Which Life Path Numbers Are Most Compatible With The Leo Zodiac Sign

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Which Life Path Numbers Are Most Compatible With The Leo Zodiac Sign

Finding love is not easy, but keeping love is even harder. And in astrology, people look to their zodiac signs for advice on love.

Soulmates have certain planetary aspects that make it seem destined to meet during this lifetime. Their energy improves their lives and they feel connected down at a soul level. The same can be found in numerology and life path numbers.

In fact, just like zodiac signs, each life path number is ruled by a planet that defines the core nature of a person's character, including the way they love, and who will be their perfect love match.

Even though numerology is the study of numbers in a person’s life used to determine someone’s personality, purpose and life path, it can also help you see which one is best matched for the Leo zodiac sign.

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Why? A life path number is established from a person’s date of birth.

Finding this number requires doing a little math. One way to calculate it is by adding up the month, day and year of your birthday, and then taking that number and reducing it to one single number.

For example, my birthday is 7/21/1996. When adding these numbers together, I would get a total of 2,024. I would then proceed to add 2+2+4 to get a life path number of 8. The path sometimes referred to as the “powerhouse.”

This means that I, along with other people born in this path, are known to be successful when it comes to money and power. It also tells me that people born in this path are hardworking, honest and dictatorial. I could use this knowledge to accept my purpose and make life choices that will help me fulfill my destiny or work on my negative traits.

Like astrology and zodiac signs, knowing your life path number will help you get a better understanding of who you are and what you are meant to be, which will help guide you on a positive journey through life.

This will also help you find out who you might be compatible with in love, as you learn what you value and how you wish to be treated and viewed by others. Life path numbers can be compared with zodiac signs, seeing as they both give people insight of themselves and others.

Take Leo compatibility, for example. This zodiac sign's strength lies in being creative and passionate beings, making them natural born leaders. They enjoy being in the spotlight and are attracted to others who not only understand this, but have a certain level of confidence to not feel overshadowed by their dominant persona.

Find out more about Leo and which life path numbers are most compatible for love, romance, and friendship with the Lion of astrology.

Life Path 1

Life path 1 is all about leadership.

People in this path use their confidence and creativity to inspire others to rally behind their cause, something that resonates well with Leo, who was born to lead. They have figured out that they are difficult to resist and can get anyone to say yes, allowing them to use the help of others to achieve their wildest dreams. 

A life path 1 person is compatible with Leo, whose strength lies in using their charming personality to unite people from all different places and backgrounds. Leo needs someone who can compliment them, someone who is self-confident, and understands their need to be in the limelight. These are the same qualities a person in life path 1 possesses.

Life Path 3

Known as the path of communication and expression, life path 3 is highly compatible with Leo.

This is because both Leos and individuals in this path find joy in putting others at ease. They are able to use their creative and cheerful spirits to easily make others feel comfortable and warm on the inside. 

Leos want a life filled with love and joy. They enjoy theaters, museums and restaurants, all places where they can enjoy good company and have fun and interesting conversation.

A person in life path 3 can provide this fun filled experience for Leo as they enjoy making people laugh and smile. They will have no problem going out, being social, and making Leo feel like the luckiest person in the room. 

Life Path 4 

Leos and life path 4 are both powerful and hardworking individuals.

They are focused on staying in control and achieving their goals, not letting anyone or anything stand in their way. This can cause them to be viewed as stubborn and inflexible.

Life path 4 understands that fulfilling their purpose sometimes comes at a cost, and this is something they can pass on to Leo, who fears being seen as aggressive by those they come in contact with.

Life path 4 is an Earth element, which means people born in this path have a good sense of reality. This keeps them grounded and able to have a clear and unbiased mind.

Leo can benefit from having someone like this around, seeing as they have trouble facing difficult realities. On the flip side, Leo can help people in path 4 see some of the joys that come from looking at the bigger picture. 

Life Path 8

Sometimes referred to as "the powerhouse," life path 8 is filled with individuals who are destined for success.

Much like Leo, people born in this life path are ambitious, allowing them to quickly climb to the top in their career fields. They will become their own bosses so they not only lead others, but make enough money to afford the lifestyles they have always dreamed of living while doing so. 

This life path is passionate and isn't afraid of a challenge. Like Leo, they are eager to use their minds to make any far-fetched idea come to fruition. They also have the ability to make lots of money, similar to Leos who work hard to be able to afford expensive things.

With life path 8 individuals having larger than life personalities, and Leos wanting to be treated like royalty, it makes perfect sense for these two people to be attracted to one another.

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