Astrologer Analyzes LiliBet Diana's Birth Chart And Name To See What The Future Holds For Megan & Harry's Baby

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Astrologer Analyzes LiliBet Diana's Birth Chart And Name To See What The Future Holds For Megan & Harry's Baby

The Royal Family, specifically Princess Diana, has a long history dating back to the eighties imploring the advice and wisdom of astrologers on events and the births of children.

And it's interesting to see how astrology predicts certain personality traits and characteristics of family members born into the Royal Family, including the latest addition - Lilibet Diana.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave birth to a baby girl, Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor at 11:40 am on Friday, June 4th, 2021 in Santa Barbara, California.

Her date of birth makes her a Life Path Number 6, in numerology, with the karmic energy of 4, the Manager, and she carries with her the Soul Urge of a 5, a Freedom Seeker.

As a Life Path 6, Lilibeth is a natural caretaker who loves people.

The names 'Lilibet' and 'Diana' are Biblical. Lilibet means "promise of God', and Diana means 'child of the right hand' in Hebrew.

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Lilibet is the second child to the infamous couple, and her birth name brings together the energy of her paternal grandmother, the late Princess Diana, and paternal great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, Her Majesty The Queen.

Lilibet 'Lili' Diana Mountbatten-Windsor has big shoes to fill, but her natal chart demonstrates that she is more than capable.

The day and time of her birth sets the stage for a charismatic and passionate young child that will undoubtedly change not only the face of the Royal Family but the world itself as she grows into an intelligent and sensitive young woman.

Read below to find out exactly what is in store for Harry and Meghan’s sweet baby girl Lili.

Lilibet 'Lili' Diana Mountbatten-Windsor's natal chart and what the future holds for Megan and Harry's baby:

Sun in Gemini, 14 degrees, 10th house of career and social status

A born leader

Lili will be a much-needed breath of fresh air into the Royal Family with her joyful and exuberant Sun placement in Gemini.

Talkative, outgoing, and friendly, she likely will charm almost anyone that she encounters and will be able to blend into any social setting no matter how formal.

Born at 14 degrees signifies that she will have a knack for being able to discern what others are thinking which will make her an excellent communicator and denotes success in business and love dealings later in life.

Her personality will be like a magnet for all those around her as she dives into a variety of subjects and interests.

Despite the shape-shifting changes often attributed to Gemini Sun signs, Lilibeth brings stability and vitality.

Her natal chart reveals she will remain mindful of tradition with her Sun in harmony with Saturn in Aquarius. Her desire to lead is present with her Sun and Moon in harmony, too.

Ascendant in Leo, 29 degrees

A leader with a strong past

With her Sun in Gemini and Ascendant in Leo, it seems she is destined to be a leader.

Her Ascendant in Leo is at a finishing degree, which is also considered 'critical', which means she is here to demonstrate unique leadership skills.

In an intense fashion, Lilibet may take after her Grandmother Princess Diana, who was born with her north node in Leo at 29 degrees and become a true humanitarian.

It's important to note that her great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth has her Moon in Leo at 0 degrees, also a critical starting degree, so there is some element of completion in the future for the Queen potentially through the work of Lilibeth.

Moon in Aries, 12 degrees, 8th house of shared resources, secrets, and inheritance

Someone who isn't afraid to look within

As a baby little Lili may be quick-tempered and need to have her needs met quite rapidly.

Lunar Aries may make her rather impatient and need instant gratification.

As she matures this will make her a strong woman, a true force to be reckoned with as she speaks her mind and her needs both in life and in her future romantic relationships.

She will undoubtedly make a strong impression on anyone that she meets and will radiate self-confidence in all that she does.

Even if her quick temper persists, with Lunar Aries it often dissipates as quickly as it rises as she will off to the next thing.

With the influence of 12 degrees Aries, it signifies that she will always operate with dignity and wisdom, clearly representative of her exceptional parents.

With a Moon in the 8th house, she may be open to new age concepts and intrigued by astrology similar to her paternal grandmother Princess Diana.

Mercury in Gemini, 12 degrees Retrograde, 10th house of career and social status

A great communicator

Lili will not surprisingly be highly intelligent and quick-witted with an affinity for not only speaking her mind but putting others in their place when necessary.

