Boozy Brilliance! The Perfect Wine To Pair With Your Halloween Candy

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Halloween is upon us. That can only mean one thing: lots and lots of candy and chocolate!

Admit it. You sneak a Kit Kat (or five) while waiting for trick-or-treaters. Or, maybe you're one of those cool adults who dress up and accompany the kids in their door-to-door collection.

Either way, you enjoy this season as much as the children. It's the only time no one judges you for finishing a whole bar of chocolate by yourself. But you can still enjoy it the adult way, with a nice glass of wine.

What are the best Halloween wine pairings for different types of candy? We've got you covered.

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It's an odd combo, you might be thinking, but the popular wine app Vivino has made it possible with a "Halloween survival guide for adults." Their Candy and Wine Match Maker guides you through a list of wines that go well with your favorite candy.

"Halloween is so focused on kids, but there are parents out there," said Stephen Favrot, Vice President of Vivino, in an interview. "And I'm sure that some of them wouldn't mind having a glass of wine."

Heini Zachariassen, CEO and Founder of Vivino, created this chart that shows the best wine pairings for the most popular candies. Scout out your favorite in the guide below and have a (very) Happy Halloween!

"Our candy and wine matchmaker is a fun way for our users to learn and talk about wine in a way that feels relatable and fun. Besides, Halloween is scary enough, we don't think picking a wine needs to be," Zachariassen said.

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Did you know that Reese's pairs well with light and bold red wines? Or that Skittles pair with dry or sweet white wines? Well, now you do.

Chocolates pair well with red wines, whereas candies that are sweet, sour, or fruity pair well with white wines or sparkling wines. And don't forget, peanut butter can swing both ways, and pair well with rich white wines and dessert red wines.

There are so many pairings that you can enjoy this Halloween with your bucket of candy and a bottle of wine. But you can't really go wrong with sweets and wine any time of year. Just saying!

And, hey, these pairings don't have to only work for Halloween — you can totally wait until the Halloween candy is on sale. Then you will have candy for whenever you are in the mood for a glass of wine.

Hit the candy sales after Halloween at the right time and you will find candy at a very cheap price to get you through until next year. Now only if they would do the same with the bottles of wine, right?

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