How To Manifest Love Into Your Life In 5 Simple Steps

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Lots of people want love in their life but aren't sure how to find the right person. That's why learning how to manifest love can be one of the greatest tools you can use in life if you're ready for some emotional, raw, and real love to come into your life.

When you are able to attract romantic love into your life a whole lot of other things can follow, such as developing stronger emotional connections and creating more happy memories.

If you're willing to be a little more open-minded to the possibilities of manifesting love then it will come your way. 

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Manifestation in spiritual terms is the public display of emotion or feeling, or something theoretical made real.

Manifesting works by visualizing your dreams, thinking positive thoughts, forming encouraging beliefs, and taking action consistent with your thoughts.

Manifesting also attracts love if you let it, but you need to feel ready to let love into your life and then use the law of attraction to find others who are offering a similar vibration and make them a target to bring them into your experience. 

If you want to learn how to manifest love into your life, follow these 5 simple steps.

1. Do the work and decide what you want.

What you first need to realize is what kind of love you actually want in your life, whether that's a long-term significant other, a lover, or a casual fling.

You can only manifest love if you're ready for it. Most people will want a real, long-term relationship. Consider what the relationship will look like and what you are looking for in a life partner. 

Ask yourself why you want to manifest love and what you are wanting to get out of it. If you know exactly what kind of love you want and the type of person you want it with, you'll be able to attract love a lot easier. 

Knowing who you are, what you want, and what kind of love you're looking for will help you develop a vibrational match to what you wish to see.

According to Keya Murthy, a clinical hypnotherapist and relationship coach, the law of attraction will help you find someone like you. "You cannot have what you want but you always attract who you are," she explains. "If you are a loving person you will attract a loving person and together you can enjoy a loving relationship."

"The honest question is how aligned are you with all your ideal love with your future partner? Write it down, and take your time to do this," Murthy suggests. "It might take you a few days or even weeks. Remember to get some you have to give some. Also, every partner is a package — there’s the good and the not good in every human including you. You must be willing to overlook and forgive."

2. Visualize and believe it.

According to Love and Cosmic Coach Ronnie Ryan, manifesting starts with believing you can find love and know you are deserving of love.

"I often talk to clients about how they must know deep within that 'Love is their DESTINY,' Sutherland explains, as doing so will help keep you motivated.

"When I was on the journey to find love, I naturally encountered many snags and disappointments," Sutherland shares. "What kept me motivated and active was knowing love was my destiny. There was no other reason for me to be going through everything I did to find love if it wasn't going to work."

Dream about what kind of love you want and what your ideal person looks like and let yourself fall into that idea and become excited about it.

You have to also believe the kind of love you are searching for and the type of person you want is out there in the universe ready to find you as well. 

Ask yourself: What does your ideal partner look like? What qualities do they have, and what type of relationship do you visualize between the two of you? 

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3. Embody and find the love.

When manifesting love, you have to really embody the person that has the type of love you're looking for in life. According to Relationship Coach Marilyn Sutherland, to manifest love, you need to be "living from love."

Conquer your own self-limiting beliefs like thinking you're not good or pretty enough or that you won't find anyone because you are forever alone.

"Fear is protecting your heart, being defensive/in protection mode. Living from fear blocks your ability to give love freely and to be an inflow of love," Sutherland says. "Fear can trigger defensiveness and fear in others and can literally block you from experiencing the love your heart wants."

Conquer the lies you tell yourself so you can love yourself first and feel happy and more open to giving your love to someone else and getting the same in return. 

"The energy of love is being open-hearted, vulnerable, grateful, and joyful. You easily express love without expectations for anything in return," Sutherland explains. "Love is in flow — giving and receiving. If you are not in love you are in fear. You know you deserve and don't have to please. You honor and respect others and choose people who honor and respect you."

4. Align your actions with reality.

Aligning your actions with your reality is all about taking steps to achieve your goals and find your potential partner presenting themselves. They will only present themselves to you if you are willing to say yes to potential partners that come your way.

Spending time intentionally dating will help you see for yourself if one of the people you date is the specific person you manifested. 

You also shouldn't spend too much time seeing a person who you realize doesn't match the kind of partner that you want, you have to remember to be patient during this time — and be kind to yourself as well. Open up to new possibilities and people and soon you will find who you are looking for. 

"I left no room for failure and held steadfast to my dream. All my other manifesting activities, including creating a vision board, setting my affirmations to music chants, and setting up an altar in my love corner (feng shui) followed from this basic belief that it would all work," Ryan says. "And it did! I dated 30 men in 15 months to meet the adorable man I've been happily married to for 20 years."

According to Sutherland, to attract a healthy partner, your best chance is to practice living from love.

"The stronger your intention, the more you will be living in love. The people who are not in your energy won't be attracted to you," Sutherland says. "For example, partners who want to dominate you using fear won't be able to control you if you are not living in fear."

5. Let yourself surrender to love.

If you end up attracting a different kind of love than you envisioned in the first place, give it time. It might surprise you as it can develop in time into the one that you actually were looking for.

"This isn't just about romance. Living in the energy of love will impact every relationship you have," explains Sutherland.

If you are willing to go further with a person who you attracted then sometimes you have to give it a chance if you see some of the things you manifested in them and believe your love with them can be life-changing.

When you surrender to love you're allowing yourself to let love into your life without any attachments. Creative possibilities from the universe can surprise you and you might meet someone totally unexpected and find true love.  

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