3 Zodiac Signs Whose Emotions Get The Best Of Them During Mercury In Cancer, July 11th, 2021

Such an emotional time.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Emotions Get The Best Of Them During Mercury In Cancer, July 11th, 2021

Three zodiac signs will let their emotions get the best of them starting on July 11th when Mercury in Cancer takes place. 

When we hear that Mercury - the planet of communication and expression - is in Cancer, the sign that represents hyper sensitivity and sentimentality, we can automatically assume that we're in for an emotional rollercoaster ride come July 11.

Mercury in Cancer will take place July 11th to July 27th, 2021 - and it's an emotional time for every zodiac sign.

Will we be writing nasty letters to those who duped us? Possibly. Will we be drunk texting our exes?


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There's a good chance that'll happen. Will we be so overcome with emotion and the need to express ourselves that if we don't, we'll simply end up screaming right through the week? More than likely, yes.


Mercury in Cancer has the ability to render us weepy and neurotic, filled with worry and speculation on things that don't exist.

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It's all about overthinking and taking it too far - in our minds. Mercury tempts us to say what's on our minds, while Cancer designs the plot line to accompany that temptation...in the end, what we get is what everyone tries to avoid more than anything else: drama.

And who does drama best? Aries, Virgo and Pisces, of course. While these signs will all come out of the Mercury in Cancer event alive and intact, they will all be able to tell the tale of how it all began, one summer, in 2021, on a certain July 11...


Who's emotions are going to get the best of them, during Mercury in Cancer?

Zodiac signs who will let their emotions take place during Mercury in Cancer starting July 11th:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

You're used to feeling and expressing emotion; it's no big deal for you, however this transit - Mercury in Cancer is something you may not be prepared for.

This could go any number of ways for you, and you'd be well advised to opt for discretion because you could use that magical 'gift of gab' to really do someone in.

You're a warrior, so battling with a friend or an ex is no biggie for you - but it is a big deal for them, and though you like to throw yourself into the heat of the moment, this moment - this HEAT - may be a little too hot for someone other than yourself to handle, so try and back off, Aries.


There's trouble here for you, and you are being warned. July 11 is a good day for you to do something new: think before you speak and try your best to not get into a fight.

You have the power today to absolutely-positively end a friendship, for good - and that is definitely something you'll regret.

So, keep a lid on it, Aries. And if you have to say what's on your mind, then write it down on a paper and either burn it, or chuck it in the trash when you've gotten it out of your system.

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

On July 11, you are going to be eyeball deep in emotion - and every bit of it will revolve around gossip, trivia and nonsense.


That's right - there's nothing of import here, just a raw need to get angry, stay angry and make sure everyone around you knows you're angry.

That famous picky Virgo attitude? Holy moly, that's going to be in full force.

Let the perfectionism roll, and while you're there, notice how everyone flees in terror when they notice how judgmental you get.

Oh, the emotions, and how they control you. Just when you thought you were on top of the game, in comes Mercury in Cancer to show you that, no, you're not as cool as you thought, in fact, you're a raging turn-off who's major talent is in losing friends.

If you hear someone say something less than stellar about you - let it go. If you don't have your facts straight - don't make up facts to support your side of the story.


Do yourself a huge favor; honor your friends for who they are, as is, and stop trying to make them into people they're not.

Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

Well, you knew you had to be a part of this one, right, Pisces? Emotional wreck? Check. Worried to the point of tears? Check.

In fact, you're good to go when it comes to passionately overthinking a thing and causing yourself undue stress over it.

July 11 - when Mercury is in Cancer - is going to work that very last nerve of yours and propel you into a state of gracelessness, meaning - emotional stress is going to make you clumsy.


You're going to want to speak - but you'll stop yourself, for fear of saying too much. You'll want to act out, but you won't, for fear of offending someone.

What you are going to reap from this experience is repression, and that is so unlike you.

You're a talker, a "let's get to the bottom of this now" kinda person...and yet, Mercury in Cancer is going to have you second guessing yourself left and right.

The best advice here is to take each feeling with a grain of salt. This isn't the end of the world, Pisces - it's just... Sunday. :)

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