The 5 Best Tarot Card Reading Sites Online

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Life can be uncertain even when you think you have it figured out.

But sometimes, you may want in-depth answers to certain questions concerning your love life, life’s purpose, career opportunities, financial stability, and prosperity. Then, you need that extra guidance — something more than just your intuition — to rely on. That something “extra” can be a good tarot card reading.

The universe is always trying to tell us something. One of the ways to understand what it wants to convey is through tarot cards. You can get all of the answers to your questions from the comfort of your home through these online sites, and this spiritual guidance can help you make important life decisions.

Most of you may be well-acquainted with in-person psychic readings and tarot readings, which have been guiding people for ages, but the world has changed a lot since then. With advancements in technology, everything has become simpler, smoother, and quicker. That also means there are new ways to dupe vulnerable people looking for spiritual guidance.

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Our extensive research and trial-and-error methods have helped us narrow down our search for the best tarot card reading sites that are authentic, effective, privacy-driven, and secure.

How Did We Carry Out the Selection Process?

No matter how popular a tarot card reading site is, you must always be careful of counterfeits. We went through a number of popular websites and compared them based on our specific criteria (that we will discuss in a later section). Our thorough examination and analysis led us to these five online tarot card reading websites.

Top 5 Best Online Tarot Card Sites for Accurate Readings

The critical factors we used to make this list include:

—How long these platforms have been in business

—The screening process used by these sites to select their tarot card readers

—Discounts available for new (and old) members

—Brand reputation and reviews

—Free trials for new members

—Efficiency of readings

—Payment security

—Privacy issues

—Refunds and complaint redressal facility

We completely understand the importance of finding a trustworthy online tarot card reader or psychic. The sites we have chosen are genuine and accurate, so you can try them out confidently.

1. Kasamba: Overall Best Tarot Card Reading Site (With Free 3 Minutes)

Kasamba has one of the best psychic networks and is considered one of the best tarot card reading sites where people can look for spiritual guidance for all of their problems. This site has some of the best professional spiritual counselors who help people in their quest find the meaning and purpose of their lives.

This platform has been servicing clients since 1999 and has, by now, advised more than four million people. The advisors at Kasamba offer guidance on various topics, ranging from relationship advice, fortune-telling, and astrology reading to dream analysis. Whatever tarot card service you require, they are there to help.

Kasamba knows how wary people can be about tarot readings, especially when they have never tried it before. To begin with, it has a well-organized site that provides all information to the user before they can make up their mind. The tidy list of services offered by the site and the easy access to professional spiritual counselors make it simple even for people new to tarot card readings.

Apart from providing personal assistance, the site also presents some generic yet helpful information on certain aspects of life, such as a fulfilling relationship through action.


Guaranteed Satisfaction: Are you looking for online tarot card reading sites that are genuine and accurate? Kasamba is one of the top-rated sites that offers honest advice. If you find the guidance not satisfactory or not up to your expectations, you can request a refund. However, the refund is allowed only for your first reading.

Brand Reputation: The site is highly reputed among people seeking spiritual guidance, as it has received five stars from almost all clients. So, it is no wonder its client pool has risen to over four million since its inception in 1999. Its reputation is evident from the numerous positive reviews on the portal, along with the positive reviews on third-party platforms.

Variety in Readings: Many online tarot card reading sites provide only one type of psychic guidance. However, at Kasamba, you can find different kinds of readings, ranging from psychics and tarot reading to astrology, numerology, and mediums.

Best Psychics: Kasamba has a network of some of the most professional, genuine, and accurate psychic advisors. You will find complete information on all of the advisors on the portal, along with the reviews and ratings they have received from customers. So, you can decide on the advisor you would want to consult.

Kasamba can be highly trusted with the quality of their employees. It has set some of the strictest rules for hiring psychics, as several critical variables are analyzed and evaluated before they are chosen to guide users on this platform. These include a proper background check, skill set, as well as prior work experience.


—Experienced psychic instructors

—Wide range of tarot card readings

—Guaranteed money-back offer

—Three free chat minutes with new psychics


—No video readings available

Why Kasamba?

Kasamba has one of the highest satisfaction rates from customers, and it has been in the business of tarot card reading since 1999 and has a client pool of over four million. Most of them are satisfied with the readings. However, it offers a money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with your reading, which proves the platform’s confidence in its advisors’ abilities.

This company tries to bring only the best to its clients, which is one of the reasons why psychics have to go through strict onboarding to be a part of this company. Numerous positive reviews, along with the opinions of experts in the industry, prove their efficiency. The ratings of the psychics from their previous clients also show their expertise.

