3 Zodiac Signs Who Want To Get A Divorce During The Moon Conjunct Mars Starting October 6, 2021

3 Zodiac Signs Who Want To Get A Divorce During The Moon Conjunct Mars Starting October 6, 2021

Three zodiac signs who will want a divorce during the Moon conjunct Mars transit, and October 6, 2021 becomes a key day in the narrative of their love life's demise.

Nobody goes into marriage thinking, "I wonder when we'll get divorced" and so when divorce comes up as an actual realistic consideration, both parties are usually dumbfounded - even if we are the one who wishes for that divorce to occur.

Divorce is traumatizing and rarely easy; but at times, it is necessary. In a way, divorce is what happens when we set ourselves up with impossible expectations. 

We walk into our romances with the idea of longevity being the main player involved - how could a love like this be doubted? "What, divorce - that's not for me, I'm a lifer! I will stick to my person 'til death do us part..." Or maybe not.

Mars is the planet of war and when it is Conjunction to the Moon, we may find ourselves grappling with our marriages, wondering how we can continue on with them, because we know in our hearts that something is wrong.

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Either the love is gone and we're looking at a lifetime being spent with someone we don't know if we can handle any longer, or, we simply need out.

This is a very real thing, and for some signs, that need to 'end things' is the only reality we can see.

Mars Conjunct Moon makes us feel aggressive, unsatisfied and justified by our actions.

Zodiac Signs Who Want To Get A Divorce During The Moon Conjunct Mars Starting October 6, 2021:

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

If you are married, then you are about to experience a little more than the 'seven year itch,' in fact, it's no longer about cheating on your spouse as it is about getting the heck out of the marriage altogether.

You are at the point where all there are, are irreconcilable differences, and you've been through the therapy, the 'let's just try one more time' and the renewal ofd vows.

The decision: It's not working. While that is sad news, it's also the kind of news that demands action - and Mars in Libra Conjunct Moon is just the kind of energy to take this sad state of affairs and make something better with it.

Divorce is no joke, and is always a sad event to go through, but what's worse is staying with a person who makes you miserable, whom you make equally as miserable, and that's what you will re recognizing during this transit. It may be 'that time' - for real.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

One of the things that may come up for you during this transit, Mars Conjunct Moon, is the discovery of your own sadness. When you think about it, you may realize that so much of this pain has to do with something you are not getting in your marriage, and unfortunately, that something or somethings may be love and respect.

You have not felt like an equal for a long time now, and that is something that just won't do.

You've grown so much over the last few years, Cancer, and perhaps it's just that: you are so knowledgable and wise now that you aren't about to take what your marriage seems to want to give, and that of course revolves around a deep rooted feeling of being disrespected.

Enough time has passed, and you've given your partner ample time to right their wrongs - and yet, nothing has changed.

Mars energy will stir you, Cancer - and you shouldn't be surprised to know that when you fight for your life and respect, you may end up needing to divorce the person who has deprived you of what you've needed.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

There's a good chance you never really took marriage seriously, and by the time you found yourself knee-deep in the stuff, it was already too late.

These people and their 'to the death!' commitments - it just doesn't work in your world, but what does work is your sense of freedom and independence.

Whatever your marriage has turned into, it's not ideal by a long shot, and by the look of things, you're the only who is seriously put off by it.

It's just not what you want - point blank. You want a second chance and even though that sounds haughty and ridiculous, you won't rest until you can see yourself as a single person, once again.

You may just use that Mars in the zodiac sign of Libra Conjunct Moon energy to ask your spouse for a divorce, because, Sagittarius - you're not marriage material.

You aren't a cheater and you're certainly not a liar - what you ARE is a free-spirit who can't be chained down. You made a mistake, and now it's time to rectify your past deeds.

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