The 4 Zodiac Signs Who Will Be Most Affected By Mercury In Retrograde This Month

Mercury rx means change for everyone but for others, it's a complete redirection.

The 4 Zodiac Signs Who Will Be Most Affected By Mercury In Retrograde This Month Natalia_Grabovskaya / Shutterstock

Mercury in retrograde is most known for bringing technology issues or those dreaded moments where we realize we said precisely what it is we shouldn’t have said.

But there’s a different side to this trickster planet that goes beyond miscommunication. And, while the lessons taught during retrograde season are a bit harsh or confusing, it is also a time when the Universe is truly on our side.

Depending on what Sun sign or even Mercury sign we are based on our natal birth chart can dramatically affect how it’s felt.


For some of us — like Pisces or Virgo — Mercury in retrograde may not feel like much of a difference, but for others, this retrograde could be a life-changing event.

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are the four zodiac signs who will be most affected by Mercury in retrograde.

Mercury rules all aspects of communication which means while technology is up for grabs, so are letters, conversations, and even our own thoughts.

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For the four fixed zodiac signs who will be most affected by Mercury retrograde this month, this is a time when they should even be wary of their own thoughts as this planet tends to play tricks on what we think is real or even what we think is important.

How long will this last? Mercury in retrograde started at the end of January on the 29th and it will last for nearly three full weeks ending on February 25, 2021. 

Before Mercury in retrograde in Aquarius ends on February 19th, the communication planet will move through the critical 29 fated degree - a finishing degree that's the end of a life cycle.

On February 20th, Mercury in retrograde will enter the beginning degrees of Pisces where it is debilitated and clarity is difficult. Mercury in retrograde will be in the zodiac sign of Pisces until it turns direct on February 25th.


From February 20th to the 25th, Mercury in retrograde asks us to reflect on some deeper themes in our lives.

Think of freedom, community, the collective, innovation, independence alongside love, spirituality, and that journey of self-growth so many of us seem to be on.

But it also means that what occurred last time Mercury was in Aquarius will be returning as well.

Last year Mercury spent a long time in between Aquarius and Pisces as part of his retrograde which means that it’s time for us to reflect back to January through March of 2020.

Specifically, those themes around freedom, love, acceptance, and the journey to live as authentically as we can and that also means anything that we began, agreed to or decided on will be changing as well.


While all the fixed signs will be most affected, it’s also important to look more closely into your natal chart to see which house Aquarius energy shows up in as that may also be an area that comes under scrutiny these next few weeks as well.

Even though the fixed signs will be those who are asked to dive deeper into this reflection period - air zodiac signs likely will feel that everything seems more intense too.

It’s three weeks, but all it takes is a day for our entire lives to change.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

(Sun Sign and Mercury Sign)

You’re ready for what’s to come and you already have a pretty good idea of what that is too.


For some time you’ve had this feeling of building energy knowing that something was on the way, you just couldn’t name it.

Now, all of that is changing. You’re feeling not just the desire to move ahead on your own path but you’re receiving more direction as far as what that means.

Think of the structures of your life in the coming week as this is the area that you will feel the reflection and impending change the most. Aquarius rules the Eleventh House in Astrology.

This means friendships, relationships, and your general community that surround you will be the area that Mercury touches.

Not all the changes will be welcome, try to find peace with that before you step into this new phase and above trust that everything you’ve experienced has led you to this moment.


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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

(Sun Sign & Mercury Sign)

Sometimes you like to keep life and love a bit more lighthearted than it’s meant to be.

As much as you’ve been doing, or being pushed to do that self-work on intimacy and developing more secure connections-instead of avoiding deep connection through superficial passionate interludes.

The thing you often forget is that you can’t fool your heart. This is your compass, your barometer for life and so when you try to avoid the very thing that you need, you’re the one that ends up paying the price.

Whether it’s reaching that internal point within the next few weeks with yourself about what it is you truly need or it involves a casual tryst coming back around wanting more - it’s a time for you to really reflect on the seeds that you’ve been sowing.


Leo rules the Fifth House of Pleasure which means that all sorts of fun, games, casual flings, and light relationships are going to be coming back up for review.

Lean into where you could have gone deeper, or where your heart told you to go that you previously didn’t. But most of all, allow yourself to experience the best pleasure around-being deeply loved.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

(Sun Sign & Mercury Sign)

There comes a time when we run out of excuses and there’s no longer a reason to keep painting the truth a different color than what it is.

In the coming weeks and then even after in the coming weeks as the dust settles from everything that happens you will experience a deep sense of transformation which may at first feel a lot like a loss.


This is one of those times where it seems the best things are disguised by them feeling like they're the worst.

Rather than pretending that you’re not feeling that way, reach far into why. You are at times more comfortable in the darkness than the light, but that also means you have a harder time receiving when it is good.

While change can be difficult, you are allowed to be happy.

You are allowed to be relieved that some situations are ending and you are allowed to move through them without feeling sad if that’s what comes naturally.

Scorpio rules the Eighth House of physical love and death.

This means for you these next few weeks are going to center around what you’re ending so that you have space for a new creation that is deeply rooted in your journey of personal growth.


Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

(Sun Sign & Mercury Sign)

As we change what we value changes right along with it.

This means that what matters most to us and who matters most to us will change and evolve as we do.


Life is not stagnant no matter how much we fear the unknown and even how much we may resist the new.

You’re beginning an entirely new journey based on a new version of yourself.

This is the product of having dived deep into your shadows and the parts of yourself that you wouldn’t advertise on social media.

You’ve done the work, but now that means your external life has to align with who you are now on the inside.

For you, especially agreements and plans you made the beginning three months of last year will likely be altered or altogether tossed out.

Don’t let those stubborn feet dig in their heels in places you’ve already outgrown.

Taurus rules the Second House of Value which represents our self-worth, desires, and hopes for our future based on how deserving we feel we are to receive it.


As we realize what we’re worth - what we need from others changes, and this is one of those moments.

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