3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Week Starting August 2, 2021

Cosmic turbulence.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Week Starting August 2, 2021 Captain Wang/Shutterstock.com

Welcome to the dreaded Rough Week announcement! Hey, if every week was fabulous, life would be so dull - wouldn't you agree? OK, enough rationalizing. Let's just get right to the awful news.

There are three zodiac signs who will have a rough week starting on August 2, 2021.

And, everyone wants to know who they are. We're dealing with a lot of cosmic interference. The planetary influences work differently for each of the signs.


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Where the immense power of Mars may have the ability to supercharge our productivity, it can also act as as aggressor that stimulates anger or even violence for certain signs of the Zodiac.

We're also still under the influence of Jupiter, as well, which can take any energy and expand it. So, if you're angry due to Mar's influence, you may get even angrier thanks to Jupiter's broad reach on all things.

We're not quite at the New Moon, which happens on the 8th and should give us the ability to change our course, if we need to.


But until then, we need to stick it out and stand strong.

There is nothing we strong, smart human beings cannot handle. A rough week headed our way? Bring it. There's nothing we can't handle.

Zodiac signs who will have a rough week starting August 2, 2021:

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Your keywords for the week of August 2 are anger, disillusionment, doubt, and this is what leads to the week being 'rough' for you.

What you're going to be experiencing this week is this nagging feeling of not being paid attention to.

You feel irrelevant, forgotten. It's as if as soon as the Sun entered Leo on July 22, everything Cancer went out the window - and you're feeling it.


You may experience feelings of resentment this week, possibly even jealousy. Someone else is getting the attention that you believe should head your way, and yet - no such luck.

You just can't seem to hold anybody's interest and you are starting to feel like you are invisible.

With the Sun and Mercury oppose Saturn, on the 1st, your doubt may start to double up, and before the week's end, you'll be in a full on snit - you need to learn to compartmentalize certain feelings, especially if they do you no good.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Your keywords for the week are disappointment, petulance, arrogance.


How could it possibly be a rough week for you, Leo, when this is your season and all is supposed to go swimmingly well?

It may turn out to be a rather rough week for you because you have set your expectation levels set so high that nothing can possibly come close.

While the first week of August starting on the 2nd can be a magical time for a grand Fire sign like yourself, it can also bring with it feelings of doubt.

In your case, this doubt will play out as anger and in the lashing out at people in your life.

Your temper has always been a problem with you, and your ego doesn't allow it to be seen as anything less than necessary.

And so, you must either learn the lesson of humility and discretion - or stay as you are, slamming people for their faults, while growing angrier and angrier by the day simply because you can't make them all into little versions of yourself. 


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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Your keywords for the week are impulsive, impatience, irresponsible.

What's going to feel like a downer this week is your inability to stay the course and follow up on a project.

What's meant by this is that you will be having a hard time concentrating, and this will not only frustrate you - you will jump to rash conclusions that will lead to harsh and terminal decisions.


In other words, you'll be throwing the baby out with the bathwater, as they say.

If something doesn't give you absolute instant gratification, this week, out is goes, with no second thought.

You will be acting in very spontaneous and possibly irrational manner; you won't even listen to your own advice.

You feel like you cannot trust your own intuition and so all bets are off; another day for productivity, another time for feeling positive - this is your attitude. 

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