you love, because that's what couples end up doing. You'd rather be single.

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

If you could have a harem of lovers, while retaining your status as single, then you'd be all over that. Unfortunately, in your life, connections have already been made and obligations have locked you into a partnership. Does it work? Meh, sometimes.

Moon in Sagittarius will make you hunger for freedom. This may be all the more exacerbated simply because you truly do feel stuck. Your own solidified status has already started to feel like a prison, and you haven't done enough to break out.

There's a good chance you will remain, yet Moon in Sagittarius is going to work your nerves, Aquarius, and you are going to admit to yourself that if you had your druthers — you'd rather be single, free, and on your own. 

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