Your One Card Tarot Reading For The Week Of April 19 - 25, 2021

One Card Tarot Reading For The Week Of April 19 - 25, 2021

Welcome to the one card tarot reading of the week. From the look of things, we are all up for a struggle here and there, met by a promise of relief.

All of our efforts will bear fruit, which means - we need to make the effort.

Laziness is one of the issues we might all run into during this week, and some of us will either have to confront it head-on - or pay the price for our unenthusiastic approach to life. It's the week that tells us all, "Get on board or miss the event."

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There's a lot going on these days. People are being vaccinated and are starting to integrate back into good ol' real life. This is causing both tension and anxiety.

Some folks simply do not know which is the right move. And so, we must think, reflect and plan our course of action, knowing that in the long run, everything works itself out.

Here is your zodiac sign's one card tarot reading for the week of April 19-25, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19): Seven of Cups, reversed

Well, it might not be your best week where love is concerned, although you will be feeling the pangs of lost love and that will weigh heavily on your mind during this time.

It's not a terrible thing though, and it will bring perspective to you - you fought hard for love, you were the champion of your own love story, yet all you're left with is a memory and this nagging feeling of heartbreak.

You'll take this lesson and make the best of it, Aries - because you are an Aries, and no one can really ever take you down. Consider this week an indulgence; after all, we all need them, these little moments where we're not judged or looked at - take your time and heal your heart your way.

There is a bright new day coming, and you will be a full participant in it - all is well in your world, Aries, even if it doesn't feel all that great this week.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Four of Pentacles, reversed

This week is going to be about going over your mistakes and wondering if you are doing the right thing.

It's a rare time for you - you are feeling very clear and sober; yet you cannot shake the feeling that perhaps you've made a mistake somewhere along the line and that that mistake is going to somehow come back to bite you.

There is no sign that you are in danger or that your past will come back to haunt you, but that's not going to change the way you feel this week.

You simply cannot help but rewind the same stories over and over - the past is on your mind and you want to break free but you can't.

You may feel like you are trapped within your own thoughts this week, which is a good sign for you to reflect properly and then - let it all go. It's good to think, but it's better to think and move on.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20): Five of Wands, reversed

During the week, you are going to be swarmed with opportunity, and there's a very good chance that you will become so overloaded and confused by these offers that you'll end up doing nothing about them.

This is probably because it's more than one thing that's coming your way, and you don't like having to make a choice.

The good news is that this opportunity is meant for you, and you can probably take your time figuring out if you want to be involved, or not. You will also find yourself with a drive to gather and organize.

This may be home-oriented, or work-related, but you will be feeling a great need to get things into their proper places this week.

This goes well with your natural talent for fixing things and creating new gadgets. Anticipate creative time mixed with escapism.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Seven of Wands

What is it about this week that has so many of us looking back at our past selves? You, Cancer, certainly do not escape this karma as you'll be spending most of the week feeling like you're pointing the wrong way.

You keep referring to the past; to past efforts and endeavors as if the past is here to justify what you do today. What makes today possible is your presence, your mind, your desire to live in the now moment - and that is where you will be lacking during this week.

You feel as though you're cracking the shell of the egg that you've been pecking at for weeks - yet, upon hatching, you end up staring at the floor, or somewhere in the past...your ideas are not up to date.

This is something to work on; bringing your ideas up to date and into the present. Allow strangers to help, and take the advice of those who suggest new ways for you to cope.

Leo (July 23 - August 22): King of Swords

There's a very good chance that it is YOU that is the King of Swords here, Leo, no matter what gender you are - this comes with a feeling of brutal realism. In other words, this week, you are going to come on strong and not let anyone in your life get away with any bull.

You are a no-nonsense King this week, and yes, you may even get offensive. You may hurt people - not intentionally, but also, not enough to care about. There is one thing that makes a lot of sense to you right now, and that is music.

You will take refuge in music and in the arts - they will soothe your savage breast, and savage is what you'll be feeling this week. Nothing really pushed you to this, it's just that you're sick and tired of...everyone, and you really don't want to hear another word about so and so's problems or concerns.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22): Ten of Pentacles, reversed

So close, yet so far seems to be the theme of the week for you, Virgo. How this plays out is in the idea that you're 'almost' there when it comes to receiving some kind of financial payout - so close, yet not there yet.

There's a promise hidden in this card, however, and that's for you to stick with your efforts and beliefs and know that what is owed to you, will come to you. Just...not this week.

