7 Steps To Manifest A Romantic Partner By Visualizing Love

Learn how to manifest love and rely on love visualization to attract romance into your life.

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Tired of the single life and ready to find true love? A great way to get started is by learning how to manifest and use visualization to find love.

This fun and simple process is a wonderful way to ease back into dating because it helps you align your energy, thoughts, and actions with what you most desire.

Having clarity about what you want in a love relationship makes it so much easier to attract and recognize it. The simple art of planning ahead creates a much more attractive energy for magnetizing your heart's desire.


That's why focusing on manifesting as your first step when looking for love serves you in the long run. It adds up to one powerful energy boost for your romantic life.

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Here are the 7 steps to manifest and use visualization to find love.

1. Make your list.

It's important to get very clear about the type of partner you're seeking. Think about the person you want to be in a relationship with and identify the personality characteristics and the qualities you desire most.

Then make a list of your deal-breakers. What won't you tolerate ever again in a relationship? That might be an addiction, cheapness, someone who's too busy, etc.


You know what doesn't work for you even if it's been a while since you were in love.

Finally, make a list of how this wonderful person and amazing relationship will change your life and why that's important for you now. Yes, you really do need all three lists for love visualization to be most effective, which is your next step.

2. Visualize the love.

Now that you have defined your soulmate and why this matters so much, you are ready to visualize that love. It's time to use your imagination!

Close your eyes and rely on your creativity to see yourself with this person. Visualize how you'll interact with ease, the kinds of activities you'll do, and what it's like to just hang out.


This can take anywhere from a minute to five minutes or longer if you prefer.

You might choose to do this love visualization just once a day or you could do it several times. It's potent when you first wake up and before you fall asleep. But, you can also add it to your exercise routine, when you take a shower, or before you eat a meal.

Visualization can even be done with your eyes open once you are more practiced with the process.

3. Energize your beverages.

This idea adds another layer to your manifesting activities. Before you drink your first cup of tea or coffee in the morning, put both hands around the cup and take 30 seconds to imagine charging the beverage with love energy.


Now you will drink love in with every sip, further empowering your manifesting. This can also work with your food.

4. Pick a song.

Do you have a favorite love song? Any song that's happy, upbeat, and positive will work. You can play this song once a day when you do your love visualization to strengthen the energy — it's powerful.

Engaging more of your senses in the manifesting process increases the possible impact.

After doing this for a few days, you will no longer have to actually play the music — it will likely come to mind when you begin visualizing. This makes the entire process so much more fun!

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5. Create a vision journal.

You probably are familiar with the idea of a vision board, but this is a new twist. Rather than creating one big board with words and photos, design separate pages in a journal that represent different parts of the relationship you're dreaming of.

You might have a page for a shared hobby like playing music, socializing, or an activity like skiing. Make as many activity pages as you like — you've got an entire journal, so enjoy the artistic process.

Please don't feel pressured to document everything. The point is to be in the loving energy while creating pages and having fun. The more time you spend visualizing, the stronger your magnetic pull becomes.

If you find this enjoyable, then let your creative juices flow and go for it!


6. Write a Love Mission Statement.

Think about the qualities of the relationship you want, and the feelings associated with it, then write a brief mission statement for love.

Take this common business practice and turn it into a method for manifesting love. Aim for 50-75 words because shorter is better. Then say it aloud every morning with passion and enthusiasm.

Here's an example with 59 words: "This loving relationship with the right partner is better than I ever imagined! It's magical, fun, and supportive. We laugh a lot, enjoy each other, and are so compatible in the bedroom. Our life goals are similar, and we get each other. I feel loved, cherished, and so satisfied with him. How lucky am I to have found him?"

7. Express gratitude.

Finally, express gratitude after your love visualization for this incredible relationship, as if it were already here now. Gratitude is a high-vibration activity, which again deepens your magnetic powers.


You can simply write out 10 reasons why you are grateful for this love in your life or repeat the same positive statement 10 times. Either way, this is a fantastic wrap-up to your love manifesting activities.

There's no need to do all of the methods every day. The last thing you want is for any of this love visualization to feel like drudgery.

Just do your best to have fun with these exercises, so you generate the most love energy possible in any given moment.

Keep this important manifesting fact in mind — the more time you spend feeling the love you want, as if it were true right now, the more energetically attractive you become.

Happy visualizing!


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