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2. Keen: Most Accurate & Value for Money

Keen was established in 1999, and by 2021, it had a network of more than 35 million users. Its mission is to use the abilities of expert spiritualists and psychics to resolve the issues of others.

It is one of the most used services in this field and has earned a good reputation by being one of the top tarot card reading sites. The company’s vision is not merely to solve the problems of people who reach out to them but also to help every user leave the website with hope and proper guidance.

The platform’s services include psychic readings, spiritual readings, mediums, and tarot card readings. In addition, the website also helps you with angel card readings, chakra cleansing, and aura cleansing. You can view the site’s client ratings and reviews and avail of its free three-minute readings before committing to an elaborate reading from one of its tarot card experts.

This platform helps users overcome or remove all negativity in their lives by aiding them in building a healthy mindset and guiding them in the right direction. You can communicate with these advisors through a phone call or chat for a very nominal price.


Reliability and Security: One of the most attractive features of this website is that it ensures the privacy and safety of the client’s information. They always make sure the credentials of their clients are safe, and no sensitive information is leaked out. The tarot advisor cannot see your number even with a caller ID, and the fee transactions are private and secure.

Affordable: Unlike many sites for tarot readings that make spiritual guidance expensive, Keen offers a very reasonable and affordable price for all of its services. The site does not try to mislead you to make money, which is why this platform enjoys such a remarkable reputation and extensive client pool.

Accuracy: One of the most important aspects all of us look for while seeking the services of these sites is the accuracy of the information. Being one of the most trusted sites, Keen always provides accurate and genuine information. Many clients have even claimed the information they have received was something no one knew except for them, which shows how skilled the tarot card readers on Keen are.

Brand Reputation: The company is well-reputed and has received only positive responses from clients. The numerous reviews and high ratings on the official website, along with public opinion on third-party platforms, confirm this fact. The company is expanding because of the genuine and accurate readings provided by the most skilled readers.


—Affordable prices

—Three free minutes

—24/7 customer service

—High credibility & efficiency of its tarot card readers

—Accurate readings


—Popular tarot card readers are costly

Why Keen?

Keen is one of the largest sites in this field of tarot card reading. The encouragingly positive responses from clients and experts have helped the site reach the glory it enjoys today. It is always a green flag from our side for this fantastic website.

3. AskNow: Best for Love Predictions

AskNow is one of the most popular online tarot reading sites, and it has some of the most skilled experts specializing in different areas, such as love, career, and astrology.

There are two different ways to connect with readers on AskNow. You can either go for a phone conversation or an online chat session. The only criterion for your choice would be your comfort. It does not matter whether you are seeking clarity in life or want a peek into your destiny, as you can always come across a great tarot reader who is ready to help you on AskNow.

AskNow provides tarot card readings in English and Spanish, and all readers go through a thorough examination and background check before they are chosen for the reading positions.

Are you looking for a free trial to be sure about the psychics? AskNow has that option as well. It offers you one of the best first-time customer deals in this industry with a 15-minute introductory reading for just $10, along with five free minutes with its most elite experts. Moreover, AskNow’s packages are pretty affordable, too.


Language Preference: If you are not comfortable in English, you can choose to have your reading done in Spanish. Most of the advisors and experts at AskNow are quite proficient in both languages.

15-minute Introductory Call: Every first-timer gets a 15-minute call with the experts at AskNow for just $10, along with five free minutes with elite experts. This feature is one of the best offers you can get on such sites. After the call, you are free to decide if you want to consult them.

Variety in Reading: AskNow has a variety of experts in different sectors. It does not matter whether you are concerned about your future, career, love life, or any other aspect of your life, as AskNow has it sorted for you. Every expert has expertise and experience in the subject matter.

24/7 Availability: If you live in another part of the world and want to consult a psychic from AskNow, do not worry. The experts are available 24/7 through phone conversation or online chat.

Intuitive Webpage: The website is very informative and engaging. The highest-rated experts are included in an appealing section, and their ratings and reviews are displayed clearly. You can easily click on their profiles and check their availability or set up an appointment.


—One of the cheapest sites with rates less than $1 per minute

—Highly gifted and skilled tarot card readers available

—Ask a free question to any reader

—Credit refund up to five minutes offered

—Free daily horoscopes

—Well-designed website with ample information on readings and in-depth blogs

—Mobile app available

—Wide range of options to choose from

—Dual-language option


—Tarot card readers are not categorized according to their expertise

Why AskNow?

We went through numerous websites, consulted experts from the industry, and examined all of the reviews on the website. They suggested AskNow has some of the most professional and skilled online tarot card readers and psychics. The majority of the readers have a rating of four to five stars.

