20 Easy Halloween Treat Bag Ideas To Store Candy

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Halloween Treat Bag Ideas

October 31st isn't for everyone, but for those who like to get into the holiday spirit, trick-or-treating is just one part of the fun. Having kids from the neighborhood ring the doorbell, saying the magic words, and receiving delicious treat bags is guaranteed to put a smile on their faces.

Halloween treat bags (and buckets!) are great for kids of all ages and come in so many different forms. Seriously, who doesn't love Halloween candy?!

From bags to baskets to glow in the dark reusable ones, you can really make it your own vision and give the kids something special. And if you have a creative flair, customize your Halloween treats with a DIY feel.

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1. Clear Cellophane Favor Bags

Give each guest at the party a favor to take home. The bags are clear so they can see their swag, and twist-ties are included to keep the candy and treats inside all the way home.

(Target, $2)

2. 'Happy Halloween' Paper Treat Bags

These bags easily fall into shape and are ready to fill with candy (or anything else you want to include).

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

3. Boo and Graveyard Halloween Gift Bags

Each bag in this pack features a unique design — one comes with a black background decorated with orange and yellow stars, plus a white ghost and letters spelling out "Boo" in the foreground, while the other is accented with ghosts, trees and tombstones on an orange background.

(Target, $2)

4. Reusable Treat Bags with Pouch Ghost

This trick-or-treat tote features an all-over ghost pattern in black and white, perfect for showing off your Halloween spirit. When the fun is over, this reusable tote bag can be folded away into the attached pouch for easy stowing until next year's ghosts-and-ghouls festivities.

(Target, $2.25)

5. Gift Boutique Assorted Halloween Cellophane Bags

Ideal for cookies and other baked goodies, these monstrous bags have a humorously horrifying look. The bags are uniquely animated in pumpkin, witch, bat and ghost designs.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

6. Charmed Halloween Cellophane Bags


Whether you're trick-or-treating or having a haunted Halloween party, each bag is made of a durable plastic to ensure good amount of candy is able to be sustained.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

7. Unomor Halloween Drawstring Treat Bags

Six styles of Halloween designs include pumpkin, monster, “boo”, mummy, bat, black cat and spider. Drawstring design is handy to hold, and double-sided color is ideal to hang out in your hand or hang on your door.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

8. Hallmark Candy Corn Party Favor Bags

Each sack in this convenient 15-pack of paper Halloween treat bags is perfect for giving out wrapped Halloween favors like fun-sized chocolate bars, goodie bags of mixed candies, or cellophane-covered popcorn balls. Adorable candy corn design works perfectly for Halloween crafts or decorations.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

9. 'Happy Halloween' Canvas Bag 

Plastic pails for Halloween are a thing of the past! Now you can lug around even more candy with this canvas bag. It can be helpful to carry around your costume essentials or candy.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

10. Xflyee Halloween Tote Bag

One item includes 4 environmentally friendly linen goodie bags. There's plenty of room for all the candies, treats, goodies, toys and anything else. These Halloween bags can be reused over again or even recycled as a grocery bag.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

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11. Bravo Sport Halloween Trick or Treat Goody Bags

There are 40 bags in this set in 8 assorted styles, perfect for stocking up or sharing.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

12. Blue Panda Halloween Trick or Treat Goody Bags

Includes four assorted fun and spooky designs: "Bag of Bones," "Vampire Teeth," "Witch Broomsticks," and "Spider Eggs." Ideal for party favors, candy bar, trick or treaters, holding candy, cookies, small toys and more.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

13. Kangaroo's Pumpkin Jack O Lantern Trick or Treat Bags

There are 50 trick or treat bags per order, and each bag made is of plastic.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

14. FX Halloween Cellophane Goody Bags

These 24 Halloween cellophane goody bags are amazing for holding candy and party favors.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

15. Fall Leaves Treat Bags

Cute cellophane treat bags are perfect for wrapping baked goods, whether for the trick or treaters or a Halloween-themed bake sale at school.

(Target, $1.99)

16. Treat Bags with Pouch Pumpkin

These bags feature an all-over pattern of jack-o'-lanterns in a thematic color scheme, perfect for showing off your Halloween spirit. 

(Target, $2.25)

17. Avengers Black Panther Trick or Treat Bag

This Avengers Black Panther bag is a great accessory to your child's costume and makes carrying a lot of wrapped candy easy. It's durable and can be used long after the Halloween holiday.

(Target, $6.99)

18. Halloween Thrills Wine Gift Bag

This spooky Papyrus beverage bag featuring playful patterned lettering on a bottle with skull and crossbones puts the eerie fun on Halloween. Shiny foil accents on a black background add shimmer.

(Target, $6.95)

19. Girls DC Comics Trick or Treat Bag

The DC Girls pillowcase bag is a great accessory to your child's costume. It's a great idea for girls going as their favorite superheroes.

(Target, $4.99)

20. Hyde & EEK! Boutique Pumpkin Pails

We saved the ultimate classic for last. This is a super value and is perfect for all the kids who want a plastic pumpkin they can keep and reuse year after year.

(Target, $0.75)

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