3 Zodiac Signs Who Get Used By Friends During Sun Inconjunct Saturn Starting August 31, 2021

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People get used every day, and this week, there will be three zodiac signs who feel they have been taken advantage of by friends during the Sun inconjunct Saturn transit beginning August 31, 2021.

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The idea of being used, especially by friends, is just humiliating and dejecting.

It's a show of betrayal, and depending on how strong we are, we could take that kind of betrayal any number of ways. During Sun Inconjunct Saturn, we will see many betrayals of trust, as this poorly aspected transit does not suit us well.

Because of this influence, we might feel the need to put ourselves out there more than usual, meaning, we will take the chance on vulnerability - because we feel safe enough to do so.

What's unfortunate about this transit is that this is where the vipers swarm on in, ready to peck at the vulnerable, and their silly delusion of safety.

Predictive astrology shows us that when certain aspects line up negatively, causing an 'Inconjunct', we are then subject to its influence. Sun Inconjunct Saturn is at the heart of broken friendships, betrayals, and dangerous moves that put us in jeopardy.

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Who will be used by friends during Sun Inconjunct Saturn, on August 31, 2021?

Zodiac signs who will be used by friends during the Sun Inconjunct Saturn starting August 31, 2021:

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

You are a sensitive soul, and there's nothing you wouldn't do for a friend. If you are called upon, you are there; no questions asked. During this transit, you will be called upon, and you will show up - but the truth is, you're being played, Cancer.

There's something that you offer - it's specific to you alone - and that something is what your friend wants. In other words, it's not you they want - it's what you have to give them.

Sun Inconjunct Saturn in Aquarius brings out the user in your friend, and to them, you look like the prime target.

They can rely on the fact that you're such a good friend that you won't say no - ever. And with that in mind, they know they can take advantage of you.

There is a hint here that this will be home-related. You might expect a call from a friend that asks if they can stay with you - for an undetermined amount of time. You will want to help - but they will abuse the privilege of your kindness.

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Saturn is a wild, yet predictable planet, and its influence can be very negative, especially when Inconjunct with the mighty Sun. In this case, the Sun only magnifies the intensity of the planet Saturn's negativity.  What this means for you, Virgo, is that you may end up being 'the fall guy' for your friends' misdeeds.

There's a lot of blame going on, and whether you are a part of the madness or not, someone's going to use you as their scapegoat during this transit.

You've shown them that you're an easy mark; you rarely fight back and you seem to be the easiest person they know to take advantage of.

So, in their mind, why not make you the person who ends up responsible for their own punishable act? Someone in your life - someone close to you - is going to do something wrong, and they are going to point the finger at you, saying that it's all your fault. And the real problem here is that...you're going to take it.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

When we think of being used, we tend to think money or sex, as if that's the only thing a person can be used for. Alas, in your case, Sagittarius, you are about to be used for your talent. If you look back in your life, you've probably been used for your talent many, many times without realizing it.

That's because you are so very naive. You really think people care about you, the person. When the truth comes out this week, you will come to understand that you are only in this person's life for what they can get from you.

A friend of yours will make it obvious this week: your opinion is not wanted, just shut up and provide what they do want - whatever that is.

It will be a tremendous blow to your ego - once again, and you'd be well advised to use this as a lesson. Look for the signs next time, Sagittarius. Know your worth - people are out there ready to suck up your creative efforts. Must you always give everything away for free?

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