The platform has been in business for quite some time now, with an impressive panel of experts and amazing networks. We also loved how user-friendly and engaging the website looks.

The site contains all of the necessary details required for you to decide whether you wish to go for the experts or not. The $10 introductory call is another great initiative by the platform, and we were extremely delighted by the kind of service it offers.

The availability of experts in different languages 24/7 over the phone or chat is an amazing feature for different clients across the globe. Overall, we highly recommend this platform to our readers.

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4. Oranum: Best for Spiritual Tarot Reading

If you are looking for video chat conversations with psychics, Oranum is the site you need. It is an internet community of psychics trying to resolve the issues of their clients. This personalized tarot card reading experience helps you understand the readings better and implement certain positive changes in your life. You can decide to stay fully anonymous or even hide your face during the sessions. However, the more interactive the session is, the better insights you get.

The website presents the area of expertise, language, and the average rating beneath the names of the tarot card readers. Most of these psychics are proficient in English, while a few can even converse in other continental languages.

You even get to sort the type of content you consume on Oranum. You can easily move up and down the page and filter the information you wish to see based on the topic and the popularity. You can even search for a topic by using the search button on the website.

They have different kinds of tarot reading experts. Some can get you an aura prediction, while others will give you love advice or a peek into your fate. While you look for your psychic, an availability button, such as “busy”, will pop up if they are unavailable at that time. This feature can help you plan your appointment accordingly.


Filtering Options: Numerous filters are present on Oranum to help you sort the type of content you are looking for. These filters even let you find the appropriate professional that is most suitable for your needs.

Top 100 List: Another fantastic feature of Oranum is the top 100 list. This list helps you easily browse through the top 100 highest-rated psychics on their portal. The biographies of these psychics can be easily read and chosen by clients. This list shows some of the best psychics available online.


—Tarot card readers across the globe available

—Website is simple and easy to navigate

—Video calls available

—Services in different languages offered

—Choose from a large number of expert and gifted readers

—Quick message options to get things started


—No specific criteria on the screening procedure on the website

—Different psychics may have different rates

Why Oranum?

The internet is full of appreciation for this website and its readers. Consumers who have referred to Oranum are extremely satisfied with the accurate readings. One of its useful features is its filter option that saves a lot of time for clients who are looking for a specific kind of service.

Another excellent feature of this site is its video calling facility that personalizes the process for clients. You can choose to stay anonymous and even turn off your video cam if you wish to during these sessions.

Psychics across the globe are present on this website. Therefore, you do not have to worry about not knowing English. You can always find a great psychic in your language to help you out with your issues. Each advisor or expert has a board of their own where they are free to list their skills and abilities and connect with clients easily.

These factors have made Oranum a quite popular tarot card site. You can rest assured about the quality of readings you receive, as it receives a thumbs up from us.

5. Mysticsense: Free Tarot Readings for 5 Minutes

At a glance, Mysticsense will seem like just another normal reading site. However, the critical factor separating it from others is the higher number of psychics with varying expertise available on this platform. Most of them have received positive responses from clients.

Mysticsense claims to offer only the best psychics for its clientele. These experts are well versed in horoscopes, tarot card readings, and other kinds of readings. In addition, the rates are reasonable, and you can also filter the results based on price, ratings, gifts, expertise, or more.


Easy Activation: To use the services, all you have to do is register yourself on the site. However, the registration form requests detailed information compared to other sites. Since the experts are present across the globe, the form requires you to fill in the time zone and nation and your phone number and email.

Payment Methods: Unlike other sites, you have different payment options with Mysticsense. You can pay using a debit card or your PayPal account.

Personalized Readings: Mysticsense offers a video chat option along with normal chat and phone calls. This leads to a more personalized conversation with the advisors.


—Different psychics available for different categories

—Free five minutes

—Provides a community to reach out to in the case of any questions


—No free horoscopes

Why Mysticsense?

Although Mysticsense does not provide you with a free horoscope and has no app, it has some other features that make it appealing. The personalized video chats, along with phone conversations, help clients become more comfortable with the experts.

Are you wondering how genuine these experts are?

Well, we went through numerous reviews, ratings, and various platforms across the internet to validate the authenticity of the psychics on Mysticsense. The reviews and opinions were all positive, and the rates are also reasonable.

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Beginner’s Guide: Online Tarot Reading Sessions

Every online tarot reading site offers different perks. However, not every site has the best advisors or offers genuine readings. So, how do you find honest, affordable, and accurate tarot reading sites?