She will be skilled at debating, which may prove a challenge during her teen years, but which will serve her nicely as she develops into womanhood and more responsibility is placed upon her young shoulders.

Under this Mercury placement, she learns an exceptional amount from her environment and is no doubt already casting a spell over her loving parents.

However, with Mercury currently being retrograded, she may be prone to bouts of insecurity unsure how she is seen by others.

This insecurity can potentially cause difficulty in communicating in her early years until she is able to learn the lessons that are associated with this placement.

Under the influence of the 12 degrees of Gemini though she will be known for taking a stand both for herself and the causes that call to her heart.

Venus in Cancer, 2 degrees, 11th house of friends and social networks

A well-connected socialite with some healing work to do

As a natal Cancer Venus Lili will be a little snuggle bug throughout her life and appreciate a strong family structure to call home.

She will develop strong relationships with her parents and her older brother Archie.

This will all become part of her charm obviously and will use this to get out of any potential trouble she may cause growing up.

As an adult, this will cause her to fiercely guard her private relationships and home life, not like that of her parents or paternal Grandmother, Princess Diana.

As a 2-degree natal Cancer Venus, she is destined to rise above any difficulties and look at life from a higher perspective which will aid her in being discerning in her relationships and help her choose meaningful life partners.

While it may not be obviously apparent, she will be quite sensitive and will retreat into her Cancer shell if hurt.

This may come across as being avoidant of taking responsibility for her actions in childhood and later in life painful or challenging issues in her romantic relationships.

Mars in Cancer, 25 degrees, 11th degree of friendships

Someone who understands the value of human relationships

As a child, Lili may come across as quite vulnerable and defenseless under this transit which as a young woman could potentially have suitors wanting to come to her rescue.

Big brother Archie will become her fiercest protector and will help her navigate more difficult life situations as she grows. If provoked she may exhibit passive-aggressive qualities which may be seen as manipulative by those close to her.

However, because of the influence of Mars in Cancer at 25 degrees, she will ultimately grow into a woman who is able to take responsibility for her actions, choices, and again that theme of taking a stand on important issues.

Jupiter in Pisces, 1 degree, 7th house of marriage and partnerships

She may rise to leadership at a young age, and be lucky in love

Jupiter in Pisces is an incredibly beneficial and abundant natal aspect, Lili will attract the best when she is able to tune into her true nature of being a benefactor to all those that she encounters.

This would make her an excellent candidate for any sort of humanitarian or charitable work in which she can be an advocate for those less privileged than herself.

She has an eye for doing what is right for the group or collective and will have a strong affinity for keeping peace both in her childhood home and on the global scale one day.

Even the significance of 1 degree Pisces will assist her on her path as it signifies that she will take full advantage of her social standing in order to help and raise up others.

Saturn in Aquarius, 13 degrees Retrograde, 6th house of work

A person who embraces new tradition

Born under this sign, Lili will be a lifelong learner and will need to constantly be in a state of expanding her knowledge so that she may take in new things.

This applies both to primary school, University, and beyond as she will make for an excellent student and scholar.

Creative and diplomatic she will have no problem being able to retain the information she learns so that she might apply it for the good of others.

With the influence of Saturn in Aquarius at 13 degrees, she will implore proper timing and educated risk being able to know when it’s time to use her intellectual resources for the highest level of success.

With a retrograde natal she may feel nervous or unsure of herself in those most formal of situations in which she must follow a specific etiquette for behavior but due to her charisma, she will ultimately still be able to charm those around her even if uncomfortable at first.

Uranus in Taurus, 12 degrees, 9th house of spirituality

An intelligent and inquisitive personality

Lili might tend to be quite stubborn, especially when it involves changes or disruption to her routine that she didn’t herself initiate or want.

This will be true more in her early years as once she learns that she has the power to stay grounded and control the perspective of any given situation she will be able to move through any situation or circumstance with grace.

Until she realizes her power, she may take up arms to resist the rules or structure around her which may be part of her learning the place that she wants to have in her impressive lineage.

