3 Zodiac Signs Who Need To Be Alone During Mars In Libra Starting September 14, 2021

Leave me be.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Need To Be Alone Starting September 14, 2021 Joshimerbin/Shutterstock.com

Which zodiac signs who will need to be alone during Mars in Libra starting September 14, 2021, already know who they are?

Sometimes it's best if we're just left alone with our thoughts and moods, and during Mars in Libra, a few of us should seriously take that into consideration. When the frustration is high in our lives, it's almost better if we separate ourselves from the crowd, so that we can work out our own difficulties, on our own. Misery may love company, but that doesn't mean it's worth sharing.


That's not to say that 'misery' is our destiny, but frustration and confusion may be back on the menu, during the Mars in Libra transit, come September 14, 2021. For some, we will want to be alone - for others, we SHOULD be left alone.

Three signs of the Zodiac will face inner conflict and the need to be left alone for a short period of time during Mars in Libra. Keeping to ourselves is a good thing, especially because our patience during this transit is at an all-time low.

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Keeping to ourselves will ensure that we don't start a fight with someone we don't want to hurt. We will also come to trust our own gut feelings, if we spend time alone, figuring things out.


3 Zodiac Signs Who Need To Be Alone During Mars In Libra Starting September 14, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

During Mars in Libra, you will be feeling withdrawn. The frustration of your own ruling planet being 'stuck' in Libra is something that doesn't work for you, as it manifests as ideas that go nowhere. You are someone who craves action - once you get a thought, you need it to go somewhere, and during Libra, it just stays inside your head where you can't figure out what's up or down.

You don't want that Libra feeling - you don't feel like weighing options, you want the gratification of KNOWING.

There is nothing in your nature that feels good about waiting for an answer to come - you want it all now, and because this transit is going to have you completely unsatisfied with the present state, you're going to become unruly and hostile.

If you are in the presence of people, you will lash out, unpredictably. You know this is bound to happen and so, because you are also bright and intelligent, you will take yourself out of social circles so that you can deal with 'all of this' on your own.


Libra (September 23 - October 22)

You will desire some serious alone-time during Mars in Libra, and that is because you recognize the need within to back off, think things through, and act accordingly - at the right time. You are, after all, the Libra in Libra Moon, and for you, this transit feels smooth and...welcoming. You don't mind having to work things out in your head; in fact, you enjoy it.

You don't feel the need to connect or reach out - in fact, you're happy to use this transit as a time to reconnect with your own self. What makes you happy? During this transit, it may be found in creative works - art, music...writing.

Mars energy may cause frustration for other signs, but for you, you take it in stride and allow it to become a Muse - you need this time alone so that you can create beauty. Mars may drive your creativity, but it's your patient and well-balanced energy that makes it all a positive experience.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Being alone, on your own, and choosing to be isolated - this stuff is no biggie to you, and during Mars in Libra, you'll be opting for just that. You do recognize that you might be a little pushy during this transit and that it might be best for others if you stay out of their hair.

While you are likable and friendly, you are also just a little too eccentric - this week - for others to understand, and the good part is that you know it, which is why you pull out of all social engagements during Mars in Libra.

Mars energy is cool stuff to you - you enjoy the feistiness of getting things done, and you, like Aries, loves the action - the momentum.


You are not one to get stuck in apathetic inaction - you're a doer, but this transit will have you 'doing' things on your own, which absolutely delights you. You may feel a bit of the push-and-pull frustration that comes with this transit, but you will be able to make it work for you - if you spend time alone.

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