In this section, we will cover the important aspects you must keep in mind while looking for the best psychic sites. It is easy to get lost in the pool of so many promising-looking sites that, in reality, cost you a fortune without providing any insight.

So, the factors you must consider while finding a suitable site are:

Experience, Expertise, and Innate Talent

Always look at the timeline of the tarot card reader or psychic before setting an appointment with them. Also, you need to do a proper background check of the website.

How long has the site been around? What services does it provide? Analyze these factors thoroughly.

Free Minutes

Almost all premium tarot reading sites provide free minutes for the introductory sessions. These free minutes help you decide whether the psychic you were paired with is right for you. Some websites even offer a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the service, while a few psychics charge a very nominal fee for the first time you consult them.

These services are crucial for you to decide the authenticity of these sites. These free minutes show how confident the firm is about its experts and are provided only by genuine and accurate platforms.

Customer-Friendly Policies

Free minutes, money-back guarantees, and discounts and offers are things you should look for. These customer-friendly policies make these sites even more attractive, and it is also a great way to retain clients.

Psychics’ Screening Process

Premium sites are very particular about their psychics, as they screen their experts thoroughly before making them a part of their system.

Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to gauge the authenticity of any website is through the positive reviews received by them. The ratings received by the experts and the reviews from clients across different platforms will help you measure the brand’s reputation.

You must go for sites that have ample positive responses.

Broader Choice Range

No matter what you prefer, you get the option of trying out different variants of tarot reading and choosing from multiple psychics available on the site.

Online Vs. Offline Tarot Reading

With so many sites popping up each day, customers find it difficult to find one they can trust. The primary reason for their distrust is their inability to assess these sites on their own.

There are numerous reasons why online tarot readings are better than offline, in-person sessions. Some of the factors influencing this are:


You can easily consult these experts confidently from the comfort of your home. Therefore, online tarot reading has made things easier than before.

Timely Accessibility

You can now consult one of the best, most reliable, and efficient tarot readers from across the globe at any time of the day with just one click. The appointments can also be fixed according to your availability within seconds.


Online sites for tarot readings are inarguably less expensive than offline sessions. In addition, you can avail of fantastic discounts, free or trial sessions, and even refunds.

Refunds and Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Thanks to platforms such as those we have mentioned in this article, you can safely consult tarot card readers. And, if you are not satisfied with the service, you can get a full refund within minutes.


With online platforms comes variety. In offline sessions, you have to remain satisfied with your local tarot card reader.

But, in the case of online sessions, you can consult a psychic living in another part of the world as well.

FAQs: Tarot Card Readings

What is a Tarot Card reading?

For ages, tarot card reading has been misunderstood by people as a means to assist readers in foretelling the future. However, this is not entirely true.

The energy surrounding a person aids in tarot card reading and determines the most likely action that person will take in the future.

Is a Tarot card reading reliable?

Many factors influence the authenticity of tarot card reading. One of them is asking relevant questions. The expertise of the psychic also influences the reading you receive.

You must go for expert readers who have vast experience in guiding people. Also, many websites use software to make a prediction, so you should avoid these sites.

Are online Tarot card readers genuine?

Before you decide to go for a reader, go through their previous ratings and reviews.

A genuine reader tells you what you must know, like how to make your life better and how to make wiser decisions. An authentic psychic reader tries to provide you with clarity of your present situation, and their guidance may give the necessary wisdom to make better decisions in the future.

Can online Tarot reading sites predict the future?

No one can predict the future, as it can be shaped only by individuals. Tarot reading provides you with the energy of situations and gives you proper insight that helps you make appropriate decisions.

Is Tarot reading evil?

The perception of good and bad varies from person to person. However, most people do not consider tarot reading evil. It is just another medium to get better insight into our situations and energies to improve our life decisions.

Concluding Thoughts

It does not matter if you simply want to peek into your future path ahead or if you want advice on your love life, as you can count on online tarot card readings to be safe and reliable.

We always want to make the best out of life, no matter the situation. In times like these, online tarot readings can help you navigate your way through life more efficiently.

Although physical consultations have been the norm for hundreds of years, online tarot card reading has become popular, efficient, and quick in this new age of technology. With online consultations, you can stay safe at home while enjoying the perks of free trial sessions, discounts, private sessions, refunds, and other value-added services with your tarot card readings.

These top-rated online tarot card reading sites are accurate, genuine, and trustworthy. They have authentic, gifted, and accurate tarot card readers from across the globe. Overall, we strongly suggest going for sites like Kasamba or Keen for their excellent and authentic services.

So, why wait? Grab your first free trial session and get a sneak peek into your destiny right away.

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