15 Best Couple Challenges On TikTok To Try With Your Partner

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Best Couple Challenges On TikTok To Try With Your Partner

During this quarantine period, it can be hard to find something to do with your significant other. TikTok challenges are something new you can try to add some excitement and entertainment into your relationship. 

Couple challenges on TikTok have become increasingly popular because they give you something new to do together and give you the opportunity to learn more about each other. 

Some are fitness challenges, some are questionnaires, some are dancing, and some are just for fun. There are literally challenges for everything you can think of.

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All you have to do is throw caution to the wind, to an extent, and just have some fun. Then you can share it with the world to show everyone how much you care for each other.

You just have to decide which one to do first, which is the hardest part. But this gives you something to do together because you have to learn the routine and practice. Or you can just wing it too, that works as well. Sometimes spontaneous is the best when you make videos like this because it shows how genuine your reactions are. 

Trying some TikTok challenges will show you how much fun you can have with your partner. You just have to keep coming up with new things for you and your partner to do at home because there is not so much to do out right now. So, by making things fun, it keeps things from getting too boring. 

Breathe some light into your relationship so you can keep things alive and interesting. You can also release a lot of stress that you may be under right now. 

Here are some of the best couple challenges on TikTok that you should try with your significant other to learn more about each other. 

1. The Koala Challenge

The Koala Challenge is when the man stands there and the woman clings to him as she climbs over and under him without touching the floor. 

2. The Q&A Challenge

This is a cute challenge where you and your significant other answer questions about each other. Usually, both partners have their eyes closed and will point at each other to answer each question that is asked. 

3. The Stair Challenge

On TikTok, there are so many videos of people shuffling up the stairs to music. But this challenge takes it to the next level by doing so with your significant other as well in sync.

4. Toosie Slide Challenge

This is when you and your significant other do this dance, "Right foot up, left foot, slide. Left foot up, right foot, slide." 

5. The Plank Challenge

This challenge takes a daily fitness routine to a whole new level. For the plank challenge, you and your partner come up with a routine while holding a plank form to music. Then you add in tricks such as one-handed high fives and rolling under your partner. 


He’s 51 and still kicks my butt ##fyp

♬ #PlankChallenge - chisa2122

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6. Updown Challenge

 This challenge is when you and your partner do intricate high fives.

7. Flip The Switch Challenge

This challenge is when you stand in front of the mirror and you dance, then when the music cues you, you switch outfits and position with your significant other and then they dance. 

8. Can't Touch This Challenge 

Another dance challenge, you do something similar to the Macarena and dance with your partner.

9. Emoji Hand Gestures Challenge

This challenge is when you have to copy a list of emojis with your hands to a fast soundtrack. 

10. Hoodie and Fridge Challenge

This is a TikTok challenge where you put your hoodie on backward and ruffle through the fridge and then scaring your partner when they come and try to help you. 

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11. Spooky Challenge

This TikTok challenge is when you do a split-screen between you and you with terrifying makeup. 

12. First Move Last Move Challenge

This challenge is when you use your partner's last dance move as your first dance move. 


the way i walk away is the most unattractive way a human can walk.

♬ Your First Move Is Their Last Move - maddiefckinsmokez

13. Chair Challenge

This is when you try and stand up while holding your chair at the same time.

14. You Can Really Dance Challenge

This challenge is when you film each other doing different dance moves, and taking turns dancing. This is like a dance battle. 

15. Accent Challenge

This TikTok is when you and your partner, if you are from different places or regions, say the same words but in your native dialect. 

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