Lili will have a strong need to feel inspired in her life that will keep her searching for meaning and purpose in all facets of her soul journey.

Neptune in Pisces, 23 degrees, 7th house

A charismatic personality

The significance of the degrees in Lili’s natal Neptune in Pisces set the tone for her being an extremely passionate child and woman as she matures.

This represents her desire to feel alive and connected to the world around her which will be of benefit in her likely following the footsteps of both her father Prince Harry and grandmother, Princess Diana as she uses her strong beliefs to help those around her.

As much as she will be drawn to follow her passions she also will likely appreciate and gravitate towards solitude which will make for an easy child as she will be able to entertain herself and which may make more intimate relationships more challenging as she grows.

Pluto in Capricorn, 26 degrees Retrograde, 5th house of pleasure

A very high indicator of success in whatever field of study or career she feels called to pursue. Hardworking and dedicated to what she chooses, she will be determined to stick with it until she finds success.

Because of Lili’s strong desire to succeed she may be prone to being hard on herself and overworking at times out of fear of failure or even measuring up to those around her, especially her brother Archie as they both grow into adults.

Retrograde natal Pluto often means that there may be fear of letting go, potentially of these beliefs which she thinks she needs in order to succeed.

The degree significance of 26 though, however, represents that no matter what she chooses to do she cannot fail, a lesson that is sure to become clearer to her over time and which will help her relax into her natural abilities.

Lilith in Taurus, 25 degrees

With sweet Lili’s natal Lilith in Taurus, she can be prone to being afraid of what it is she most wants, possibly a life or career different from her parents or family which she will have to work through on her journey.

Once aware of how this holds her back though she will be able to live a deeply satisfying life based on who she truly wants to be, which is no surprise given the untraditional life that her parents have chosen to pursue themselves.

For her, the significant turning point will be when she realizes that she doesn’t necessarily have to choose either or but can find a balance between her own dreams and that of the responsibilities that will undoubtedly be placed on her to a degree.

This is enhanced by the meaning of 25 degrees Taurus which signifies the cultivation of her natural energies and abilities to create her own life and find both happiness and success.

North and South Node

North Node in Gemini at 10 degrees

With the North Node representing the fate that we’re moving towards in our life, there is a strong theme of learning and discovering new things.

This also means Lili’s ability and desire to open to all the life experiences she can before deciding which ones most align with her likes and the dreams that she has for her own life.

This is evident in the detailed significance of a North Node at 10 degrees in Gemini which represents a great ability to manifest whatever she puts her heart and mind to.

Speaking her truth diplomatically and gracefully will be of the utmost importance but once she does, she will find a great ability to help others do the same.

Lili is a natural-born teacher and those around her regardless of age or vocation will find that they can learn something from her.

South Node in Sagittarius at 10 degrees

The South Node represents the karma that Lili was born into this life with that she will have to work through in order to move more easily into the gifts that her North Node promises.

For her, it will always be having to be right or feel like she must prove herself. Of course, that’s not surprising given her family’s background, but it’s one that only she herself will be able to move through.

There will also be a lesson of looking at and concentrating on the details of what she wants to create rather than just the big picture.

With the telltale importance of 10 degrees Sagittarius affecting her path Lili will eventually come to understand that the more she lets go of being right and deals with what needs to be, the rewards will flow effortlessly into her life.

Fate of Fortune in Gemini at 27 degrees

The Fate or Part of Fortune represents worldly success, career, and health matters.

For Lili, she will ultimately find success in using her natural aptitude for communication, possibly as a teacher or as the leader of a charity in which her humanitarian interests will be able to find a passionate outlet.

She will seek to surround herself with those that inspire and challenge her to think about issues differently which signifies that her choice of romantic partner may be like that of her father’s and break the mold a bit on what might still be expected for a young royal.

As 27 degrees Gemini represents a strong need to break free and follow her heart’s desire, it’s clear that no one will be able to stand in the way of Lili as she grows throughout childhood and beyond.

Lili will be blessed with good health but may become run down once in school or University requiring her to take longer breaks so that she may rest her body, especially her voice and throat chakra. Finding a physical outlet for her energy such as yoga will increase her vitality and productivity.

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