3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Life Improves During Venus In Cancer Starting June 2021

Love takes on new meaning this month.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Life Improves During Venus In Cancer, June 2021 Motortion Films/Shutterstock.com

"I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, at your desire..." 

Venus in Cancer, June 2021

When Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty - the gaseous yellow planet, second from the Sun...makes her Earthly impression, she will bring love to a new level for all zodiac signs.

For roughly three weeks, Venus transits the constellation of Cancer.

Venus in Cancer is a blessing for all, but for certain signs, it could mean an upgrade in matters of love.


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Venus inspires us to bring love into our lives, as it pushes us to give love, as well.

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When Venus is in Cancer, it doesn't just affect our hearts; it affects our soul as well, meaning that love is an experience, not just an emotion, and many of us will be stunned by the profundity of love and all it can bring us.

This is the season where we get serious about love. Marriages will be plentiful, engagements will begin, and new love affairs will open to us. Are we ready to love, to give it all? Venus in Cancer can certainly help that along.

Whose love life will radically improve during Venus in Cancer?

3 zodiac signs whose love life improves during Venus in Cancer:

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

With Venus as your ruling planet, you are what we would call 'a slave to love.' You really like the stuff, and you have gone so far out of your way to bring love into your life - sometimes with success, and many times with none.


Being that your planet is Venus, you are exceptionally influenced by its cosmic movements, and as Venus transits Cancer, you will begin to see your own path of love in a much clearer way.

What this means is that - due to Cancer's 'heady' spirituality, love is going to evolve for you...it's going to grow into something much more valuable than it had been in the past. Relationships will no longer be fleeting moments of passion that leave you hungry for more.

As of June 2, your desire for 'real love' will finally kick in. And luck is on your side, as it appears you will be meeting someone who has a similar viewpoint on love. The days of casual sex may not be altogether 'over' but this transit will have you upping your game in terms of love and relationship.

Your love life will improve because now, love also means a respectful partnership - and that's where things change. You demand respect, and guess what? You get it. From here on, love has the power to complete you, rather than leaving you empty and wanting more.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer is without a doubt one of the most misunderstood signs. On one hand, you are filled with love of self and of your fellow humans, while on the other hand, you are by far the most unforgiving of the signs, which has left you isolated.

This isolation has you confused, not knowing what to do or why people abandon you after you've 'done so much good.' What's going on here is that you make it hard to love yourself, and that's exactly what's about to change this month when Venus transits your sign.

It will be as if a switch is flipped; you want love, and you want it to stick. You have figured out why people don't last and that's because you shut the doors on them.

Venus in Cancer will bust open that door and allow you to attract the right person so that you can learn to grow, share and co-exist with someone who wants to love you.


Do yourself a favor, Cancer, and stay the course - you are being supported by the universe, and love can last and blossom if you make a realistic effort to accept people for who they are, rather than toss them out because they don't do things your way. Use your spiritual side to bring love in, as opposed to using it to self-sabotage and isolate.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

You are another of the zodiac signs whose ruling planet is Venus, and you, too, are heavily influenced by its transit - especially when it enters Cancer. Much like Cancer, you are someone who loves your routine and your home life.

You like things going 'according to plan' and you rely upon the security of sameness. You also like to self-protect, perhaps a little too much and that trickles down into who you let into your life in terms of love and romance.


Venus in Cancer means that you, Libra, have a chance at real love and commitment...the only thing that's in your way is you. What's needed in order to fully absorb the wonders of this transit is the ability to try something new.

Getting out of your routine is what's going to bring new, true love into your life. It's something you want, but honestly, it's not something you can have until you recognize that your stubborn routines are actually in the way of you receiving the love you deserve.

Venus in Cancer has the capability of blowing that away altogether, but you have to show up for it, you have to acknowledge it and be present for it. Love is knocking on your door. Put down what you're doing and answer it.

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