This may be a promotion at work, or a raise or bonus - it IS financial and it is an upgrade. The disappointment is in your expectation. You thought you were going to get what you wanted this very week, but it's absolutely not happening until a later time.

It's OK - stick with the belief; it's going to happen. Don't get down on yourself and make a big deal about it. All is working out in your favor, and in a way, this is a lesson in patience; all good things come to those who wait.

Libra (September 23 - October 22): Nine of Pentacles, reversed

This card generally speaks of happiness in the home and everything in its proper place. Order in one's life - the kind that pays off and makes one feel content.

With this card in reverse, it's not all that bad - but it comes with a warning. Here we see how hard you've worked; you put in the time and now you are witnessing the fruits of your labor. The warning here - and it specifically covers this week - is for you to stay true to form and NOT get lazy.

Laziness has the power to undo all your hard work, and you do not want that. This card is here to push you back into caring, in the event you stopped - which is very possible.

You tend to get sidetracked and disinterested very quickly, especially if something doesn't work out for you the first time. This card says 'stick with it.' Nothing in life is easy or free, but that certainly doesn't mean we should stop trying.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): Seven of Pentacles

It's a good week for you, in terms of fortune and ambition. You'll be making some quick decisions, and other people will be relying upon what you come up with.

Your ideas are valuable and valued, and it will be during this week that you'll be asked for your expert opinion on something that could potentially make money for several people, including yourself.

You'll be thinking about celebrating - as soon as the week is over, and you more than likely will - but this isn't the week for partying. It's the week for executing the plan, for being on top of things, and for getting the job done - as only you can do it.

This week will also bring you ideas in the culinary department; if you're someone who enjoys cooking and creating interesting dishes, then you will be active and in full swing. Remember - the party is NEXT week, so hold off until then.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21): Page of Swords

This card represents the youthful and sometimes troublesome energy in your life. This could be you - or your child or relative. What this will look like is that idea of old ideas versus young ideas. You may be in the position of being the older, stubborn "I know it all!" person who can't get with the new times.

You're all "Get off my lawn," and there's someone in your life who seriously needs you to get over yourself and listen to them. Open to the ideas of young people, if you, yourself are not a young person.

And if you're a young Sagittarius, then take your energy and make something great of it. Don't just pout and act tough; you only show that you're inexperienced and need to be taught. This is also a good week for you to intervene and help a young person out if they need guidance.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19): Five of Pentacles

It's a perfect Capricorn week, and that means all goes well at work and nobody harasses anyone or causes anyone grief on the job. The home life is in excellent shape and all the mouths are well fed and ready for more. It's a good week for you to plan ahead, as the present-day seems well taken care of.

Travel plans for the future can be made this week with great success, as are all plans you have in mind. The thing is - make plans. Don't sit around and sulk - not that you have a reason to, but just in case you aren't seeing the beauty and wealth around you - open your eyes, Capricorn.

Express your gratitude and let those in your life know how happy you are to know them. Life is good for you - all things are in order, and while we don't always get weeks this smooth - this one is all yours.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18): Five of Cups, reversed

This care lets you know that there's a silver lining in every situation, including ones having to do with love and romance. You may be feeling the pangs of love lost - you may be pining for someone who really isn't coming through for you.

While this is a sad state of affairs, it's something you can handle. Allow yourself the proper time to heal and then know yourself as someone who tried very hard to do the right thing.

You are a good person and you meant well, you always do. That this thing didn't work out is just another notch on the experience belt. In general, you'll be feeling optimistic - however melancholic.

You are a strong person who will rise above and you know this about yourself. You're no stranger to upset, and you know exactly how to detach yourself from trouble when it comes your way.

Pisces (February 19 - March 10): Two of Swords, reversed

It's decision time, and you honestly do NOT know what to choose. This may lead to some frustration on your part, and you may find yourself tempted to just give in to someone else's idea.

Try to pace yourself and be patient. There are many great things in your world right now, and you don't have to be impulsive about making a choice - however, it is best if you actually do make that choice. You need to move forward; you've been presented with a stalemate that requires your attention in order to be rid of.

This is what you will recognize as the choice you need to make. While spontaneity is not needed in choosing, action is, and it'd be best to not procrastinate as time is of the essence here.

So think before you act, but don't overthink - and do not ignore this. Something requires you to make a choice, and it is best if you do so with an open mind and a willing spirit.

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