3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Fall In Love With The Wrong Person During Saturn Square Uranus Starting August 19, 2021

Blinded by love, in the wrong way.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Fall In Love With The Wrong Person During Saturn Square Uranus Starting August 19, 2021 squaredot_art/Shutterstock.com

There are three zodiac signs who will fall in love with the wrong person during the Saturn square Uranus starting on August 19, 2021.

Saturn Square Uranus is by no means an average event, and its influence here on Earth is just as rare and poignant.

The Saturn Uranus square is intense for love, and it affects the relationship status for three zodiac signs.

This aspect occurs every 22 years, and as it gets closer and closer to being Square, it creates tension and controversial energy.


This is the kind of transit that can confuse a person; it can also make us lie to ourselves about some truth we'd rather not face.

As you can probably figure out, this particular kind of energy and confusion is just the kind to wreak havoc on our romances...it may even lead us into romances that are completely wrong for us.

In a way, Saturn Square Uranus is very unfair to the people of Earth. I mean, falling in love is hard enough on the heart - but making a mistake and falling in love with the wrong person, too?

Is that part of the Saturn Square Uranus' hidden agenda? Unfortunately yes.

On August 19, this transit begins, and there's no real way to combat it - simply because we won't know it's happening.


We will think we are choosing correctly, loving correctly, doing all the right things - and then, we'll start to notice: This isn't right at all. Why am I even with this person?

Let's see who will be affected by this transit the most?

Zodiac signs who will fall in love with the wrong person during Saturn square Uranus starting August 19, 2021:

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

You are the people pleaser, which also makes you vulnerable and unable to say, "no" at times.

This Saturn Uranus rare transit is going to blur the lines even further for you, Libra, by not letting you see the truth behind the person you've invited into your life - because you couldn't say no to them.


You've done this before; you've coupled up with someone you really don't know, and you've seen how that worked out...it didn't.

Now, you're about to do it again. You are forgetting your value, Libra - and you're just giving yourself away to whoever says the right thing to you - simply because you can't say no.

It's starting to look like a serious lack of self esteem, and being that time waits for no one, you had better get on the good foot here and start caring for your own life.

Say no when you mean no, Libra. Don't get yourself into another relationship that is destined for failure.

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

In your case, Aquarius, you are about to bring a person into your life because you believe that this is all you can get.

Yes, that's right; you feel desperate and lonely and if you want to silence the mob inside your head that keeps telling you that you need to be partnered, you need to grab whoever you can get and make them sign on the dotted line.

You want to fall in love so badly that you pretend it's happened, and that the person you are with is the ultimate love of your life.

They are not, and you know it, but you want to keep up appearances. None of this is going to work, Aquarius.

This Saturn square Uranus transit is messing with your head; don't sign up for a lifetime with a person who is clearly into everything you're not into.


It's OK to spend time alone - it's even OK to BE alone. The only pressure you're under is the pressure you put on yourself.

Don't pretend to be in love because you'll never be able to convince yourself that it's true.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

What this transit between Saturn and Uranus is going to feel like, for you, Pisces, is similar to a door being shut to your better senses.

Your intuition is going to be 'under construction' for a while, and that is definitely going to affect your judgement - in love.

You're a bit of an idealist, and you feel it's your duty to live up to those ideals, to the best of your ability.


That might mean concentrating on one person and making them into a love interest.

You pick them, they don't pick you, and you end up with a project, not a lover. People are not clay, and you can't shape them to your will, which is what you may very well be doing, right now, in your romantic endeavors.

You want to be in love, but your person has to be 'perfect' and so - you become Dr. Frankenstein; you think you can create the perfect mate, forgetting that this person is an actual real person and not a fictional compilation of perfect parts.

For your efforts, you will be resented, because in truth, nobody wants to be a project, Pisces.

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