3 Zodiac Signs Whose Sadness Ends After The June 10th Ring Of Fire Solar Eclipse

Heat heals things.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Sadness Ends After The June 10th Ring Of Fire Solar Eclipse vachev/Shutterstock.com

The Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse is coming on June 10th, and it's bound to remove a lot of sorrow for all zodiac signs.

Johnny Cash must have known exactly what a ring of fire looked like, although he was able to take that imagery and paint it as a torrid love song, filled with dread and regret.

"I fell in to a burning ring of fire
I went down, down, down
And the flames gettin' higher
And it burns, burns, burns
The ring of fire...the ring of fire..."


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The truth is, there is a ring of fire, and it is what many of us will actually be able to behold in the sky, as we experience the New Moon Solar Eclipse that is taking place this Thursday, June 10.


The New Moon is going to transit between the Earth and the Sun, and the visual affect is going to look like a big black ball, set in a ring of fire.

Unlike Johnny's foreboding and somewhat terrifying ring of fire, the Solar Eclipse brings no terror, nor does it forewarn disasters or bring about catastrophes.

In fact, the Solar Eclipse is a prime representative of potential, endings that bring new beginnings, and personal and positive revelation.

There is no doubt that all of us will be somewhat uplifted by the restorative qualities brought forth by June's New Moon Solar Eclipse, however, there are 3 signs of the zodiac who will get to enjoy a real change of pace.


Depression will lift, anxiety will see its last days and there's a real feeling of hope in the air.

3 zodiac signs whose sadness ends after the Ring of Fire Solar eclipse on June 10th:

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

What's really important about this Solar Eclipse is that it's about to lift you right out of any funk you may be in and place you directly into a new and promising attitude.

You, Cancer, are ruled by the Moon, and anything lunar tends to affect you emotionally. 

What the Moon is doing on Thursday is that it's jumping right in front of the Sun, where it will claim the entire world's attention.

The Moon - which is generally unseen during a New Moon transit - will be visible as a black sphere in the sky; symbolically, it's as if all of your hidden desires and secret thoughts will be brought front and center, ready to be dealt with.


What you thought you pushed aside, will return for evaluation. What you no longer want in your life will go on display within your mind - giving you the best opportunity to see it for what it is, and take it with you - or leave it behind. 

This is a very important astrological event for you. Prepare to shake off those dull, dragging feelings of depression; you're about to wake up very abruptly - and this new waking state? It's all about cleanliness, progress, personal happiness, and reclaiming yourself.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

This New Moon Solar Eclipse is one of your spiritual milestones, so to speak. You've more than likely just completed something major in your life.

You saw the end coming and it terrified you, made you uneasy enough to indulge in 'fear of the unknown' which is what happens to us all when we naturally assume the unknown can only be a bad place. 


While things may also be feeling as though they're happening too quick, or without warning, the truth is that you've been working up to this moment, and yes, real, hard-core change was and is inevitable. You knew it, so it shouldn't be a surprise - everything's lead up to this moment. 

Brace yourself, Virgo, this Eclipse is going to open your eyes, and the big surprise is that the great unknown is actually a place of great potential, security, and good feelings.

Hey, look at that - it's not all bad after all, in fact, it's like a breath of fresh, cool air; invigorating and energetic. 

Finally, you can shrug off that old self of yours and begin the process of your reinvention.


This is a time for you, Virgo, to accept the challenge.

This is an opportunity and it will fall on you as to whether you fearless go for it, or you let it slip by.

Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

Out of everyone here, it is you, Pisces, who will feel the profound jolt of positivity that this New Moon Solar Eclipse promises to deliver on Thursday, June 10.

Life doesn't always feel easy to you, and there are times when you feel so alone, and perhaps even 'too' different.

We all like being different, but the recent past has had wondering if you're even capable of owning that difference.


You've allowed self-doubt to play too big a part in how you see yourself, and you've been saying, "something's gotta change" for a long time now.

The Eclipse is going to act like the period at the end of your sentence. That means the next thing you 'write' is completely new.

Something in your life needs action, now, and during this cosmic transit, you will get to experience a very immediate and obvious 'shift'.

The Eclipse is known for this, and you are particularly sensitive to astrological shifts, so much so that you might even feel lighter, as if a burden has finally dissolved, leaving you free - finally free - to take charge of your uniqueness, and personal style.


This is your moment, Pisces. This is your opportunity. Grab it.

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